Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The size has been an issue for me. Northern is a great school but the location is very bland. I come from a rural area and now I go to a college that is in a rural area. I would have liked to attend a large school or one in the city. I feel there may have even been more opportunities in a larger school and more of a chance to meet new people.


The worst thing about my school is the bus schedule and routes; if a bus is full it can go pass the stop you are standing at and you have to wait for the next available bus.


The worst thing that could possibly happen at my attended school is a riot or a servere shooting on or off campus or even in the school. The school would then be shut down and my education would be limited by the negativity outbreak


The worst things about my school are the biased associations made with it. Without even having visited or attended NIU, people assume it's a party school filled with students only skating by in their classes and waiting for the weekend to party.


NIU is located in the middle of the cornfields and there isnt any train accessibility to major cities. In order to get to a shopping mall, travel time is about 25-35 mins.


I think the safety on and off campus is the worst part about NIU. There are several violent and criminal incidents in the community. Although the campus and community police patrol the area and respond to calls, they usually cannot make it to the scene to arrest the suspect. I do not feel safe walking on campus because of the ongoing violent crimes in the area.


Nothing i really enjoy going to school.


I believe the school that I attend does not help with financial issues. There are not many jobs on campus or off campus for that matter, and students such as myself don't have a support system that can financially help with money issues.


I would consider the lack of safety the worst thing about Northern. As everyone is probably aware of, lately northern has been in the news negatively for the amount of violence that has taken place over the course of the semester. This has given the school a negative representation and takes aware from what high school and college students should be viewing the school as, which is a place for individuals to further their educational knowledge


The worst thing i can say about my school is that its hard to focus when there is so much to do.


After attending the Northern Illinois University School of Business for about a month, I can’t think of much to complain about. I'm sure a few things may arise in time but as of right now, I am happy with my education here.


The worst thing that I would consider about my school is the lack of academic involvement within some of the students that attend Northern Illinois University. I am a student that works very hard day in and day out in school, and I pride myself in my work. Some students that attend this university do not take school seriously, and would prefer to have excessive fun. I am very determined to be successful, and I do my best to surround myself with people who are also determined to be successful at this university.


The smell.


The safety, our school is known for that shooting and for the missing girl that just happened in 2010. Students go away to feel secure that is why there should be safey procedures implemented.


The worst thing about my university was the lack of concern by college advisors. Often times when I met with my advisor I felt as though I was being rushed. There was never a time where I connected with my advisor on any level, including when having discussions about the field. I believe that it is vital for students and their advisor to make some type of connection. I felt as though I had to find my on way, this was even difficult than most would expect, because I was a first generation collefe student.


The worst thing about the school is that it has a bad reptuation. Two years ago students were shot by a fellow student who in return shot his self. another tragic event is there were a kidnapping that later became a homicide of a fellow student. So with those tragic events it creates a bad reputation which is bad toward my school.


The cost because everyone can't afford it.


Athletics at time but expanding and investing in the program.


At the time that I attended NIU there was not much life off of campus. There were not many places to go such as stores, entertainment, etc. Although during my later years at NIU the towns around the campus did start to build up. I have not had the opportunity to go back and visit for a long time, but I have heard that many shopping centers/stores/etc. have popped up all around.


Since it locates in a small town, there are not much places to go or to eat.


It's in the middle of a corn field. There is literally corn all around. There are no city lights, or fun clubs. It's a country town with college students.


Location. NIU is located far from my house. I am commuting over two hours each way this semester and it takes time away from my studying.


i am biased as i am an art major. there is a terrible underfunding of the art building facilities.


The social enviroment which encourages drinking.


I think that the worst thing about my school is trying to get into many of the required classes. There are often only one or two of each class offered and it is difficult to get those spaces.


need more parking, certain things could be more convenient. professors need to be more on the same page when it comes to the core curriculum classes for any given discipline


The only really bad thing about my school is my roommate. That's what happens when you force two very passive agressive people to live together: niether of them talks about anything with the other--not even the important issues.


The dorm food. It makes it hard for a natural bodybuilder to eat well and healthy. There are way too many processed foods with excess amounts of sodium, saturated fats, cholesterol, or sugars.


The setting. My school is a lot of fun and there are a lot of activities that can be done but no one ever wants to go outside because of the weather.


Maybe the worst thing about this school is that there arent too many places you can go besides parties. There are no huge shopping malls to get clothes from, or shoe stores. There are lots of places to eat though., But they get you when you pay tax. Tax there is super high from my city of Chicago. Also there are alot of lady bugs around this school, they tend to be in your dorm room if you even leave your window open. But since we have a long winter period they die off. The winter is very bad here.


I think that the worst thing about the campus is the distance from home for me, that is because I am very close to my family.


I know that everyone probably says the same thing, there is nothing wrong with my school. There really isn't at NIU. The only things that I would consider bad are the things that every school has, some classes are hard to get into, money situation doesn't always work to your liking, or you don't get the best professor at the school. All the things that I would consider to be bad happen everywhere.




I feel the facilities in the art building where i spend almost all of my time are sub-par. They need to be updated. I also do not like that there are a lot of great teachers getting fired because of cost cutbacks. Also i would like more attractive areas added to the campus.


It is a big campus. The buildings are spread out.


There is not a lot to do outside of campus.


I would have to say that the worst thing about NIU is the weather.


I would consider the quality of food to the worst thing about the university because a majority of the dorm dining halls are run-down and offer questionable food. There is only one good dining hall here, however, it is definietly not on the list for best college food courts.


I wish there were more classes offered online, especially the ones where movies are shown during class. I hate that part of my tuition is being spent on me being in class for a movie. Most videos can be posted online or are already streaming online. I'd rather go to class for information I may find on my own and discussion.


It is quite expensive.


Sometimes I feel that students cannot get into classes that they need to graduate on time. Also, a very large number of the science and math related classes have professers that are very very hard to understand because of a thick accent.


That it is really a boring school, and there is nothing to do on the week end


It is so small, but everyone knows each other.


A lot of bullshit classes that aren't worth a lot of credits and require a lot of work.


The cold winters, because it can get distracting from school sometimes when there is snow everywhere.


That we are known for the shooting that happened, because it put us into the limelight for the wrong reason. Another bad thing about NIU is the unbearably cold winters we can experience.


People in administrative departments (ie financial aid, bursars, etc) give students the run-around and don't seem to really care. They give you notice about deadlines way too late.


The dorms and cafeteria need to be improved to students demands. I had ants going through my dorm room last semester so i had no choice but to live in the apartments which have better living conditions.


Well, NIU does not have a worst thing about the school that i can say I don't like. The weather to me is to only thing because I had to adjust to it. Coming from Chicago is kind of different because of the dowtown scenery. Other than that there is really nothing wrong with NIU and the environment.


just going this year i am transfering from another school