Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The library.


As I said above, the amount of online courses available is what is best for me. I am able to obtain my B.S. in Health Science from my home and still continue to work full time and take care of my family. The advisors are great as well.


There are so many great things about this school. The biggest thing to me is that it feels like home. I transferred from Marietta College in Fall of 2014 to Northern Kentucky University. At Marietta, I did not feel like I was at home and I was always in my room and never got invovled. As soon as I got to NKU, I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness and felt welcomed as soon as I got unto campus. I got invovled right away and I am a million times happier at NKU.


I feel the best aspect of Norther Kentucky University, is the small class sizes and small campus. It is such a relief to not have to walk a mile everyday to class. Recieving one on one instruction with teachers is also very helpful.


The international student community is what I consider the best about Northern Kentucky University. Meeting people from all over the world provides me with friendships, learning, and cross-cultural communication skills. I want to work internationally so this has helped prepare me for that kind of experience.


The relationship between professors and students and students between other students


NKU has a lot to offer students and is a very diverse campus. I think the best thing about Northern Kentucky University is that while it is a big school, the class sizes are still small, so you do not get lost in the mix of everything.


How nice and helpful the people are.


The convienience of online coursework.


Professors and even fellow students are extremely helpful. I feel like this is not a school just after my tuition money, but a place full of people who actually want to see me succeed in my goals.


What I like about NKU is that it is a large and well known school but the classrooms still hold a small portion of students. This allows for teacher to know the students by first name basis and vice-versa, and by the end of the semester you do not feel like strangers more like you gained a friend. This also allows the students to get to know one another as well.


The school, itself, is the best thing about my school. From the helpful faculty/staff, to the friendly students, to the clean/new facillities, to the spacious, organized layout of the campus, everything is perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing. I honestly feel like Harry Potter going back to Hogwarts every fall. Though I don't live there, NKU is my home, and I only wish I'd have found it sooner.


The professors, they are always happy to help students succeed in any way they can; some even hold out of class study sessions once or twice a week for students that need extra help.


I would say one of the best things about NKU is the overall feel and environment of the campus. It truly feels like one big community. Whether you're a Greek member, a student athlete, a first year student, or involved in other various and even diverse clubs we offer, each and every student belongs somewhere, is welcomed at the University, and more importantly, is welcomed into a family. We always have events on campus near, or in, the Student Union that give students the opportunity to come together as one, which aids in the wonderful community/family feeling.


The best thing about my school is the passion and freedom of expression. There are quite a few students and they are all very assertive when in comes to their beliefs. During my first year of school I saw organized, informational protests, shows and skits for clubs, dances, rallies, events and more. There is always someone to talk to if you have a question and the professors are around campus 95% of the time, they also know a lot about these wonderful organizations and clubs.


I would consider the best thing about Northern Kentucky is that It's a very safe campus and the enviornment is structured in a way that students can succeed.


The best thing about NKU is the Honors program, this program offers hundreds of oppertunities for its students and it is where i have meet some of my very best friends


I would consider the best thing about NKU is how much pride that the students here have. Everyone loves their school, and would choose it 100 out of 100 times instead of neighboring schools such as UofL, UK, and UC. It's phenominal how much everyone connects just from school spirit.


There are always students who can help you when you need it. The faculty has no problem promoting you to get help if you need it.


The technology! As an IT major, my school has well up to date labs and equiptment that restults in the student getting the most education as possible to prepare them for the future careers.


The best thing about my school would be the staff. From the advisers to the professors, they all really care about the students. This school focuses on the students and that is what helps them succeed. Something else that is great is the tuition, it is very cheap compared to other schools.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. They let you connect with the teachers and even your peers that are taking the class with you. With the smaller class sizes it is easier to follow along with what the professor is teaching you because almost every seat is right next to the person teaching the course.


The best thing about Northern Kentucky University, would be the availibility of classes and how helpfull all the staff is to everyone.


I like that the class sizes are small so you can easily get help in a class if it is needed. It has been the biggest helping factor when it comes to my overall GPA.


There's always something for everyone. You can always find people with similar interests, groups to join, or activities to participate in.


