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What should every freshman at Northern Illinois University know before they start?


As a high school junior and senior i did not take the proper steps needed to get the most out of colleges money wise. I was so worried about going out of state to college and on athletics. I would go back and advise my past self that i need to apply to as many illinois schools as possible and that i shouldnt go to community college the first year to just dive into the college atmosphere as a freshman. I would also advise myself to go straight into the athletic training program as a freshman and not to waist time majoring in biology. I also would advise myself to get involved on campus to make your transition alot easier.


If going back in time to the time when I was a high school senior and be able to give myself advice when it comes to college after being through with my first year; I would tell my past self to work on scholarships and to not let stuff that happen get to you. The reasoning behind these pieces of advice is that when it came down to the tuition and overall cost of living in the dorms and going to a 4-year university the cost will continue to rise more and more. With completing scholarships some if not most of the money paid towards my tuition will be paid for and with my family financial problems to overcome that would have helped dearly. Going to the second piece of the advice when you let stuff get to you it can greatly hurt how you feel and being there living on your own. Not only that it can hurts those around you which I have had happen and I greatly wish I can go back to make sure it didn’t happen. That’s what I would tell myself if I can go back in time.


If I could go back to that time in high school, I would tell myself to do the best I can academically. I also would tell myself to resist outside temptation and do what I need to do to graduate on time.


If I could go back to high school and talk to my self knowing what I know now I would tell myself that college isn't any joke. I would tell myself to get ready for a taste of the real world. There isn't going to be anymore of your parents picking up after you or taking care of your business, be prepared to be on your own . Before you go to college apply to as many scholarships as you can, even when you enter college keep on applying for scholarships. When you get in college join activity because it will make your college experience better. The transition will not be easy, but talk to your consolers, make friends, get to know your campus so you can start getting comfotable. There will be a lot of parties but don't get distracted and stay focus on your school work, because there will be parties everyday, seriously! Don't stress yourself out and everything will be okay. Goodluck!


Starting early on the college applications and making sure you don't wait until the last minute to get majority of the things done.


Nayelis, I know you have been doing well in school, and you have been preparing for this moment, but there is something I want to make you aware of. You will have more responsibilities, and this will be your test. Because not only doyou have the schoolto keep you, and guide you to the right direction, but the freedom might be overwhelmingly awesome. With that said Keep you thoughts, and goals in mind to move forward. Your dream to become The wealthiest, and most giving person can come true with hard work. It will not be easy. You will get tested. I want you to make a dream board, and keep thinking what you will have accomplished once you get that degree. Nothing great happened overnight so keep up that attitude of always wanting more. You are on the right track! Your dreams are yours to have. No one can take that away, but you. You can do it!


Never choose the considered "safe" school because you are scared of failing, but rather choose the school that challenges you, makes you strive for more and inspires even if its a tougher school.


You shouldn't go into college assuming that you don't have academic options outside what you started out as. College is the time to really test what professional field you want to go into, so take your time exploring that before you prematurely set on a single path. Otherwise, you may find yourself not where you wanted to be halfway in, and lose so much progress switching to something else. Enjoy your time in college!


Don't worry so much about the future. Have a goal and accomplish it in the present. You can only affect what you are doing in the moment so don't concern yourself with things that happend or will happen that you have no control over. Stay focused and take advantage of every resource that is offered to you. Go into every situation with an open mind and don't close off information just because it doesn't apply to you at the moment. Life is easier when you are attetive in class. Eventually everything can be referenced or used to your benefit. Learn to take the negative things as learning opportunities. Sometimes things are going to go your way and sometimes things will be harder than you wanted them to be. Have a plan B, C, and D. College is a wealth of opportunity but you must take it upon yourself to explore the depth of that wealth. Stay involved, love, laugh, live, and dont let anything get in the way of you accomplishing your goals.


My one main regret from undergraduate school was not using all the resources that were available to me.; especially my academic advisor. I was always nervous or scared to approach her with my concerns, but looking back on it now, I should have sucked it up and went for it; that's what they are there for. Another regret, which I have told this to many high school students and undergraduate students, is DO AN INTERNSHIP if you get the opportunity. Internships were not required for my degree so I said ehhh I am going to take the easy road out....NOT A GOOD IDEA. Internships provide great experiences and look great on applications.