Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That i'm really able to schedule my classes on my own terms. I have an odd work schedule (2 12 hour nights per week) and I can schedule a good majority of classes in the evening or even choose to take a good amount of them online to accomodate my other schedules. Not a lot of science/health majors at other schools have that I feel.


When telling my friends from other universities about Northern Kentucky University, I mention the myriad internship and co-op opportunities the university offers. I also mention how invested the professors are in their students' general wellbeing as well as their current and future success. Professors are excited to provide students with opportuinities that will help them get accepted into graduate schools, too. The overall student, faculty, and staff community at NKU is genuinely supportive and pro-active. The university takes many measures to ensure a solid education, regardless of the major, to every student.


When people ask me about NKU, the thing that I brag about most would definitely be the professors. At a college level I feel as though it may be hard to come across a professor who genuinely loves teaching. At NKU it is the exact opposite. In my short time spent here, I have yet to meet a professor who was not passionate about the school and the learning of their students. Having passionate teachers gives students of NKU an opportunity to not simply earn their degree, but truly learn and make the most out of their college experience.


The campus, the people, everything. What isn't there to brag about? NKU is a close community - even if there are a lot of commuters. Whether you live on campus or not, there's so many opportunities to become involved, and having a say in the university. Because of the student's voices, there's nothing to complain about at NKU.


When I tell my friends about Northern Kentucky University, I am able to brag to them about the low tuition rates. I pay a third of what most of my friends who attend another school in the state have to pay, and I have had to take out less loans than others because of NKU's lower rates in tuition.


When I tell future college students about Northern Kentucky, I explain that there are tons of positive people. Positivity is a key point when traveling away from home- you need to feel comfortable when going away. I also tell my friends that I am quite involved on campus, and that there are tons of ways become involved. Professors along with others are always encouraging students to do their best by getting involved and trying their absolute best.


That is was rated one of the top schools in the nation.


I brag about the on-campus jobs and the small class size the most when I tell other poeple about NKU.


When I tell my friends about my school, I always find myself bragging about the proffessors and the Hoonors program. Theprofessors are all welcoming and willing to go out of their way to assist their students whenever possible. My honors proffessors have been my saving grace and grounding force as I adjust to the new world that is college. Everyone judges Northern Kentucky University because it is the university in our back yard, butit is actually a great school and I am entirely confident in my decision to attend. There is no other university that I could call home.


We have small and interactive class sizes and the smaller size of the school makes it feel as if you're a part of something and not just lost in the crowd.


I always brag that NKU is a low cost university that provides excellent education as well as a plethora of resources to help you in acheiving your goals.


When I want to brag about my school to my friends, I talk about our basketball team and how awesome my classes are


It's small so you are never late for classes.


Northern Kentucky University is a place where you feel important. The staff is so very helpful and nice, it seems like everyone knows you by name. This is something bigger colleges can't provide. From the time you first visit campus you feel like you are a part of NKU, this comes from the people. NKU is great!


When I tell my friends about my school I brag mostly about the people. NKU's school and campus is like one giant community. I've made two of the best friends I've ever had there, and because of that their friends have extended to be my friends. Everyone supports each other; the students, the teachers, the staff, everyone. They're very friendly and inviting. The parking isn't too bad either.


When talking about my school to my friends I brag about all of the activities offered. Although I do not attend most on campus activities there are tons of them. I tell them about all the clubs and groups and all of the things there are actually do to in college.


I brag about how the faculty of Northern Kentucky University genuinely care about students futures and want us to succeed. I also brag about how beautiful our campus is and the average classroom sizes.


The opportunities that my school has given me so far have allowed me to do so many things for myself, such as just attending college. There are so many different programs and courses that they offer here that, I believe that this is truly a great school for anyone. This school shows care for all kinds of diverse students, anywhere from traditional students, to transfer students, or to exchange students. It's truly a home away from home, and the opportunities are endless.


I brag on NKU's nursing program the most, due to the fact that I am a nursing student and I feel like my professors care about me and are preparing me for my future career.


When I brag about my school, I tell people that I am receiving an amazing education at half the cost. I get to work with professors who are involved in their own research and create research projects myself. I have small classes where every teacher knows my name. I have always felt comfortable going to a teacher for academic help. NKU has many resources for all types of students. I go to school with a very diverse population. If I had the choice, I would attend NKU again.


Northern Kentucky University has a great location. It feels far away from the city when in reality, dowtown Cincinnati is less than ten minutes away. As being from Cincinnati, it is very convenient for me to go home or commute if I have to.


