Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Northern Kentucky has become a home to me. I love my school and the students and staff that attend and work there. Through the weekly news N3 I was able to find a small group that was perfect for me and instantly made me feel right at home. There is so much opportunity at Northern Kentucky and I appreciate that as well. They also provide resources to help you better yourself through free tutoring and support. What is my school known for? To me my school is known for patience, kindness, acceptance and integrity. Norse up!


Our school is known for educating students in order to find jobs right out of college. We are located right by Cincinnati and many other cities are within driving distance. There are plenty of jobs for NKU students to land.


My school is best known for being open minded and up-to-date. At NKU, it's not uncommon to meet people with completely different majors, or interests, than yours and become the best of friends. At NKU we strive to be understanding - especially to the LGBT community. Here, at NKU, we are college students, freshman to those who have already completed a bachelor's, who unite as one to clearly represent our lovely university.


Its' inclusiveness


Northen Kentucky University is best known for having a small class sizes. While many universities have lectures with over a hundred students in each course, I have rarely had a class that had more than thirty students in it. This allows the professor to be more interactive with the students, and allows the students to engage in class discussions instead of solely learning from a professor's lecture.


for the acceptance or the LGBTQ community and its welcoming environment to all cultural and ethnical backgrounds also its support for different organizations such as the green dot, go green to save the environment and the prevention center with its new approaches to prevent harassment and sexual violence.


I think our school is known for our spirit even though we are a small school. I think all of the students love this school.


Northern Kentucky University is best known for being largely a commuter campus with a wide range of diversity flowing through the students.


I suppose my school is best known for its Business department and the accomplishments the business major students are achieving during and after getting their degree.


School spirit, alumni, the professors and their willingness to help you succeed. The academic program is fantastic too and normally, students achieve good paying jobs once they have graduated from this university. Very well known and well respected.


Northern Kentucky University is best known for the small class sizes and the close relationships that are made with the professors. The small class room sizes is well known at NKU because there are only a few classes that have over 100 students in a classroom at one time. In my experience at NKU I have only had 3 or so classes that were more than 100 people and those were the popular courses that my school offers (Chemisty and Anatomy I & II).


Northern Kentucky University is known for being the concret jungle and having small classes for better student to teacher communication. The teacher's know a student by name and can really help you.


NKU is on it's way up! It is wonderful to be a part of such a growing environment such as this. You can now look for NKU vs UK, who doesn't want to see that?! Especially since NKU was formed from a source of UK. As for education, NKU is being talked about from people in the business world. I, myself, have ran into several people stating that NKU students are the ones getting the positions. Let's not forget about famous people... What girl doesn't know George Clooney? Nothing else to be said, right girls?


NKU is best known for their perfectly sized campus within the city. It's big enough to get away, but small/close enough to go home. They are beginning to expand their science program and become more acredited, which is awesome. Northern Kentucky is also known for the high involvement on and off campus. There is a club/group for anyone at this campus, including but not limited to, SGA, APB, Greek Life, Clubs for particular majors, and much much more.


Our school is best known for our outstanding Theatre program that presents us with the best experience for those who are interested in the arts and breath taking plays put on by students here at Northern Kentucky University.


I would have to say NKU is probably known best for the athletic teams. I feel like students on campus really get excited about the different sporting events.


Our school is known for many good things I'm sure but we are known for the arena that is commonly used for hosting events in the northern Kentuky area. Academically we are known for having good grades.


Northern Kentucky University is best known for its small size. This could be seen by some as a weakness but I see it as a strength because of the advantages that it gives. It gives small class sizes where students can feel more of a relationship with their professors. It also offers the ability for students to befriend each other much easier than at big schools. The professors really care about their students and that's hard to find at some universities.


Myschool is known for being a Concrete jungle , because there is concrete everwhere. The support staff treats you like anmails.


Northen Kentucky University is best known for how successful its alumni have been after they graduate. Actors to Ambassadors, Northern Kentucky University had helped them make a path towards each alumnus dream.


