Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Northern Illinois University know before they start?


You did it! You got into a university and you will be graduating high school soon. How exciting! Okay firstly, buy yourself a laptop. I know you may think that going to the computer lab everytime you need to use the internet or type a paper is worth not purchasing a laptop; but you are wrong. Also, stay on top of classes and utilize the student tutoring and mentoring options that your college offers. Make sure you check periodically with your professors by asking for an update on grades ever so often. ALWAYS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXTRA CREDIT! You will soon learn that professors who offer extra credit are few and far between; so take advantage of that luxury if possible. Lastly, have fun! I know you will be stressed, but you need to slow down, relax and enjoy life more. Allow yourself to be who you are. Now is the time for you to show what you are made of! Take no prisoners and don't let anyone put you down. You will succeed if you allow yourself to Steve. Oh yeah, and the last 5 answers on your English final are ABBDC. You'll thank me later!


I would say if your not ready to be alone and become an adult wait a while. I would suggest going to a community college first, which is less expensive and gives you time to build maturity, also let's you get your general education classes out the way. General education classes are very difficult and sometimes the school may not have resources to help with the classes you are taking. Also, always apply for scholarships and stay away from loans because debt is nothing nice. Be assertive, conscience, and prepared about every decision you make because it will effect you in the future. Have fun but keep in mind what you are at college for first at all times.


Explore!! Make the most of yout time at college. Do things you normally wouldn't do. Go out of your comfort zone and create yourself into the person you are meant to be...not the person everyone wants you to be. Have fun, make new friends, but remember why you are get an education! Not party!! Your future is in your hands, set goals, accomplish the small steps one at a time and make a bucket list! Look back at your college time and think...those were the best years of my life and my life is just beginning. Your world is open to so much more...use your eyes, clear and focused (not hungover and blurry) to see what lies ahead and then go get it!


Dont pick a college because of parties and social events. Pick somewhere that will help you out in your career.


Dear high school senior self, I want to tell you that everything gets better. I know you have been struggling with many personal family issues and trying to maintain friendships and school. I am here to tell you that everything does improve as the year goes on. One thing you should realize is that yes, what you are thinking about, sexuality wise is true. You are bisexual and it is amazing! Get close to the one girl that sits across from you in your Biotechnology class because she can help you. When you get to Northern Illinois University, the first couple of people you love on the same floor with will be your closest buddies. You will also meet many great people who you’ll be the best friends with. With your love life, keep an open mind and do not try too hard with the woman because your education should be your main focus. Plus, safety is an important factor in this institution. Make sure you get to know your late night officers as well as any other workers. From all that you will experience, make sure that you keep your goal to become a Nurse in mind.


Jasmine, Before you start classes at Northern Illinois University, there are a few things that you should know. College is going to be a life changing experience for you, because there will be challenges that you have not previously had to face. The characteristics you developed in high school will be put to the test. Focus and determination are perhaps the most important because they will get you through every obstacle you will encounter. Those obstacles include adjusting to the college courses, interacting with new people, and learning the definition of balance. College courses are a lot more difficult than high school classes. Dedicate a few hours every day to studying. Use all the resources the campus offers to help you succeed. Do not fear the unknown. Socializing will become a part of your campus experience and making friends will come naturally. Northern Illinois University is a multicultural campus so keep an open mind when interacting with new people. You can learn a lot from the people around you, if you are willing to listen. You will also need to learn how to balance your time and your money. If you can master this concept, you can accomplish so much.


I would give myself the advice of taking time and doing scholarships. I know from my first year experience how much money I could save if I actually did scholarships. Spend as much time with your high school friends as you can! Get into the habit of not procrasting on things. In college, if you procrastinate more things will come up and could be due the same week then you're rushing to get everything done and it may not be your best work that you have done. Get in the habit of reading! In college, if you don't read you could be very behind or not understand some things being taught.


I would first of all tell myself not to be so focused on popularity and to focus on school. Growing up, it seems like having everyone know you is the most important thing when in all actuality, your grades are. After high school, everyone goes their seperate way, doing seperate things, going to seperate schools. It is more then likely that the people you were so worried about being associated with, wont be in your life the next year. But when applying for college, the grades that you recieved those for years are what determine where you go to school. So it is more important to focus on your education and not how many people know your name. Also I would tell myself not to be afraid to talk to someone. Senior year I struggled with someone trying to take my virginity. Keeping it in so long caused me to enter a slight stage of depression when I first came to college. I cut myself off from meeting new people out of fear. I would tell myself to deal with the problem right away, so I can be helpful to other girls that experienced the same thing as me.


To focus on myself and not panic when others around me are full of future prospects and seem to have everything planned out perfectly. Not everyone is the same and that there is nothing wrong with needing some extra time to figure out what you want to do with your life. I would reassure myself that I did make the right decision by going to a community college first and to never let anyone make me think otherwise. I'd emphasize the need to work up the courage to come out of my shell, and join groups and get to know more people. I've always kept my academics as top priority, but I would encourage myself to take some time to enjoy being in college, to have fun and experience life. But to be prepared for the occasional sad and lonely states that happen when you move away. It's difficult but if you stay focused you'll survive, even through all the stress and tears, it gets easier as go. And above all to continue to believe that I'm capable of being successful in college, to trust in myself that I won't let myself fail.


If i was a high school senior and i can go back and tell me something, it would be to focus more. Dont let the sterotype of having fun of getting in the way of the reason you really came to school for. College is a learning experience and a fun environment, but you have to learn to balance everything if you want to be successful.