Northern Illinois University Top Questions

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This school is very diversite fill with people who came from another countries. So far, there are welcoming and kind.


many shooting, unsafe living condition, less than caring campus security


My school originated as a teacher training university. So, it was created to prepare students who were pursuing teaching careers, not any other careers. As the years went by, the university developed several programs. Today, there are several majors and minors within the six colleges at this university. I am proud to attend NIU because I know there was several teacher certification majors who came before me. It is motivating to understand that if thousands of teachers could graduate in over a hundred years before me, I can, too.


My school has plenty of majors and so many different clubs and activities to join. There is something for everyone at NIU


Northern was fairly close to home for me and I knew a few people already attending class here and enjoyed it. Their communication program is pretty good and I really enjoy being here and doing what I'm doing.


Northern Illinois University has a diverse population of students that offer activities for every type of person. I feel that Northern was the perfect school giving me the opportunity to build relationships and obtain a worthy education. At the same time, gained many memorable experiences at the campus.


Northern Illinois University has a relatively new business school called Barsema Hall. Classes are taught by professors, not teacher assistants. Northern Illinois University has very student organizations to become involved in. NIU is split between commuters and residents. It also has a diverse campus.


what is unique about my school is that they help out students who have done really bad in high school. Northern give them another chance to become what they want and make their life better then it was.


Lots of different programs. A nursing program and expanding business program.


Northern Illinois University is unique for its community, majors and campus surroundings. The campus has its advantages such as having the huskie tracks to take students to their classes and back at the dorms. Our community unites together with different organizations to form a union as a whole. We also have a greek life to form bonds between brothers and sisters. NIU is unique for its reliability for study locations such as the library, the American Resource Center, dorm lounges and pretty much everywhere and anywhere. I love how we can have fun and study at the same time.


Althought the school is located away from major cities it is close enough to home to visit once in a while, yet far away enough to become more independent. It creates an apportunity to mature and lets us be ourselves and explore who we really are as an individual. Other school I had considered were too close to home and would take away the benefits of living on my own.


my school is really diverse. i find myself in classrooms with students of every race and ethinicity. i love how my professors set up some gorup projects so that we have to learn to communicate and associate with others.


Something I noticed about Northern Illinois University that was unique in comparison to other universities is the housing arrangements. There are five different dormitories, as well as several off-campus living facilities. Some of the dormitories are specialized according to major too. For example, the TEACH house is a section of a dormitory specialized in housing and helping future educators. I have not seen the specialized dormitory option in the other universities that I considered.


Coming from a nursing student, NIU's nursing program is second to none. They have a 99-100% pass rate. Their standards are set high and the best of the best are chosen for the opportunity to become nurses who not only receive the best education, but are dedicated to taking care of people. NIU, as a whole, makes every attempt to unify the student body through sports events and activities around campus. The professors here make every attempt to ensure that all of their students pass their classes.


This school has many different strong programs to choose from.


What makes Northern Illinois University so unique is the amount of diversity versus location. DeKalb is located in the middle of a cornfield, and out of the fields grows corn as well as friends who are united by one school.


Northern is so close to home so when I need to go home to work, I can. I love all the people I know and they truely have become my best friends. All my teachers are so willing to help and really care about each student individually. Ever since Feb. 14, 2008 our college campus has come together so much and became more of a community. Everyone kind of looks out for everyone now and are all friendly.


Northern Illinois has strong academics while still underscoring the need to have a life beyond just academics.


At NIU, not only are the academic resources strongly available, but so are the extracurricular resources that are side by side with majors. NIU also is diversity and student-centered, so there is always a resource available whenever any conflict arises. People tend to fear our university because of February 14, 2008, but the tragedy helped strengthen all of the students to become better people and more caring about others.


A very good business school and has a great accounting program. At the orientation, there seem to be lots of support and a very family like environment which sounded great to me.


I attend a large university, but in a short time I felt comfortable and at home here. What is unique about this University is that many of my high school teachers attended this school. They told me of their experience here, and I felt enthusiatic about attending NIU. I lived on a floor where everyone is an education major. I don't know if this is unique to my school, but I found this very interesting. From the start, I lived with students who shared my interests.


The campus is like a small townm conpared to a big city like my other choice.


This is the only college I have attended so not sure how to compare the other schools. The experience in class is personal which helps me out a lot.


Not sure


the location (close enough to home yet far enough away), have alot of friends there, and the quality of the education program


my univeristy is unique in that although it is large in size there are thousnads of ways to get active on campus. The atmosphere here is welcoming and friendly. The Professors, Faculty and Staff go above and beyond the call of duty to help the students.


The program is the only on line certificate program in internet marketing offered completely on line by a four year accredited traditional university - the only one in the whole country.


At Northern it seems like your an actual person rather than some number.


Its close enough to home yet far enough to give me that "on my own feeling".


It is a public school which has much more minorities than other schools I was looking at.


What i feel is unique about my school, is that the people are more friendly then the other schools i applied to. The teachers and students here really want to help you out. They are very kind hearted and i feel this is a great quality to have.


What makes Northern Illinois University unique when compared to other schools is the fact that the students here are very resilent when faced with adversity. The campus population, along with the town of Dekalb was very affected by the events of Feburary 14th, 2008 and I have seen the people here dedicated their lives to the memory of those lost innocent lives. Most other schools seem superificial both academically and socially, but here, students learn from the best and become the best..


The school has an excellent kinesiology and physical education program.


We have been affected by a tragedy, yet we are still strong students.


NIU is a larger school but it feels a lot smaller than in actuality. It is nice to see familiar faces everywhere you go even though it houses more than 18,000 undergraduates. The professors are more than willing to help students one on one, and this is not common on most college campuses. The NIU College of Business is outstanding to say the least. Students get ivy-league instruction for state prices; we have even used Harvard business cases in some of our classes. NIU genuinely cares about its students and wants to see them succeed post-graduation.


The big university in a small town gives us a unique situation. When you leave campus, even in student housing off-campus, you're always very intermingled with the community. That is a big part of why I love this university.