Northern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are a lot of social people at the school. Some are only social to people they know and some, like me, are social to everyone. I think the students here are pretty chill for the most part. I don't really see anyone majorly dressed up when they go to class. It's a casual vibe.


I woud say my class mates generally do not know what they want out of life ans are not very proud of attending NIU.


I am uncomfortable at NIU because it is not the right environment for me. It is basically in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. I feel trapped in this school. The students here are White or Black. I think that because NIU is in such a secluded area not a lot of people are aware of what is going on outside of here and thus lack important knowledge about politics


My claasmates are very outspoken, and they all like to engage in discussions.


My classmates depends on the person either being very studious, hard-working, or not really sure why they are in this class.


The class sizes were extremely large at NIU and I would not be able to describe everyone in one sentence.


I have many classmates.


My classmates are intelligent, but they are also fun loving and loyal.


My classmates participate, dedicate, and hardworking.


All of my classmates are cooperative and hard working.


A majority of the people at NIU are here for partying more than academics and I'll be surprised if they managa to graduate at all.


My classmates vary depending on the class I am in. I am taking alot of Biology courses this semester so everyone is a Bio Major, they are really enthusiastic and are always willing to have fun study and review sessions.


They're alright.


My classmates were all dedicated professionals with a passion for educating every students with the belief that every child can learn.


Students can be very eager to speak without thinking about feelings of others or how they word things.


Helpful only when they wanted to be.


The students at NIU are unlike any other. They have a great amount of pride in their school and are not afraid to show it. Most students are on financial aid (around 77%) which can be troublesome at times.


A diverse group of creatives.


my classmates are very determined and active in class discussions and projects.


My classmates are understanding and help each other. We realize we are all going through the same things so we find that comforting since we mostly live away from home.


My classmates are from different background and cultures. They are of different age group as well. I am junior in NIU, so most of my classmates are around 21 years of age, nice and thoughtfull. They always help me when I needed and I will help them. I like the variety.


Robust, loud, and connected.


My classmates are very responsive to the professor


My are classmates are focused, determined, and dedicated.


Diverse, friendly, and willing to help each other.


I woulddescribe my classmates as a racial viariety, that shows me something new every day.


My classmates are friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. They help you out when ever you need help, and it is not very difficult to start a study group where we would get together and work on homework and study for an exam.


My calssmates are genereally nice. There are usually no disruptions or sudden outbursts during class. Everyone is respectable of their classmates and professors.


My classmates are Awesome!


They were all young college students. I did not have many adult students in my classes, generally the students in my classes graduated high school all around the same time as myself. I would also say that the students were from middle class/income families. The student body was rather diverse. Students came from all over, mainly from Illinois, but there was also a small percentage of those who came from out of state. There was also a variety of ethnicities and students from different backgrounds.


My fellow students at Northern IL University are hardworking and excited to learn, but they know how to have fun!


My classmates are all diverse and have different personalities. From growing up in a small town, meeting new people that are different from yourself is a great experience. I have made many friends with people I wouldn't of known if I didn't go to my school.


My classmates seem to be nice. I have a few friends, but since this is my first semester there's plenty of time to get to know more people.


My classmates are energetic and love what they do. They are passionate about learning and updating their knowledge with more. They want to finish school, get degrees and become something with themselves. They are very abitious people.


My classmates are very diverse and they are always readu to learn and to take on new challenges.


My classmates are also being more focused students. We all have an attitude like we want to be here in college. We all show that we now know what it takes to be successful in college.


My classmates are very reserved and usually don't speak unless they are spoken to first.


My classmates are diverse. Despite most of the students coming from the Chicagoland area and southern Wisconsin, I still came across many different races of people with varying personalities.


Very friendly and willing to discuss in various topics. I have never once seen any discriminatory situations from any students at this school.


About there education,some about partying but still went to school and made the grade.


My classmates have all been supportive and helpful in all kinds of ways, since we are all there for school.


I think that my classmates are diverse and supportive.


Sometimes distant, sometimes friendly, it varies from person to person.


My classmates are dedicated and strive for excellence, they offer assistance and are concerned about achieving good grades and having a good job.


Outgoing, serious students with an academically superior outlook.


My classmates are good students and eager to learn.


My classmates generally fall into one of two types: the people who come to class, sit there, and try to stay out of the way, and the people who engage in active discussion about the material. Both kinds of people tend to do well enough to satisfy themselves, but everyone likes the second kind more. They just make it fun.


Hard working; proud; caring; understanding; nice; funny; approachable people.


They are all virtual!


My classmates are very interested in learning and we help each other grow.