Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is that the campus is considered a communter school so there are not many activities on campus throughout the week or on weekends.


To be honest there isn't anything wrong with Northern Kentucky University; my school:) I love it here! The staff is awesome, respectful, and helpful. My fellow classmates are all friendly and are there when you need them. I feel at home here and woulndn't change it for the world!


The worst thing about my school is that I live and hour away from campus. I have to drive there everytime I go because I cannot afford to live on campus.


The worst thing about my school, for me, is the inability to form a great schedule sometimes.


No having an underground tunnel because in the winter time it is very windy here.


The worst thing about my school to me, has nothing to do with anything the school could fix. In the winter the buildings just seem to tunnel the wind through. Not normally a problem except the skin near my eyes is sensitive, so it ends up turning red, drying out, and hurting often. This is what I consider the worst thing, and my university cannot change the weather.




The worst thing about this school is the availability of parking and the cost of the parking permits keep increasing by a ton.


This is my first term at Northern Kentucky University so I have not had too many experiences to lable "the worst thing" about the University. If I had to choose one however, I would have to say that it would be the speed at which the financial aid office prepares your financial aid package is rather slow.


I think the worst thing about my school, at the moment, would just be the updating of new technology and not really explaining it well enough to faculty and staff that are supposed to use it. Many times I have gone into a class where we need to use new projectors to watch a movie or show a powerpoint, and they do not know how to work it if something goes wrong. Each classroom is set up different too, so that does not help if they only know how to use one kind of machine and have a different classroom.


Trying to find balance between work, school, and play. I take 17 hours this semester so it is hard for me to find time to work and make the money I need to pay for school and food, and also to spend time with my family and friends.


It is really hard to think of something bad about this school. Northern Kentucky University is all that I wanted in a school. If I had to come up with something bad about this school, I would have to say that they could use a football team.


The worst thing is that there isn't much of a social life and majority of the campus commutes so you're not really able to meet that many new people and get the full effect of all the different backgrounds on campus.


The worst thing about my school will be the cafeteria food. They seem to have the same thing in the cafeteria everyday.


The worst thing about my school is the financial assistance office. They are very unorganized and you have to go in there on a regular basis to see if your financial aid is covered.


The worst thing about Nothern Kentucky University is the prerequisites. I do not enjoy taking literature classes to be a radiologic technologist. I think you should be able to focus more on your major. It is focused more on getting your prerequisites done than anything.


There is not a lot of diversity and a lot of people from my high school went there-we called it 13th grade.


How the dorm room looks, it doesn't really look like a campus dormitory.


The worst thing in my opinion is buying books. Many students buy online or off-campus stores because our book store is extremely expensive. I wish books were made more affordable to students.


School facilities can be rather sparse at times since it is a rapidly growing school.


Parking availability!


The worst thing about this school is the social life on weekends. I am used to a very active life on the weekends so this is different for me. The positive of this is that their is more time to study for my classes.


I don't really have one I really enjoy NKU.


the worst thing is that the school is growing so traffic and parking can be an issue!


Like some colleges we do on occasion have stupid students that go out and try to drink on campus, but the security here is vey well and nku is and has a zero tollarance policy . So nku is not known for as being a party schol.


The worst thing about NKU is that it is a concrete jungle! There isn't really much to look at besides concrete buildings although they are currently in the process of building some new buildings that are not so ugly to look at. Since it is a concrete jungle and up on a hill it makes campus like a wind tunnel so it can be about 10 degrees colder on camput than what the weather report says it is.


I don't think there is enough people from outside of the area that come to the school.


The fact that it acts as a wind tunnel. In the winter, it gets very cold walking to and from classes.


I live 20 minutes away in Cincinnati and have to pay out of state tuition. This is unfair because Cincinnati, Newport and Highland Heights are all the same place in most people's minds. Students from Eastern Kentucky, hours away, get tuition deals while I do not. Another thing that is dumb is that NKU is a dry campus. College kids drink no matter what the rules are... so why have a dry campus rule. All this does is get the kids in more trouble then they really need too. Let the kids have fun!!!


The worst thing would be just the parking on campus because it's very limited to students since we've had so much stuff being built on campus on. Plus how much parking is.

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