When I brag about my freinds at school, I say for the most part that they are freindly, and very helpful. The upperclassmen are very helpful to the lowerclassmen when there are questions, it doesn't matter whether the questions have to do with in the classroom or your way around campus. The best part is that they see the willingness to help from the staff. Some of the professors are not willing to help our very mech or seem to care about the student. But most of the rest of the staff seems to really care.


Attending Northern Kentucky University is the best decision that I've ever made, because of the faculty, majors offered, fellow students, clubs and organizations, and the location. We have an outstanding ratio of students to faculty, so getting extra help in class is always easy. We have so many majors and minors that it makes choosing just one, a difficult task. It is our clubs and organizations that allow me to brag the most, because I'm so proud to be apart of a community where there is always a way to get involved in class and outside of it.


I brag about the flexibility that I have while taking online classes. I love the online professors at NKU. They are very helpful!


When I tell my friends about NKU, I tell them how welcoming it is. It is a big enough campus to have the "rural" feeling but small enough to learn about your peers and recieve one-on-one help with your professors. Everyone is very positive here and influence you to do well. The professors are also willing to help you during a time of struggle. I always reccomend it.


The school and classes are very personalable. The professors are usually eager to help and most people love being here!


I love the fact that the teachers usually write the books that they are teaching from .I guess i am a biased opinion because I have never attended another university to know if that is a universal thing. It makes the understanding of the texbook so much easier when it comes from the same teacher.


The PACE Program for adults working and going to school allows the flexibility needed in order to earn your degree while earning a living.


My school is amazing. It's a place where you have a voice that can be heard without even speaking. It's no too big, however not so little. Northern Kentucky has helped me out with my success through the year. Getting involved on campus and joining a fraternity has helped my bond and be a good represenative of Northern Kentucky University. You meet people from so many backgrounds and you learn more about who you are throughout the process.


I brag about how much the professors care because I hear that other university professors don't really worry about their students because of the class sizes.


I brag about my university's Islamic community and how friendly everyone are.


The professors and other staff at NKU are so friendly and understanding. The professors really care and will do anything they can to teach you.


Classes are small


That they have a location so close to home and that the professors are fabulous! And I am certain not to leave out that they have an outstanding non-traditional student program. Being 40+ and back in college, I was very afraid I would feel out of place........that is not the case at all!!


what i brag most about nku is how friendly everyone is on campus including the teachers and students as well. they talk to you the a really friendly the help you when you need help. if you need someone through college you got someone somewhere on campus.


Small classroom, very personal feel, great cost, small secluded campus and close to a major city.


I tell my friend about how convenient NKU is to everything. It is just 5 miles away from downtown Cincinnati, has many restaurants nearby, and a lot of places to go during the weekends for entertainment. Aside from it's great location, it is one of the least expensive universities I've looked into. Usually you would think cheaper would make it not as good as the more expensive, but NKU doesn't compromise its quality. It's a private school education at a public school price.


I love NKU for its diversity. It has students and faculty of different cultures and race and gender. In addition to achieving academic excellence, students also get to experience and learn different cultures. I always tell my friends about the size of our classrooms and how much time th professors make for each student. The main goal of this school is to students succeed.NKU campus is one of the cleanest i have seen and it really is a safe enviroment for young students.


About how small my classes are. How we have really good food and variety of food. The professors have to have office hours to help students. There are no teacher assistances. The school has one of the best nursing programs in Greater Cincinnati area. There is always somewhere to go and do. That my school isn?t in the city but not in the middle of nowhere either.


Nothing to brag about, it's pretty boring when you're a commuter.


I am very proud to be attending NKU's Nursing Program, it is a really good school and they just recieved the status of being a college instead if a school within NKU.


When I tell my friends about Northern Kentucky University, I brag about the amazing class sizes and professors. At this school I have not once felt intimidated by the class size because they are fairly small and I feel that my professors get to know who I am instead of my student number. The Professors are always willing to help and it's very easy to be a successful student. When it comes to academics Northern Kentucky University is the Best!


When I talk about my school, I brag about being so close to home. I only live about 15-20 miles away from my school which is great for now!


I really enjoy the professors at my school, as well as how welcoming everyone is.


The nursing program is one of the best.


There is never a dull moment at Northern Kentucky Universtiy. This is my second year there an I love it. It is so much fun and there is always something to do.


I brag about my classes and the things that I am learning about in the education department. I also brag about how nice it is to be able to sit at school while Im not in class and be able to get my homework, projects, etc... done before I go home (where I know I wouldn't work on it) : ) I love the commute as well because everything is so close it seems like once you are on the expressway.


How great the art program is and how close it is to home


To long of classes, girls, concrete school,


Small class sizes