Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


One thing I wish I would have known before I came to NKU, would have to be that college is completely differant than high school. In high school it was so easy, you get easy A's. Most of the time you didn't work for the grade you recieved. On the other hand, college is the place that will make or break you. If you miss class or don't study. That's all on you. College is the place to tell you if you can make the cut in the real world.


Before I began my college education, I wish I would have known how important my high school classes really were. There are several times, I believe that if I would have done better in high school, some college classes would not have been so difficult.


That it is more of a commuter university and lacks on campus activity on nights and weekends. (I have not lived on campus since 2010, and the university has changed a lot since I started in 2008.


I wish I would have known when you transfer your GPA start over. I also wish I have known I would have to take chemistry and biology when the college I got my Associates degree said I did not need to take them classes cause it was less than seven years since i graduated from high school.


I wish I had known how fantastic the professors here are, as well as how friendly the students here can be. NKU has a place for everyone.


I wish i knew more scholarships that I quailty for to help pay for school.


I feel like I was very well prepared before coming to NKU. I went to all of the different workshops and events that I could in order to prepare myself for my freshman year at NKU. However, if there is one thing I wish I would have know before coming to NKU it would have been to pack more lightly for dorm life. I packed way too much stuff to put in my dorm and I wish I would have know exactly how much space I was going to have before I packed so much.


Prior to attending Northern Kentucky University, I wish I had known the major that I wanted to do and that this school did not offer it. I also wish I had known that it was such a small University, where everyone knows everyone, because I was looking for more of a larger diversity of people. I also wanted something with more options as far as majors and minors.


Honestly, they do a good job preparing you for what this school is all about. I wish I would have taken them more seriously when they told me how cold and windy it gets on campus.


I wish someone would have told me about all of the opportunities for building friendships at NKU. Being still new to the area of NKY, I would have gone to school here a lot sooner had I know about all of the extracurricular activities. There is intramurals, clubs to join, many more activities that bring in a broad spectrum of people of all races, backgrounds, college degrees and social classes.


That I could handle a larger course load and could have finished my bachelors degree sooner.


Before I came to this school I really wish I had known how much college really cost and how hard it is to get the money I need to pay my bill so I can attend school in the spring.


Most importanly so far , Students should re- confirm your schedule prior to showing up 1st day of classes.


It's so much more welcoming than I had ever imagined. People described NKU as the "no knowledge college" but I've found that that could not be farther from the truth. I have learned so much in my time here at NKU and made friends I'll have for life.


Before I came to this school I wish I had more knowledge about living on campus. It is an scary and exciting adventure being away from my home for the first time. Campus life is a whole new adventure the beginning to our future. This experience will help us develop our independence as a young adult. The best thing about the experience is that I am not alone, campus is full of students with thoughts and feelings like my own. There is so much to experience lets embrace it together.


I wish I would've known that I would enjoy NKU as much as I do before I attended. I transfered from eastern and northern is a much better fit for me personally. The campus is more open and in my opinion it's all around a better school. Had I known that before I wouldn't have attented Eastern in the first place.


I wish I would have known more about the scholarships the school offers. I was not aware that there are so many scholarships out there that NKU has for their students.




I wish that I would have known more about the volunteer opportunities in my first two years. I learned about places I could volunteer that could give me some experience in my career field but didn't have the time as I got closer to completing my degree. I wish that I would have opened up and tried more things so that I would have a better awarness of what I like. Now that I am in grad school I still don't have the best idea of what population I want to work with and would benefit from volunteering.


A LOT!! I was a teen mom so for me to say only one thing it just wouldn't be fare. I came from a small hillbilly town where everyone knew everyone and not too many people went to college. I figured I was living life "the right way". Boy did I have it all wrong! College is amazing and the small things such as sitting at Starbucks drinking a coffee while looking around at the wonderful people starving for education is mind blowing! NKU has changed my life and I can not wait to become a middle school teacher!


I wish I had known how caring and attentive the advisors and professors are. I wish I had known how great the services are on campus like tutoring and research. I also wish I had known how safe and secure campus is. I first attended a big school and hated it. If I had known everything I do now, then I would have chosen NKU over any other big univeristy.


I wish I would have realized how expenisve everything is on campus. I attended a different college for pseop and, there, they offered discounts on everything. They honestly cared about making sure all students had the tools needed to excel in school. I feel like NKU over charges everything. They really seem to be more concerned with money as opposed to the welfare of student education.


