Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Every kind of person, everybody can do it you just have to work for it. But if you have an amazing support system everything will be amazing.


Anyone can attend NKU, but it has been extremely helpful for me because of the amount of online courses available. I am able to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree while working full time and around my work schedule. So in my opinion, I think if someone is looking to obtain a degree but has a schedule that is not very flexible, NKU is a good college to look into.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is serious about school. An individual that is ready to stretch themselves and grow in every way possible. Northern Kentucky is for the individuals who know exactly what they want to do with their life and the individuals that are not so sure. Northern Kentucky is not for one person its for everyone. If you are looking for a school to help you through your education journey with great advisors, strong teachers and an amazing student body than Northern Kentucky University is for you.


Someone who is really focused on their school work should attend Northern Kentucky University. There is not much of a social life unless they get involved with Greek Life.


Considering NKU is LGBTQIA friendly, racially and religiously diverse, and does not favor any sex above another, I believe virtually any and every student should attend this school. The university tends to residential and commuter students and provides schedules for those with jobs and families. All professors put into consideration that their students have lives outside of school and may be experience difficult situations throughout the semesters. NKU provides an effective and healthy learning environment that any college student should consider attending NKU.


The kind of person who should attend this shool would be me. I am in the second phase of college and ready for what life has to throw at me. I am resilient and not easily deterred. I am ready to finish and eager to keep going. I am in it to learn because my mind is insatiable.


Anyone looking for a good education, small class sizes, and wants to save money on higher education.


Someone who enjoys a medium size campus and enjoys being not to close to home, but also not too far from home


Any kind of person can and should attend this school. Campus is very diverse, with many people coming from different backgrounds. The organizations around campus tend to not discriminate and have a variety of different individuals. There seems to be a lot of theater and art students that attended here, but this campus also has a large science and law base that takes up a large part of the student community.


Students who are looking for a good education at a decent price.


This school is not for a specific student, it's for those of all colors, believes, backrounds and ages. Not once should you ever feel alienated because Northern Kentucky University has over a hundred organizations for everyone to belong to.


NKU is perfect for anyone. It is a very diverse school and people of any age, race, gender, or orientation feel welcome.


Anyone willing to learn should go to Northern Kentucky University. Its such a great school with opporunities for anyone like LGBTQ, African Americans, Latino Americans, and all sorts of clubs for majors.


People who are shy and want to keep to their selves and dont want to be involved in groups. People who just want to go to school and get a education without doing high school things like making friends. Even though making friends is good it can be awkward and you will not get many of these awkward situations at NKU


I believe more ethnic students should apply to NKU 's adult learning program. I was of two students in this program at the time.


The kind of person that would be ideal for Northern Kentucky University would be someone who is punctual, organized and driven. The student needs to be ready and on time for class so that way they don't get behind or even have it affect there grade. It takes someone organized because there is alot of work to be done in college. Lastly, a driven, hardworking individual should go to NKU because they take the time to recognize and help a hardworking student. That's one of my favorite things about my school.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who has ambition and wants to succeed in life. Someone who attends Northern Kentucky University should have the motivation to do well and get the degree they are seeking to obtain.


The kind of of person that should attend this school is a person who wants to be in small classes and wants a small quiet environment and looking for a school that you can have a close knit relationships with people while you are there.


The type of person that should attend this school is well..EVERYONE! NKU is extremley diverse in different peoples from around the world. If your not white there are pletnty of school organizations that includes people of different cultures. Or if you are not into Fraternities or Sororities, NKU offers leadership, gaming, arts, community and much more organizations to fit sutents wants and needs. Any type of person should be attending NKU.


The kind of person that should attend NKU is someone who is outgoing and is ready put theirselves out there.


Someone who is interested in working with faculty who are experienced, wants smaller classes, and doesn't want to accumulate tens of thousands in student debt should attend NKU. You should attend NKU if you enjoy diversity in your school and workplace. If you would like to be a part of a strong community, this is the school for you.


NKU is for anyone! Any kind of race or background can be seen throughout campus. Traditional and many non-traditional students attend here. Income does not matter, but lower income students are encouraged to have financial aid! NKU is a perfect fit for everyone. It may not have everything a big school would, but it makes up for it by being friendly and helpful.


Someone who wants the most for their money. Someone who wants hands-on experience, with small class sizes and interested professors. Someone who enjoys having a small community of intelligent and dedicated students, with diverse backgrounds. If you enjoy your professors knowing you on a first name basis, and being an active participant in your own education, then this is the school for you.


I think any person could attend this school and be completely happy. There are great art, music, and theater departments for the more artsy students. There is a great science center with current high tech machines and the latest technology for research and experiements. There is a great informatics building that was just built for infomatics majors and people that love computers. There are also a great math and business departments for business and math majors. There is an excellent education and nursing department for those who want to be teachers and nurses. NKU has something for everyone.


