Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly and Encouraging


When I'm in class, I always feel confident in my ability to speak up because I know that my classmates are just as motivated as I am and that we are all in this together and ready to help each other out.


My classmates are very intelligent, kind, and are very interesting people.


My classmate are awesome human beings


All students at NKU are actually really friendly, everyone says hello, holds the door open and has a smile on their face.


My classmates are respectful, busy, and, for the most part, driven. A surprising amount of my fellow students are a bit older than the norm - people who are coming back to school for "another shot" at life. I'm genuinely surprised by the quality of student at NKU, especially for a college that's relatively inexpensive and welcoming to people of all walks of life.


My classmates at Northern Kentucky Unversity are polite and are a lot more mature than my classmates in high school.


My classmates are great except I don't actually know 99% of them. The smaller classes that I have meet so infrequently and I am so poor at intpersonal communication that it's rather difficult to get to know people and have a valid opinion of them.


My classmates are very nice and outgoing and willing to help with you with anyone which is way better in high school.


My classmates are cool they keep to their selfs and dont talk much.


My classmates are some of the most kind, amazing smart, helpful funny, and awesome people I have ever meet and I'm happy to learn along side of them.


My classmates were very helpful and asked alot of questions i wasnt sure of the answer either.


My classmates are caring and generous people, who want see, not only themselves succeed, but everyone else succeed as well.


My classmates are the most supportive, inspirational, challenging, and loving people I could ever hope to learn with.


They are very supportive, insipiring, and friendly individuals.


My classmates are intelligent individuals looking to further their education and expand their knowledge of the world and their comfort zones to become successful alumni of Northern Kentucky University with bright futures.


Really nice and always willing to help if you need it.


Awesome. usualy everyone is very friendly


My classmates at NKU are friendly person. They are people you can ask questions if you missed a day of class for some reason. They are always willing to help you out.


My classmates are energetic who strive to succeed as much as myself.


My classmates are hard working, fun people.


Quiet. Most of them are just there, they do not ask questions they just listen and leave.


My classmates are friendly and accepting because the ones I have all had the chance to interact with has offered to help me out and took the time to get to know me.


My classmates are very talented and unique.


My classmates are understanding, caring and for the most part hard working.


My classmates are very diverse.


Challenges and explorations are waiting on you! Northern Kentucky University is waiting on you to motivate and blaze trails for future leader. Northern Kentucky is a place where you can find the advocate inside of you. The educational experiences are comparing to ivy lead school.


They are nice and are very willing to help.


My classmates are hard working, intelligent, motivated, and persistent; rarely skipping class and being active members in group assignments.


Most of my classmates are friendly and share the same interests as me, especially now that I am taking classes that pertain to my major.


While most students were peers from surrounding high schools, there are a few non-traditional or international students.


The first week of classes are pretty stressful because you don't know your professors or fellow classmates well, but after a few weeks, when everyone starts to get more comfortable, you will start to get to know you classmates. The classmates that I know now are so nice and helpful. If I ever miss a class, only for emergencies, I know that my friends will help me catch up. It is nice to have people to depend on at campus, especially when you are on your own.


My classmates are very diverse, very open minded, and very fun. I've had a blast making all these new friends at NKU and each day I'm more and more thankful that I've come here.


I absolutely love the people in my classes at school. Everyone is different, no one is exactly the same. The diversity is so great. Everyone is an actual, mature, respectly person of society, which makes it so easy to get along with others.


My classmates are all very positive and very close to one another.


My classmates are very unique, all in their own way.


My classmates at NKU are extremely hard working and fun to be with.


I love my classmates. I am on the soccer team at NKU and I am really close with the girls. Through them I have met so many new people and so many new athletes. They are all so understanding on my situation and can understand where I am coming from. They are really fun to hang around and support me and my team through our season.


Information techonolgy studies take a lot of focus, most classmates are very focused.


I would described my classmates as being people from all different ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic areas. Everyone has their own struggles and strengths that allows everyone to help one another to excel in the classroom.


In Northern Kentucky i have a small class usually of 20-30 students, male and female under the age of nineteen and everyone seems very focused on their individual eduacation.


some are open to learning and are serious about it, while others think they are entilited to get the best result for lowest amount of work effort put forth


Eager and focused


My classmates are some of the best out there and are like no one else in the fact that they bring so many different qualities to NKU.


The majority of my classmates are hardworking and dedicated, but then there are some that get lost in the college experience and do not know how to balance the work load. I believe I have become very good and organzing my time and getting my work done in an orderly fashion. Most of my classmates are just like me and we all support each other within our academics.


Really friendly and love to hang out with you . And if your going through something in your life they will help you through it no matter what.


They are generally hard-workers who have a lot going on in their lives apart from school.


NKU students are very friendley and involved in campus life.


Most of my classmates really do not talk to me unless we are doing group work.


The words diverse and sociable, describes them all.

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