Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think the Professors there are pretty nice and enthusiastic. They really try their best to make sure every student will succeed in their class. There are a lot of organization here as well. The atmosphere as a whole just feels welcoming to me.


You get out what you put in. There are plenty of opportunities to make NIU a great college experience, you just have to take them.


I personally am not happy with this school. They do not offer proper academic advising or financial aid advising.


Like any other college, NIU has its problems. The biggest ones that stand out to me are the scams, recreation center, student employment, and campus safety. With all of the problems affecting every student, there is still a high amount of pride among fellow huskies. I personally hated my first semester here but after meeting new people I ended up loving it. The students are what make this school and you have to be social to truly enjoy attending NIU.


I LOVE NIU!! I think that it is an amazing school and that there are a TON of opportunities for students here. These opportunities may be in campus recreation, being involved in an academic group, working on campus in all sorts of different positions, as well as being involved in groups that you are easily able to identify with. There is A LOT of school pride on campus! Our boys soccer and girls volleyball are MAC champions this year! YAY! MAC is the conference we are in. Also, our football team is doing well and may be the champions as well!


I'm finishing up my senior year here at Northern Illinois and I still have nothing bad to say about it. It is close to home, but not too close, so it still has the "college town" feel as opposed to a commuter school. Northern is a medium-large size school with a hometown feel. It's a very close nit community and I can truly say I really do feel as though I'm a part of that community. My biggest thing about NIU is the teachers and staff. I always joke, about how you can go on the website, find the first phone number you see call it tell them what it is you need and they will go out of their way to help you out and direct you who you need to talk to. Going away to school can be a scary thing so it is very comforting for students and parents to know that NIU staff and teachers (from my experience) really do love what they do. They have the students best interest in mind and there is always someone around that is more than happy to help.