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Northern Illinois University

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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

NIU does a great job at keeping many activities available to students. Every week an email goes out to all students informing them of that weeks events including their times and location. Greek life is a big thing with younger students but older students tend to avoid it. Generally partying is on the weekends although it is not uncome for weekday parties to occur. Dating has taken a step in the new age on a site known as

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Frats, sororities, and sports teams are pretty popular. I'm not sure if the students there put an emphasis on relationships, or at least the ones who are single don't. I've met all of my friends in class. I also think there's pretty much always an even going on. You just gotta know the right people.

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I think that the most popular activities are the football games and A LOT of people are involved in APO. APO is a co-ed service fraternity.

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