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I feel like my school hasnt forgotten about the arts like most other non-art focused universities. Its nice to have student art around campus and for my artistic friends to share with me all the time they have to really work on what they love.


Although I only applied to a few other schools before choosing NKU, one thing that I feel NKU offered that other schools did not was the desire to truly help students succeed in all areas. When I got accepted to NKU, I immediately began to recieve welcome letters and invitations to different events designed to help incoming freshman get involved and give them a jump start to being successful in their classes. This is extremely beneficial to students who are not sure how to find their place and survive in a school as large as this.


The unique quality that drew me into Northern Kentucky University was the friendly atomosphere. Everyone that I encountered at NKU were very friendly and helpful. It was clear that the students and staff were all passionate about being apart of the NKU community. Once completing my first semester at NKU, I felt the same. I feel that a lot of students at NKU strive to be leaders on campus through all of the different campus organizations. One of the best things about student organizations at NKU is that everyone supports other organizations and proves that NKU has a strong community.


Personally, I believe my school is extremely unique. I enjoy the fact that NKU is not a party school. In my opinion, I do not feel pressured to go out on the weekends. I feel comfortable in my own skin at my school. Also, I don't feel as if I have to fit a certain stereotype to please others. NKU has so many opportunities to make yourself known. Personally, NKU is a fantastic way for people to overcome their weakness and come out of their shells.


it is very liberal and open minded about many different genders, sexualities religions and ethnicities. the professors always want to develop a good relationship with their students it is comforting to know that i can always find somewhere to go when i want to socialize or need help studying or just support for any struggles i have


In comparison to the other school I considered, Northern Kentucky University is not only much more affordable, it is also more welcoming of its students and their differences. From the moment I step on to my campus in the morning until the moment I leave I am surrounded by a faculty and staff that genuinely wants to see their students succeed in all that they do. The faculty encourages the students to be themselves and to be proud of their differences.


NKU is pretty high qualtiy without paying tens of thousands of dollars


Northern Kentucky University is a very friendly campus. The staff and student body are always interacting and creating wonderful relationships. The help offered with academic struggle is really impressive. Most of the classes are small, which gives a lot of room for one-on-one with the professors and leaves a lot of space to ask questions. It makes the material much easier to understand. There is also a wide variety of clubs and organizations around campus to help build a passionate, involved student body.It's truly a great environment.


NKU has professors that actually care about you as an individual.


Orginially having attended another university, NKU is unique because of the enthusiasm of everyone there. All faculty and students alike are enthralled in their disciplines and everyone actually wants to be there. This makes learning both more interesting and more enjoyable.


Personally I like how the class setting is very intimate, and small in size. In a normal there are no more than 30 people in a class and in a lecture hall there is less than 100 students in the class. To me this is very helpful because it allows you to build a repoor with your professor so they could get to know how I am as a student. I also enjoy the fact that there is free tutoring on campus at Northern Kentucky because most schools don't allow free tutoring for certain class.


Northern Kentucky University is unique because it has a new informatics building that is really cool to have classes in. It has awesome lights and neat new technology. Also, the student union was voted neatest building in Kentucky. This is a cool acomplishment! I love being a part of a community that cares about the students! I feel like I belong in this school which is unique because most students do not like college. I think it is fun and love to get involved on campus. They provide many opportunites for everyone and anyone to get out and help!


Have not started school yet


This school was closer to home so there was more familiarity with the other students that attend there. This was also an overall very safe schools compared to the other universities that I was considering. Lastly, this campus is constantly updating buildings and the overall quality of the campus keeping it new and up-to-date with the new technology.


I think NKU has much more of a community atmosphere. It is big enought to where you do not know everyone but small enough to be like a small family. I think it is perfect.


NKU has a vast variety of diversity in the university. The main reason this college captured my attention versus the other colleges I was planning on attending was the fact that the campus is not that large and I was able to make it from one side of the campus to another within ten minutes. Also unlike the University of Cinncinati the professors that teach the class are professionals and didn't just get out of college.


NKU has an extremely comfortable atmosphere. I was worried that attending college at my age would be uncomfortable at a university. It has been quite the opposite! I love the inviting, comfortable, fun atmosphere!


I chose NKU becuase they offered an online degree that interested me. They have lots of choices for people that would benefit from online classes. I am a mother and work full time, so this was an excellent choice for me!


The most unique thing about my school is that it offers a private school education at a public school cost.


