Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


NIU is a place for any kind of person. As a computer scientist, I can say that it has a great CS program that is easy to grasp yet still useful outside of the classroom. Most of the people I've talked with are accepting, fun, and intelligent.


Anybody who is dedicated to their school work and are not just coming to college to experience the college life.


Someone who is looking for a diverse, fun, big and overall amazing school. The university can make adjustments to fit for every student and that was a huge one for me personally!


Anyone who prefers a smaller school almost like a community college.




The individual planning to attend Northern Illinois University should show an eagerness to learn and succeed. He or she should also demonstrate a high maturity level which allows the student to function the level of a young adult in order to make crucial career choices. Lastly, the student must be motivated to take control of their educational path and utilize the resources available at Northern Illinois University to achieve their goals. These three characteristics combined would result in a worthy candidate for a quality education at Northern Illinois University.


The type of persont hat should attend NIU is one that is independant or looking to further their independence. The school really treats you as an adult and would be good for a student just trying to be on their own.


A bold and fearless person should attend this school because it will be easy for that person to get adjusted on campus. However, it will also be beneficial for other students, students who don't network on a regular basis or students who aren't much risk takers because here at Northern Illinois University students are very friendly and chatty. I say this from my point of view because I was one of those shy students, however, Northern has changed me and allowed me to break out of my shell little by little and I'm only a Freshman here.


During my semester at Northern I nocticed that people are into research should attend Northern. A person who is serious about his/her education would have a great time there. A person who is interested in networking , Northern would be a great place for them. I have noticed that people who are seeking great intership oppertunties should attend as well. Students who want to advance in their career field especially business and nuring Northern is the place for them. Northern emphasizes on diversity, this allows everyone to interact with one another without feeling uncomfortable.


The kind of person that should atted this school has to be very determined. Prospective students for northern ilinois university must have atleast a C average, but be willing to work alot harder once they step onto campus. There is almost no need for a student not to be successful at NIU.


There isn't just one specific kind of person, it's a very diverse school.


Those that wish to attend NIU should want to work hard and enjoy life. NIU has all kinds of organizations for every student. Plus the curriculum is rigorous so students can know that he/she deserved that grade he/she got.


Anybody can attend this school. There is such a diverse student body here. Everybody no matter what contributes positively to the enviornment of the campus.


i think anybody who is serious about their life (present or future) should attend the school.


A person who is understanding of all races. This school is very interracial , and you have to be able to accept all races.


Anyone who wants a safe moderate sized University for a decent price.


I feel that a responsible and focused person should attend NIU. If you still cannot manage your time and can't handle repsonsibility then it may be a challenge for you to adjust. I believe that nothing is impossible but you would have to dig deep within yourself to make that change.


You dont have to be any kind of person to come to this school. This Universtiy is a great school for anyone who wants to learn period. You do on the other hand have to have a good outlook in life becasue college is hard and you have to keep your head up high no matter what comes your way. Every college is like that so, you have to keep your head up higfh and stay optimistic.


Honestly, all kinds of people can attend Northern Illinois University. This is a very diverse school which includes many races, cultures, and different types of personalities.


I think that anybody can attend school, but you have to want to. People who are determined, hard working, and patience should attend school. Being determined is just having a good state of mind when you first start off and not doubting yourself. School involves a lot of hard work, so you have to be willing to take on the challenge. And last patience is key; without patience you will not get any where in life and everything takes time.


If you are a person who doesn't want to travel this is a good school because there are a lot of comuters and school tries to accomidate every person who drives to school... Also its a good school if you want to take at the extra step from the community college and you still want to be available to work on the side...


Any kind of person as long as you have the will to make in what you are going to school for.You have to have the money to stay with out the funds they will send you home.Need a jobs and will as time to study.If you can try to save your money before you try to attent or just live off of campes.You would be ok.Most of all focose on your education.Long as you go to class and do your work you will make it and if you party and can go to class.


I think that people who like a large university with a diverse population should attend Northern Illinois University. There are many opportunities to meet people and attend social events. There is an excellent program for people who want to become teachers. The College of Business also has a great reputation.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is looking to make friends and expand their knowledge. This is a great school but you need to be open-minded and wanting to meet new people in order to get the most out of it.


I believe that the type of person that should attend Northern Illinois University is someone that plans on being serious about their education, as well as enjoy many types of extra curricular activities as well. NIU is very diverse. So any type of person can really enjoy my school.


Anyone can attend this school because it will change you no matter what background you come from.


This school is for all kinds of students, with so many clubs and groups on campus, anyone can find a niche to fit into and feel comfortable.


Anyone can attend this school and be successful as long as they are not lazy and have the desire to do well. there is truly something for everyone as long as they are disciplined.


All types of people attend Northern. There are a lot of people from chicago and its suburbs, along with cities around illinois. As you can imagine this brings all walks of life to campus.


I believe that Northern is a school for anybody. There is something there for everyone and there are so many different personalities walking around and such a diverse student body. One doesn't just learn lessons in the class, but lessons on life. Northern isn't the biggest campus, but it isn't small either, so its perfect for anyone who wants to go to a full on university without having to worry about getting lost forever!


A person that is looking for an eductation where if they apply themselves, they can have great opportunities.


a kind of person who is open to new things, to new situations, and most importantly, new people. one should be self motivated, highly responsible for their own actions, and not afraid to talk to people.


Someone who wants a big/medium campus and wants to learn but doesn't want to overwork themselves. Someone who likes a campus town not a city.


The best type of person to attend this school has to be open. They have to be willing to be open to new people, situtions, and possibilities. They have to be willing to work hard, but also take a break from studying and have some fun. Attending Northern Illinois University, or any college for that matter, is about knowing to manage your time between your studies and fun activities.




Someone interested in getting a job right away, rather than hardcore study


A well rounded, open minded person. One who wants to contribute their knowledge without fear of imbarassment. Our student body is so diversified and learning so engaging. Giving back to the community is a high priority for our students. Life is good at NIU!


Northern Illinois University is a wonderful college. People who are eager to learn and move forward with their life should strongly consider NIU as a choice for college. It's a great place to meet people, so someone who is looking to make friends while they learn should attend this school. There are many types of people here from different places, but everyone seems friendly and eager to meet other people as well. There are many activities, so people who like do always be active won't have a problem here.


Some who values education, but wants to be close to home.


There isn't one single type of person that should attend Northern Illinois University. NIU opens it's arms to everyone, no matter what group you were stereo-typed into, in high school or your previous schooling. Our campus allows you to start over and it allows you to be who you truly are, not what other people made you into. No matter what your personality is, as long as you can handle the cold winter, you will love NIU.


Someone with no money, but needs a good education


Someone who has an open mind about ethnicity and enjoys cold weather.


This school is good for just about every type of person. The community and students are very diverse (rich and poor) (Stoner and Straight Edge) (Popular and Not)


At NIU, we believe hard work pays off. A person looking into a college career at Northern Illinois University should be prepared to work for the grade he or she wants. NIU students also need to have good time management. There are a lot of projects, individual and group, that overlap and if you are not on top of your work load you will fall behind and have a very difficult time catching up. NIU is a friendly, socialable school; prospective students should be willing to put themselves out there to get the most out of the college.




People who are living off campus/commuting. I would say people who already graduated college and are going back for a second degree or masters degree.


Any person who wants to go to a good school with good professors and learn something they can use for the rest of their lives.