Northern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school, Northern Illinois, is best known for their buisness program. Our program is nationoally ranked, and helps every student grow to their full potential.


Northern Illinois University is know for the home feeling it brings to the students and their families. A lot of students attend NIU for the proximity to home, which is why I decided to attend this school. A majority of the students come from surrounding towns, which emphasizes the home feeling. There are many stores and activities both on and off campus that provide students with the resources that they need to stay at the school over the weekends. Overall NIU is the students home away from home.


Engineering program when it comes academically.


Rust College is best known for the wreckless behavior of the students.


At the time I went to Northern, they were known for their teachers education program. They were also developing a good reputation for psychology as well. It has changed conciderably since I was there. It has grown and now it is not so much a teachers college anymore, but a focus on business.


Northern Illinois Univesity is renowned for its school pride. You cannot walk through campus without seeing someone wearing something of NIU apparel. When sports events occur, there is always a crowd to help support the huskie teams, there is even a chant to cheer during home football games.


Its known for being a larger university located in a small town. It is a friendly school with a beautiful, older campus. It is a great school for nontraditional students and transfer students.


Although most people ay argue that our school is best known for its parties, I truly believe that our school is best known for its nursing program. Before any nursing major applies for school, they are told that northern has one of the top and most difficult programs to become accepted into. After attending this school for a semester, I realized that there arent as many parties as people made it seem, and just how lucky and priviledged I was to be accepted into such a great nursing programs as a freshman


The College of Business at Northern Illinois University, is primarily what the school is best known for. Northern's College of Business was featured and nationally ranked 84th out of 139 in Businessweek's 2011 listing of best undergraduate business schools. The College of Business is also ranked 3rd nationally in the area of ethics education. It's a program that is continuing to evolve and prepare those who are entering into a business oriented career.


NIU is best known for its diversity. The range of ethnic backgrounds here is amazing. I have never met so many people from so many different backgrounds before coming to this school.


Being close to home.


NIU is known best for many of it's prgrams. Some of their programs are the best amongst the country. I know for a fact that the College of Buisness is up there alone with the Accountancy program is one of the top 10 in the nation. Northern Illinois Universtity as a whole has been named one of the Best colleges in many magazines as well.


Business School is one of the top in the nation.


Northern Illinois University is known for the value of its Law School. Its outstanding value in other academic areas, and the closeness of the community between the faculty and the students. Another thing is that NIU student stick together.


Northern Illinois University is best known for the business program, mainly accounting. There is an attached law school that is relatively well known as well. NIU has a substantial amount of parties to attend. Most people remember NIU from the February 14th, Valentine's Day, shooting that had occurred, killing five students.


In my opinion, NIU is best known for its diversity and tolerance. NIU has a great resource center for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community plus other resource centers for different races and even classes for those different areas.


Our Business program is among one of the best in the country.


My school is best known for its major programs. We have a striving and hardworking nursing program. The nursing program is very competitive so we have to keep a 3.2 minimum gpa. We also have one of the best teaching university. Those who want to be teachers have a great opportunity to study because of NIU. We also have a world-class, top ranked, AACSB-accredited M.B.A. program for business majors which is highly reliable.


Northern Illinios University is known best for it's accounting program where it is in the top twenty in the nation.


My school is best known for Business.


Our business and teaching program is very good. i feel like when i meet someone new they are in some type of business as their major. Our football is also very good. we have gone to a bowl game for the past few years. garret wolfe and larry english are good players in the NFL that came from NIU.


NIU is a good school. For the amount of money you pay, the value of your education is very worthwile. In addition, the student population is very friendly and the professors, for the most part are caring and will help you in your educational goals.


We are a very good school for elementary education majors, but recently we are known for the February 14th shooting.


Northern Illinois University is best known for their diverse student population and the extracurricular activities to get students involved on campus.


Valentines day shooting. Students suporting students throughout the tragic events. Sense of community in a large campus. and of corse paries


My school has an overall relaxed and positive attitude. The faculty/university really focused on each student having the best experience possible.


Having a large, diverse mix of students.


NIU is known for their great personality and their football team. They are natoriuos for there up beat personality towards their students and personel. They are very proud of what their students have accomplished there and have made the school what it is today.


First, my school is best known for their the schools of Business, Education, and Nursing. Then they are also known to have really good parties.


Business, without question. If you're serious about a business degree, look no further than NIU. Other majors have a strong presence as well, but make sure to explore all of the course listings to make sure they offer all of the classes you'd like to take, as you don't want to run out of classes that are major-related before you meet your graduation requirements.


The high graduation rate. The great academic programs and the quality of the student body. Great school spirit and loyality displayed.


My school is best known for its school spirit, and family community. Our school as a whole has endurded a truly devasting blow, and witnessing the true spirit of NIU, has truly been a remarkable thing to witness.


NIU is a comprehensive teaching and research institution with a diverse and international student body of more than 25,000. It has seven degree-granting colleges . Average class size is 28 students. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. The university is also fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education to offer teacher education programs and offers several teacher certification programs which are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.


NIU is known for Garrett Wolfe who now plays for the Chicago Bears. Alumnis are huge contributers to the university financially. NIU is known for the Valentine's Day Shooting in 2007 where five students lost their lives and many were injured. The campus and community support one another. NIU embodies diverse backgrounds of students and faculty. NIU is a suitcase college meaning some students travel home for the weekends. There are many bars in the area, however there is a free taxi service, paid for by NIU, that will pick up and drop off students from 10pm-5am.


There are numerous things that Northern Illinois University is known for. The first most like being corn and that Dekalb is the birthplace of barbed wire. Unfortunately we are also known for the shooting that happened at our university last year. When it comes to actual academics, we are also known for one of the best business programs in the country.


Besides recently having a school shooting, I'd say their business school, football team, and the fact they've just been around for awhile.