Our school is best known for its sense of community. Everyone here is so accepting of one another. Being away from home my freshman year was beyond what I thought I was ready for. From leaving the my loving community to coming to NKU was like nothing had changed.


NKU is best known for their events! Every year some country music stars visit the Bank of Kentucky Center and provide a concert. Although I have never been able to attend because of working but I would love to attend.


I think my school is best known for their clubs on campus. We offer over 200 clubs, and most of our students are involved in at least one of them. I believe this helps with networking and other social skills that students need. It also allows students to gain leadership skills if they wish to do so.


The Arts Program. We have one of the best Performing Arts Programs around. When talking about NKU, the Arts program is always mentioned.


My school is best known for it's Chase Law program


NKU is best known for a private school fell with a public school price, at NKU we have smaller classes which makes the feeling of being in class more comfortable. In any class if there is a question on my mind I will ask that question because only 30 people will hear my question, unlike going to a larger university over 100 people will hear my question so there is no pressure. Also NKU will help you network and get involved more that will help you to get through college.


Its sad to say, but we are known for our low graduation rates and expensive tuition. But no matter, I will still push myself to pass and probably be in debt for the rest of my life if I don't get scholarships.


Northern Kentucky University is best known for its small class sizes and excellent faculty.


Northern Kentucky University is best known for their blackboard system to access course assignments and tests.


Northern Kentucky University is known for being a relatively new college. It was founded in 1968, making it only 45 years old. Being such a new school, the amount of students is nowhere near the size of the University of Kentucky or larger state schools, which is part of the reason why the students that attend here love the school. Being a “state school”, you’re paying what other students who go to state schools pay, but you’re getting a private school education. The professor to student ratio is 14:1 with an average class size of 24 students.


being a commuter school with a viking as a mascot, good science program with excellent lab facilties, also a great proforming arts and education program


Job placement, athletics, and fine arts.


Our soccer team, small campus, and our women's basketball team


Northern is known as a commuter school- a step up from community school if you will- however, recently Northern is putting itself on the map. Northern is starting to be known for its business, medical, and informatic studies both nationally and internationally. Now that I am apart of this community I realize it is best known for being small but doing big things that affect more than the community it surrounds.


Northern Kentucky University is a university that provides a private school education at a public school cost. The average class size at NKU is 24, allowing students to have close-knit relationships with their peers as well as their professors. With such a positive and encouraging environment, NKU has the ability to provide each and every student with the tools necessary to be successful.


Our school is most known for being a commuter 4 year college.


NKU is best known for baseball.


The best thing that Northern Kentucky University is best known for low tuition. This school is a dream that came true. I love the fact that Northern Kentucky has low tuition, diversity, and excellent academics. I come from a family who makes less than 15,000 a year. This school gives me an opportunity to have a good quality education. I also love the diversity here. I came from a diverse high school which made the transition easy. Last, I love the fact that Northern Kentucky University has teachers who care and want you to succeed.


We are a very artistically-oriented school with the top science center in the Midwest. We are also known for our soccer and basketball teams (both men's and women's teams).


I don't really know, but to me I feel it's strongest area is that of being just right in every area.




Business and informatics. Now it is quite known for the Bank of Kentucky Center as well. Personally, I believe our theatre department should get more support from the school due to the high quality of its faculty, student body and the productions themselves.


NKU is best known for the small class sizes and for having professors that really care about their students. The professors do not treat their students like a number, they actually make the effort to get to know their students. Also, NKU is a university that used be in the shadow of the University of Cincinnati, but NKU has grown out of that shadow. From my experience as a biology major, the research being conducted stresses the involvement of undergraduates. NKU offers a first class education without being too costly.


Chase Law School is very well known. Art degrees seem to be well respected.


My school is best known for it's small, but diverse classrooms. Students who attend this University get the attention they need to help them further their education experience. This school is quiet and offers great services to it's students.


The law school, Chase


A good business and nursing program


Northern Kentucky Univeristy is best known for private education at a public school cost. Northern Kentucky University is known for it's community involvment and it's academic aspirations. This school has also gained notarity in the fact that it has attracted some well know educators.


Small class sizes.


nothing really

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