Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I usually brag about how diverse it is. There are many different ethnicities here on campus, and I'm proud of that.


I met a few professors who were passionate about making a difference in their students lives.


Unfortunately I am not one to brag, but what comes up a lot when I talk to my friends is the grading style of most teachers. For many of my upper level science courses, I have witnessed tremendous curves that have allowed me to excell beyond a perfect score. A substantial amount of classes have had to curve the class about ten percent in order to accommodate for the students who did not perform well throughout the semester. This is something that I find amusing and awesome; it is awesome because I am able to exceed the standard score limit.


I brag about not being that far away from home and the number of activities there are on campus for those of us who are not athletically inclined. I have a huge interest in anime and have found many kindred spirits on campus.


Our football team is good and we are in the top 25 as well as our record was great for the past few years. The school is located away from all the noise of the city and its a beautiful campus, not to big not to small.


How much there is to do. From sporting events to parties and accademics! Its's an amazing campus and there is always something to do within it!


I do not brag about Rust College in any way. Rust College is nothing to brag about in my opinion.


Northern has an excellent education program. The professors are dedicated to ensuring the success of each and every one of their students. Teachers who come out of NIU are very well prepared for the field. NIU also has an excellent football team that is going to the the Orange Bowl this year!


The professors at Northern Illinois University are very knowledge in the subjects they teach. They can tell you about the experience they had in their field and the tribualtions they had to overcome as well. Enjoy college, they really are the best years of your life.


NIU has a top rated Education program. It is small enough to know people yet, large enough to be left alone. The campus is beautiful, sports are fun, and depending on where you live, close enough to home that you can go back when you need to but far enough that your parents will call before they come!!


The opportunities that I will be presented with after I graduate from Northenr Illinois University.


What I brag about most when I tell all my friends about school is how small Northern Illinois University's campus is. All of the major buildings where classes are held, office buildings, and even the dormitorys are close by one another. This makes getting around campus fairly easy. Having such a small campus also allows for me acess anything that I need quite easily. For example, if I need to speak with my guidance counsler after a class, its no more then a five minute walk from anywhere on campus to the cousling office.


It's close to home and less expensive than a private school. Also, I must admit that the majority of my teachers have been friendly, intelligent and helpful people.


It's the typical college campus you see on television but in the middle of farmland.


NIU is designed to be a lived on campus. Housing, academic buildings, resteraunts, bars and clubs, are all within walking distance of each other. For the few things that can't be reached on foot there is excellent busing.


The diversity here and how intelligent the teachers and staff are.


Really nothing, NIU was not my school of choice and it did not persuade me that it was the best choice for my Bachelors degree.


There is so much to do all the time. As long as you pay attention to the planned events the school has something at least once a week to do. whether its ice cream socials, famous artists, or football games.


I brag most about the resources available at NIU. There are so many organizations available at Northern to join. There is something for everyone to be involved in, from Greek Life to Spanish Club. It is because of such a diverse group of organizations that I convinced one of my friends to apply and attend Northern Illinois University.


i brag on how easy it is to be able to get your school work or studying done and still be able to have a healthy social life.


If i would to recommend my friend to attend the university, i would recommend them this school. There are resources such as library, computer labs, and help from the advisors and counselors to achieve you study's goal. The most importantly is the involvement in school's activities. You have to be social life to get the network. Network is really important in the school. The more you know people, the better it will be benefit you for your future career. Great school.


I tell people about the awesome people that attend the school, as well as the amazing professors and the campus. I tell them that the college has amazing progams and there are so many people there that want to see you succeed, they help you as much as they can when you need it. No one turns their back on anyone there.


I usually tell them about the parties that go on during the weekends. Also I tell them about the latest programs that the school might be having becuase the campus is always busy.


I brag about how most buildings are pretty close and how the professors that I have are great. They are all very welcoming and you can ask questions without feeling scared. It is also very welcoming to freshmen first coming to the school, especially during the first week. There are many activites for people to participate in and to get people involved right at the start of school.


We have a strong sense of community at Northern Illinois. The tragedy 2 years ago really brought the campus together and bonded us as a community in ways that I haven't seen in other places.


Nothing much but the types of classes you can take.


I'm close enough to home I can go home, unlike some of my friends.


I always brag to my friends about the fraternity that I joined and how awesome it is and how they should join. made so many friends like that.


Sense of community and opprotunities to do so many different things


i mostly brag about how fun and friendly my school is. sometimes i mention the parties and the girls but mainly just how diverse and fun my school is.


My school is the best! There are many different people, from different backgrounds, and we all are going after the same goal: education. My school is diverse but yet united because we all have school spirit. I am a husky for life and I am so proud to say that.


Mostly I brag about how freshmen are aloud to bring their cars and park on campus.


I would brag about the great apartment that I have. Dorms at any school arent that great, it is good to get off campus after a year and Dekalb offers a great selection of apartments.


Nothing. I don't find the campus to be exciting enough to brag about.


What I brag about most is how much i learn! I have learned so much from each and every one of my teachers.


The athletic facilites, snow and nearby city of CHICAGO!!!


I guess i would have to say the quality of some of the teachers. I have encountered some really great teachers, and i think there are a lot of opportunities for art shows and galleries. I also think our bus system is really good.


The social aspects. I have so many good friends here, and I am always finding more friends. I am very happy with the teachers and courses as well, but I will always remember the people.


I brag about the music prgram at NIU. I am a music student, and I think that the music program at NIU is much better than people think it is.


I don 't brag about my school.


absolutely nothing. im transferring


I actually don't really talk about my school a lot but I tend to talk about how many different organizations there are on the campus and how there's actually a lot to do but I just haven't found them all yet.


I brag about how everything is so inexpensive to college students.


The campus. The campus here has a ton of diversity in terms of size and shape. There are some really cool-looking buildings on campus, and the campus itself it sort of sectioned-off into these little groups that make it really visually appealing. Especially in the spring and summer, the NIU campus is a really great sight to behold.


The business building is one of the best


That my teachers love me


The location


The school cost is balanced with a good education, the surrounding area has cheap housing, lack of surrounding jobs in a small community though.


Well, I would say the parties and the girls. But that is the type of friends I have.


just going this year i am transfering from another school