A lot of the students attending are local. I have met several older students who are returning to school, like myself. NKU has such a great support system for students, from free exercise classes, to free tutoring, career services, IT help, and more. It makes it a good fit for many kinds of students.


Anyone who would love a nice, close knit environment. Everyone is friendly and inviting. I would say anyone would enjoy NKU.


One of the many things I like about NKU is the diversity of the student body. We have students from numerous countries and all age groups. The only important aspect is the willingness to learn and work hard.


This would be an excellent school for someone who would like to travel. I think NKU is a great school to get away from home but not too far. It will lead me to eventually be able to travel to a different school to witch is much farther away from NKU or to do the travel abroad program at NKU.


I think this school is for anyone who wants to learn. You have to be not only willing to learn but you need to be willing to take critism from professors and other students who have different opinions.


The type of person that should attend Northern Kentucky University is a person with good leadership skills and a goal to be successful. A person who wants to make a difffernce with student body should also attend the university and give future ideas. That is the type of person that should attend Northern Kentucky University.


There is not a sterotype for our school. Northern Kentucky University can mold anyone into the individual that they want to be. We are an accepting community and there will be a place for anyone at our university. Dreamer's Welcome.


I think anyone who is driven to succeed should attend this school. Tutoring and study groups are available so there should be no reason that someone should be failing. Northern Kentucky University is a difficult school, and i believe it requires someone who is going to focus on their school work. There is a place and a time to have fun, but we go to college to learn.


Northern Kentucky University is a very laid back and relaxed campus. This school would be recomended for students who are serious about their education but are very easy going as well. NKU gives many fun activities to get involved with and is very safe. I wouldn't recommend my school to someone who enjoys partying, NKU is very quiet and relaxed. Although we do have our bon fires and occasional get togethers in the courtyards, parties aren't our specialty.


The type of person who should attend Northern Kentucky University is a person who is not affraid to ask for help because help is there for us to use. You need to be able to network because they are so many opportunities that are just waiting for anybody to get a hold onto them. At NKU there is no excuse to not get involved in a group, club, intermural sports and other organizations unless you just do not want to. NKU is the perfect school for the people who loves getting involved.


A person who loves to have a conncection with his/her professors and a study study study type of person. As well as a person who loves to get involed.


Honestly, any kind of person is welcome, there are manydifferent kinds of students here.


I'd say it is more a commuter school. The campus life isn't like many other colleges so there usually isn't a lot going on, on campus besides playing sand volleyball. Someone who really strives to get involved with people so that way yoou strivfe to look for something to do and don't just got to class and then home and not truly have a college experience.


I think anyone can attend my school , because we are a diverse population, and anyone can fit in here!


The kind of person who should attend NKU is someone who is adventurous and open to new things, because there are so many different types of people on campus. Also, there are tons of study abroad options, so it's great to take advantage of them and see the world while you're in college. People attending NKU should also be friendly and eager to learn, since everyone I have met at NKU has been super nice and their education is always a top priority!


Anyone and everyone should be apart of this school at one time or another. It is an all out fun school but still very serious on graduation and helping students out in classes and school work.


The type of person that should attend NKU is someone who does not mind being in a close knit community. Although it is a division 1 school now and it is a public university the faculty and staff take time to get to know everyone on a personal level. Students looking to attend have to be accepting of this great quality of NKU.


The kind of person that should attend Northern Kentucky University is someone that likes small class sizes an a small campus. A person has to be willing to go out and make friends and stay very involved in the different groups that are offered here at NKU. A person that is hard-working, dedicated, loyal and ready to be the best in life should attend NKU. A person that's not to much into partying and drinking because NK, is a dry campus and to some people that may bother them. I feel that anyone can attend NKU.


Persons that should attend this school need to have the desire to succeed for a degree and the time for their education.


I think that anyone could attend NKU. I never noticed any sort of racism or sexism during my time here. Something to keep in mind is that the campus is very small, so if one is shy or extremely nervous about college, this would be a perfect fit.




Anyone can attend this school. It has a small town atmosphere with big city amenities nearby.


Any student who likes not a small school but not a large school. Someone who likes a close-knit environment. A student who is interested in a small classroom environment. A student you likes being able to meet with the professor outside of class. The person can be shy or outgoing and love the campus and the experience of it. A person who doesn't mind a quiet campus on the weekends since it?s a primary commuter college.


The person that should attend Northern Kentucky University is someone who who needs smaller classes and one on one time with professors. All the professors i have had have made it clear that we can come to them about everything.


Northern Kentucky University is a school where anybody should try to attend. The people at this school are friendly and helpful. People should come to this school to find out what they want to do in their life and see what the school have to offer.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is very interested in theater. NKU has one of the top theater programs in the state of Kentucky. Although I am not a theatre major myself there were many productions that were put on by Northern Kentucky that were extremely good.

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