Northern Arizona University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?



I've lived in Tucson my whole life and I wanted a new scenery. Northern Arizona University was also the only college in the state of Arizona to offer a Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science degree.


I decided to go here based on its surrounding city, great academics, and the outside activities it had to offer. I love Flagstaff in every way, NAU is an amazing campus, and after a 5 minute walk you can find yourself deep in Flagstaff downtown immersed in history and art. Another 15 minutes up the hill is Snowbowl to snowboard, or in summer there's loads of bike trails wrapping around the San Francisco peaks. The people are nice, the teachers are available and helpful, and I feel like I can really learn here. I decided to come to NAU because I felt secure in obtaining my future life here. The music school is great, and I am studying classical guitar with an amazing professor. NAU has provided a future for me, and it is mine to grasp. Overall the weather, city, and school are all ideal for any college student.


I chose to attend NAU for a variety of reasons, but the big one was how well the W.A. Franke School of business presented itself during the tour of the college. Also that the classes being taught in the business college are all done by professors who have had industry experience about what they are teaching. Also that the campus of NAU is very scenic and easy to get around with the bus system in the winter months and not an overly long walk in the summer months. NAU has a good atmosphere and I am glad I chose to attend this institution.