Northern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has given me a great education and college experience.


Northern Illinois University is a great school filled with accepting people, great research opportunities for every major, and pleanty of clubs to keep you entertained through the year.


The professors are really helpful, however financial aid is really bad because they do not award students enough money. Getting help from financial aid is hard too because they are always buzy(or so they claim), especially on the phone. Food is average. It is somewhat diversed, but on the weekends the school is dead because there is no activities thus, everybody leaves.


An educational home away from home.

Clayton M.

It means well and its full of people with greatness but it can still hurt someone looking for programs that it doesnt offer.


My school in one sentence is big, sperated, helpful, and about there business.


Friendly, fun, atheltic, diverse.


Most of the buildings are lovely on the outside, but ugly and cramped on the inside: this school is concerned more with image and money that anything else.


NIU is a school of opportunities, great education, and will prepare you for the future.


Northern Illinois University is a perfect school for students who live in Illinois and what to have a full college experience without being too far from home.


My school is very large, with a variety of different ethnicities, very involved, many clubs and activities and very welcoming.


RANDOM. NIU seems to pop up out of nowhere since the surrounding areas are fields. While on campus you have buildings ranging from super old (castles) to new (dont know the new dorm name). The layout of the buildings are poorly planned and can make getting around a pain at times.


My school is imperfectly perfect.


Great school on an island in a sea of corn. I found my department of study to be small and intimate. It worked well for me, since it was close enough to my home, and I could go home on the weekends to raid my mother's refrigerator and mow her humoungous lawn. The town is quaint and welcoming. I was offered full time work and a paid way through a master's program after I graduated, which I declined. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken the opportunity, but so is life.


Northern Illinois University is a school where I learned about the reality of life from the murder of a fellow freshman, two gunshot events, and various drug dealings throughout the duration of my stay, however the serious circumstances allowed me to focus on my future in hopes to improve the world from these mishappenings.


Northern Illinois University is a school that is close to home, relatively easy to afford, and offers a fairly decent education.


My school is very diverse.


My school is very spontaneous,liberated,free,determined,smart,openminded.


NIU is the ultimate college experience because you get a little of everything when you arrive on campus.


I think it's a typical US university that provides positive resources for its community.


My School is Awesome!


Northern Illinios University is a school where there is a quality eduacation at a cheaper price compared to other schools.


my school requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


I have had the most wonderful teachers I have ever had in my 5 years of attending college at this college. The school sends emails and informs the students to the best of their ability.


Northern Illinois University is a great school which offers a quality education at a major reasearhing four-year institution for a price that is respectable.


NIU is a big school with a small town feel.


NIU is very diverse student body and has a real community atmosphere.


The best experience of my life so far.


Northern Illinois University is a very goal-oriented school that prepares you for a proffessional career in Accounting.


A middle sized, diverse, closely knit university.


Determined to make everyone's four years worth their stay.


A strong community of learners.


Words cannot describe my gratitude towards my university for its resources in helping me reach potential up and beyond what I thought I could do.


my school is extremely diverse, fun, and enthusiastic.


My School "Northern Illinois University" is able to turn lower-class people into upperclass people. You have to network to become known around campus, especially if you're looking for a job. I think that you could do anything at this school if ur able to pay for it. The dorms are great for people who are not working, simply because you have a meal plan that you can use each and every day if you can manage it well. Also the people are great to be around because it is ver cultural. Many Different ethnicities are at my school.


spiritfilled, together, supportive, mid sized, school spirit, great opportunities, good rate of job placement, up to date in some areas, variety


Established in a close nit community.


A very friendly environment that makes for a relaxed atmosphere for education.


An average college campus where you will learn and lot and have fun while doing it.


average, kinda dead on weekends unless you join a frat or other organization.


NIU as like any school is what you make it out to be, it is capable of being a great school if you seek out the many intellectual teachers and spend time studying the material, and if you are looking for a good time there are also many parties and social activities at any given time.


Very academically advanced, extremely underrated as well as a ton of fun.


Fantastic, well-rounded college experience.


Lot of school spirit and academics is good if you want it to be.


Big and strict


Not very hard, and we party a lot.


NIU provides one of the best nurture systems. After the February 14th tragedy, we have all grown closer to each other. We are all adamant about moving forward together.


My school is interestingly diverse.


My school is very big on Pride for your school and for your classmates. It offers several majors and it offers a very good buisness college that is in good shape because the students respect the building. I have to say my college will not hesitate to help you succeed but they will not learn for you, they force you to learn.


Very huge and empty, no fun no loyalty