Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is the pre-medical advisor Dr. Gasser. Dr. Gasser has been the most helpful member of the school throughout all my years in attendance; he is very straightforward, hard working, and dedicated to ensuring the success of students. His demeanor combined with his knowledge makes him extremely approachable. Any issue that has or will arise can be fixed through interaction with Dr. Gasser; he completes tasks in a timely manner with the utmost quality. I have had to interact with numerous faculty members throughout attendance and none have compared to Dr. Gasser.


The best thing about Northern Illinois University is all the opportunities the students are given. There is such a variety of organizations, clubs, leadership positions and jobs. Students are always encouraged to be involved and let their voices be heard. Every club and organization that I am in, is student run and student based which means each member gets every opportunity to make the most of their college experience through involvement. Northern Illinois University thrives off of student career success, and the importance of students finding jobs after they graduate. Overall NIU gives students the opportunity of choice.


The best thing about my school is the size of the campus. There are most places that is worth a while of


I like being in a new environment to get a new understanding of the school but also the classes. What the teachers have to offer can benefit myself to the best of my abilities.


I am just starting at this school this fall but I feel this school is very diverse and challenging.


The people and experiences that have ocurred. Without the people that I've met, I don't know where I would be.


The best thing about my school is the amount of school spirit and togetherness we have here.


they are willing to work with you and help you by providing free tutors.


The many organizations and opportunities to get involved and network


I enjoyed having the freedom as a young adult living on campus. I liked having the ability to make my own decisions as a young adult, and being able to come and go as I wanted.


I consider the size of the school and the friendly community to be the best aspects. The campus is somewhat large and spread out however the student body itself is actually very friendly and helpful to one another. You could be sitting randomly and strike up a conversation with almost anybody. Most people have a friendly aura and don't mind having a conversation. You never know who you might meet and who will become a good friend.


I think the best things about this school are the many opprtunities and the help we benefit from. When I first scheduling my classes for my first year, I was able to be put into a program where I would be taking all the same classes with students who are similar to my intended major studies. Also, the friends i have made here are exceptionally great. I know that I can trust them with anything and if I needed any help or issues to solve I even have the benefit to see someone.


The best thing about NIU is that it is close to home. I am a commuter student so it is nice that I can go to college and get my degree and still live at home with my family.


The best thing I would consider about my school is the CHANCE Program. This program gives students who did not meet the university's requirements a chance to come to college and prove to others and to themselves that they can make it through college without having the highest ACT score or GPA. In my opinion I think this is a wonderful program because it gives students opportunities and opens doors some students thought would never have opened for them again.


The people and the amount of school activities. I also love when they hand free school supplies and t-shirts out!


The best thing about NIU is resources and people. They have a wide variety of resources. I like NIU's Family Social Work department, people from that department helped me to find internship in my field of Social work/Gerontology. I like the most NIU's stuff members. They are nice and helpfull. Each faculty member always helped me quickly, directly and with the most knowledge posiable. I think because NIU is rooted in rural area of Illinois, people there are friendly and helpful. I feel like home eventhough I am Europian.


What I consider the best thing about NIU is that no matter where you go on campus you can always get alone with someone and find a new friends. People on campus and around campus are exteremly nice and friendly. Teachers are very helpful and there is never a dull moment at NIU. There is always something fun to do.and the lresources are endless to help people study.


The internet because it is extremely swift.


Everyone you encounter is friendly and the environment is very welcoming.


The best thing about my school is the education, because it is very learning oriented. i love that there are lots of organizations, and people there willing to help a student in need.


The best thing about my school is that its big and you have the option to be active with others or not. Another great thing is that there's alot activites always going on that you just go too and be apart of which is very nice on boring days.


i would say the diversity, because of the difrent culture I get to see.


The best thing about Northern Illinois University is the diversity and the unity that ties us all together to be one big family. I am so comfortable here I end up calling this place home.