Most schools seem stressed, like everyone is in a hurry. NKU is relaxed, everyone is friendly to eachother. Also, the teachers are very involved with their students. I always hear from my friends at other colleges, how their professors don't care and just watch as students fail their classes. Every professor I have had always addresses me and other students when they notice a problem. I didn't know there were online assignments in my chemistry class , my professor quickly noticed and informed me. He even granted me an extension so i could finish the missed assignments as well.


My school isn't all about sports like some. Here at NKU, we don't have a football team like most other schools. We focus on school and our education. We put our money into making better buildings and for educational purposes, while some schools use their money to make new football stadiums or basketball courts. We are all about education.


I like that most classes are small so students and teachers have more of a relationship and it's easy to ask questions and do well in the class. I also like that all of the adults at the school want to see students do well and suceed by having free tutuoring, counseling, study tables, etc.


A lot of people say that Northern Kentucky University is just a "concrete jungle," or a "prison" with all of its concrete buildings. But personally, I believe that the campus has a lot of character with these unique buildings and its beautiful landscape. With its not-too-big size, NKU makes me feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. Now, it is one thing for a school to 'look' friendly. It also takes a remarkable board of faculty members to make a university outstanding. NKU provides this easily with its incredible professors and advisors, making college a great experience for me!


The personal one on one coaching you receive from your professors.


Very rich history in athletics.


Great professors! They truly care and are dedicated to their students.


The University offers many school-spirited activities. It's a very well-rounded campus that's very diverse. They have a great recreational center and the professors are great!


Northern Kentucky University is just big enough to feel like a real college, but still small enough to feel like home. I believe my education here is truly being developed and I am confident that I will receieve a well- paying job because of my time here at NKU.


The unique thing about NKU is that it is like a private school at a public school price. It's not the prettiest campus in the world but it is focused and more affordable than most. If it were a good looking campus it would not have the nickname "the concrete prison"


I would say what makes our school unique is you get a private school education at a public school cost. The teachers are very well qulafied and the classes are small never more than 30 students. The building are also very close together where you can easily walk to all of your classes. Northern Kentucky University also offers free tutoring in any subject and a free writing center to help students write papers/essays.


They are always updating the campus and classrooms. Smaller class sizes compared to other local schools.


There are a plethora of qualities about NKU that sold me. Not only is NKU close to my home, they also have an average class size of 24 and a gamut of other qualities to offer. When learning, I prefer to have close-knit relationships with my instructors and my peers. At most universities, the classes are large which is not a suitable learning environment for me. All in all, what I love about NKU is the fact that I can learn with a small group of people, thus, getting the most out of my college experience.


It's concrete. Literally...almost every building on campus is concrete.


Northern Kentucky University's professors care more about thier students success than their research. The class sizes are small and professors are excited to teach students. Even the most boring of subjects are made interesting by NKU professors. The staff goes out of their way to help each individual student with any and all problems that arise. NKU has a diverse student body with different styles, ethnic backgrounds, and unique ways of thinking. I like that in my classrooms there is conversation and students arn't afraid to speak up and participate.


The unique thing about Northern Kentucky University that other schools lacked is the size of the campus and the size of the class rooms. NKU has 15,000 students this year and still maintains having small classes so the student can really work with the professor.


My school is unique because it is a campus that cares for it's students and faculty alike. Most classes are small which gives time for the professors to actually get to establish a relationship with students. Unlike many large big name universities, the proffessors here actually care about each student and do all that they can to help. The people here are friendly and NKU simply seems to be overall a closeknit communtiy.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools is the small classroom sizes and that the teachers here really care about their students and their success in the classroom. As well as the cost of tution here. The tution is less than many of the other colleges I was looking at attending.


The cost of tuition is very reasonable.


What makes Northern Kentucky University unique is the fact that I can recieve the university experience with the price of some community colleges. Although there were still loans that I was forced to take out having thi low tuition made me taking out a loan much more bareable due to the fact that it wasn't as much as I would have been paying if I would have attended another college.


It's close to home.


Northern has the friendliest staff I have ever experienced. Before I actually started attending the school, I figured that all the advisors, faculty, etc. were just being nice because they wanted me to enroll at Northern. However after I ended up enrolling, I couldn't believe how incredibly genuine everyone was. I had talked to three separate academic advisors who were all really interested in my life, my classes, my major. It didn't stop there, either. The financial aid department was great as well. I found that everyone here was that sincere.


It is a small community that provides a personal education in a relaxed atmosphere


Size compared with price.


Music and theater department


smaller class sizes.


NKU is in a metrpolitan environment and has a large student population, yet still maintains small class sizes.

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