What I wish I knew about Northern Kentucky beforehand is the lack of finacial aid help.


Some professors are a bit more difficult than others.


Before I came to Northern Kentucky University I wish that i would have known about all the resources that campus offers so i could have used them my first semester to be more successful.


I wish that i had known that the campus is dead on the weekends because it is still a developing school. I really dont like that i could be in a group with someone that lives an hour away and in only on campus 1 day a week leaving no time for group work. I wish i had known that the professors were so willing to help students.


I wish I would have known that this is a smaller campus. Just because you are at a university bigger than your high school does not mean the campus is super huge. That being said, I have met a wide variety of people. But you have to get out there and make those friends! They don't come knocking on your door. My first couple of weeks were hard because I didn't know anyone and I had never been outside my hometown.


I wish I would have known more about the classes, and the foundations of knowledges. I am well aware of them now after talking with advisor.


That I'd have little money. I should have worked more and saved more!


I wish I would have known about the wide range of study abroad programs available for students through the University.


I wish I had known that this school is a such a commuter school. I lived on campus at Louisville last year and I didn't really like it. But instead of searching for apartments around NKU, I just took the quick route and applied for on campus housing. Now I am stuck paying for a dorm when I could have easily found a cheaper apartment nearby.


That the effort I had fourth in High School should have been much better to help me start of college on a better note. I feel as if I would tried harder in high school, I would have a much higher GPA in college. Also, I would of liked to known what I was going to major in so that I didn't spend a semester trying to figure it out.


I wish I had understood there wasn't much student life happening during the day as I imagined there would be due to the large amount of commuter students. Because so many commute from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, it is also hard to make friends and maintain friendships because you might live over an hour away from them! It was tough making friends my first year because like many attending NKU, I showed up for classes and simply went home. However, this gives me more time to focus primarily on my studies instead of worry about my social life.


Before coming to NKU, I wish I would have known how to get involved more. I am a commuter student and am only on campus three days a week. I wish I would have been provided more information about how to get involved for commuter students in activities that are not solely focused on the fraternaties or sororities.


I wish I would have known about the +/- grading scale they were putting in place. I had not been on this system before and an A- drops one's GPA quicker than one would think.


I wish I had known about how much responsibility is put on your shoulders when you go to college, as well as, how important it is to become involved in your life and how much fun it can be when combined with school.


How dead it is on weekends, and the lack of transportation around the campus and local places.


I wish I'd known that I would not receive any financial aid for any of my time here. I am a Cincinnati, Ohio resident and non-minority, and middle class, which omits me from most scholarship oppurtunities and financial aid.


I wish I would have known about the online classes NKU offers during my first semester. I live very far away, and attending several online classes saves me gas money. NKU has a great online learning tutorial for online classes that made me feel very comfortable with the online programs. I wish I was aware during my first semester.


I wish I had come sooner. I waited way too long to come and because I already had a family established I have not been able to be as engaged in some of the awesome activities and opportunites that are available to me.


When enrolling in Northern Kentucky I wish I had known that an average graduation rate is five years for students.


I wish I would have known more about the sororities. I feel like it would have given me more of an opportunity to get involved and to meet new people.


I really wish I had looked harder into this school during my Senior year of high school. I absolutely love their Computer Information Technology program. I would recommend it to anyone coming out of high school or someone looking to transfer from a community college.


Before attending Northern Kentucky University, I wish I would have known that I would meet some of the best people in my life, that I would fall in love with the school, have more memories that I will ever be able to count and that NKU will be the best thing that has ever happen to my friend and I. Being at NKU has taught me so much about myself as well as family, friends, and life itself. NKU has helped me grow and evolve into the person that I want and need to be in life.


I wish I would have known that there is not a huge selection of foreign language courses to choose from each semester.


What I wish I have know before I came to NKU are all the scholarships I could have applied for.


I wish I would have known all the new things I was going to experience.


One thing that would have been nice is to have been able to stay at least a week in the housing your staying at during the school year to see if you like it or not. Even if you didn't like it could you live with it? That would have made a big difference.


I wish I had known that ther is not much of a pre-veterinary program at NKU, but I still would have attended the university.


I wish I would have known how windy the campus is. It sounds funny, but tI truly believe that NKU is the windiest place on earth. On a serious note, I wish I would have known that it is basically a commuter college. At first, it was hard to make friends because everyone lived at home and commuted to school. I live in the dorms, so it was hard to meet people that actually lived on campus. However, I do have friends both on and off campus, it just took a while to find them!

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