The best thing about Northern Illinois University is how the campus is so family-oriented. I really felt like I was a part of a second family while I was at Northern. They really make you feel welcome when you arrive. There are a ton of people who are there to support you and help you with the transition to college. There are also a ton of resources available to make college life so much easier.


I believe that the amount of help in the school is amazing. Whether I am seeking financial, academic, personal or extra-curricular help, there is always someone there to help. There are offices with personel of all kinds. The campus has a place for anything I need including several tutoring center spread out throughout the campus, we can go to a psychologist for free if needed, there are different buildings for ethnic groups like the Latino Resource Center, and many other ways of getting the help and suppoert I may need.


I consider all the tutors available on campus to be the best thing at my school. Reason being is because i feel if you have alot of tutors on campus that makes a child my comfortable, and it shouldn't be no excuse why you can't pass your classes with all the tutors that are here on campus to assist you!


The best thing about my school is that the atmosphere is great. There are so many students that really want to learn and engage in conversation in the classroom. When that happens I participate even more and really want to learn even more than what is needed. So I would have to say the students make the school the best part.


The best thing abut my school is the variety of classes that are offered here. Some classes can be small or large lecture halls. The variety of classes helps you take classes your interested in as well as your intended major.


The best thing about my school are the people that I am around daily. I look forward to living up to my friends beliefs as to the person they see me as. They know me to be hard-working and determined so I try to be that. My friends are the best thing that I could ask for here at college.


The best thing about NIU is athe number of activites available and the friendly people. I can always find soemthign new and try things I have never tried before.


There are so many great things about my school, that it is difficult to just pick one. I love the Political Science department, in that they offer a diverse set of interesting classes that are sculpted around my major. However, I also like the sense of community in the university.


The teachers in my classes are some of the best I have had. They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. They always encouraged students to ask questions if needed or to engage in the class discussion. I really had the feeling that the teachers were focused on teaching the material and making sure that the students had a full understanding of it.


There is enough variety of types of education that is available and they are not extreme prices, You have up to 7 colleges to choose from and depending on what college inside the university you choose you are likely to get an advisor that will help you map out your four year plan...


In my school, Northern illiniois University, the best aspect they provide is the help in students. They have many tutoring centers for math and english and more.


NIU is a good school if you are trying to academicly excel. This school will challenge you in every aspect of your particular studies.


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The best thing about my school is that it's very welcoming. You are able to be involved with the school and you will make a lot of new friends that you will forever have.


The best parts about Northern Illinois are the opportunities for students to become involved.


The best thing about Northern is the teachers. When you get in the smaller classrooms the teachers really take the time to learn about their students and care about there classes


The fact that the college is friendly and focused on education. The school is always giving back to Dekalb, there is a whole day dedicated to giving a helping hand. A student can do anything to improve their future careers and the campus does not just have certain fields that a student can focus on, meaning there is a wide field of majors to pick from.


the best thing about niu is definetly diversity. you are able to meet so many people from so many different back grounds both ethnicly and socially. also the greek system is great here and its definetly a great way to meet new people


The people and the opportunities I have to learn.


I really like the faculty and staff at NIU, and the people who attend here.


I think one of the best qualities about NIU is their emphasis on cultural diversity. The people here are really open-minded about different cultures and I really like how people want to learn and take classes about them. They have someting called unity and diversity which is like the campus activity board but they focus more on cultural groups.


Easy to get into


NIU offers 14 foreign languages; 5 of the languages are offered as majors. My goal is to speak all 5 romance languages in 10 years and this school will help me attain this goal and will be an invaluable education source.


There is a lot of diversity here. The people are very interesting and friendly. Town is small, but it grows on you.


I really enjoy the people I attend classes with, work with, and study under. People are very caring.


This past academic year has taught me that the best thing about Northern Illinois University is our community. We act as if we are a small town. We come together when tragic things happen, and we embrace eachother. We are one united campus that stands strong during the good times and the bad, we wear our Huskie pride on our sleeves, and we carry it in our hearts. We are the Northern Illinois University Huskies!


Social activities on weekends, lots of clubs, good athletic program.