The best part of my school are the very knowledgable professors. They are all porfesionals who have worked for many years in their respective fields and any are still active outside of teaching. They are also very helpful when it comes to finding work in your area of study.


Size. NKU is a great college for the siz alloted to it. Getting from class to class is not a hassle and you can walk from one end of campus to another in 10 minutes. The classes are also a nice and cozy. Classes are only 30-40 people so the interaction with the proffesor is very good.


Some of the best things about my school to me is the small class sizes, how some of the professors seem like they care about you and your grade to a certant extent, the many on campus activites to be involved in, diverse people, free tutoring facilities, leniant dorm visitation, the shuttle bus that goes back and forth to and from campus, and many more.


The best thing about my school is the smaller classes. The professors will go out of their way to make sure you are set up for success and you are able to develop relationships with them.


The fairly small size of the campus is one of the best things about the school. The middle plaza of the university has been under construction and has required you to walk around instead of going straight through, but the maximum amount of walking time you could ever encounter even in this situation is about fifteen minutes. Getting to class on time is a breeze because of how quick the walks are.


Northern Kentucky University is a small campus with a big campus feel. Everyone is really nice and professor are willing to help students with anything. There is a lot of volunteer and sporting events. We are also considered a division one school.


How convienient everything is on campus and around campus. Very clean and the professors are wonderful.


I love that Northern Kentucky University allows students to explore several disciplines, while maintaining practicality and relevance in the material being taught. There are also several courses that allow you to explore your creative potential and expand your limitations, enabling you to grow as an individual.


My favorite thing about school--aside from the freedoms when it comes to lunch--is my classes. There are so many classes that I can choose between and they are extremely enjoyable. And the best part is that everyone in the class really wants to learn. It's really cool that I can sit in class with people just as energetic and excited to learn about a subject.


The best thing about Northern Kentucky University is how involved the University wants their students to be. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help. I think this is important because it creats a community among all the students and staff that you could not find at a bigger campus.


The Greek life.


Almost all of the offices, staff, and teachers are very helpful.


I would cosider the best thing about my school to be the amount of diversity and how much the teachers care about their students.


The best thig about the school, is the small class sizes. When you are in school you are able to have one on one time with your professors, they send out emails during breaks to make sure you are doing okay, and they genuinely go out of their way to make sure you know the material they give and help you to be successful.


Northern Kentucky University has a phenomenal staff, which is why so many students become successful, and many even come back to work for the university. Without this amazing staff, I would not be able to succeed in college, or in life. My advisors, professors, and program directors are helpful, understanding, and patient with students. The staff at Northern Kentucky University genuinly cares about my well being and they take the time to adress my educational needs.


The close knit feel NKU offers. it is easy to make friends and excell here.


Small classes make it eaiser to not only get to know the teachers but the students as well.


NKU has a great staff. Coming from a small school, I was looking for that small school feel but with big school resources. NKU's staff pay attention to each students needs and are always happy to help. They are first and foremost teachers, researchers second. Combine that with small class sizes and I found the perfect school for me.


The best thing about the school is the small class size and the professors. since the classes are so small the professors are able to give individualized attention.


I love working on campus. It's fun to meet everyone and meet a lot of new people.


The best thing about NKU is the one-on-one feel you get with being in small classes, with the faculty and staff. Its comforting to know that they care about your education and want to help you through your schooling.


I honestly can't pick just one thing. My classes are very interesting, my teachers are nice and very helpful, and the other students are very friendly. Since I am a biology major I sit through many lectures in a day and none of them are boring ever! I love that my professors have office hours so they can help me one on one. Also you meet friends within your major easily because you all take many of the same courses. All these things contribute to me succeeding at NKU greatly.




The best thing about NKU is the professors and the class sizes. As a nursing major, I take a lot of science classes which are really difficult. I have never had a class bigger than 100 students and the professors are ALWAYS willing to help. You really aren't just another student to them, they really want you to succeed and do well in their course. I feel completely comfortable asking questions and going to them for help because I know that they truly want to see me succeed.


The best thing is that teachers get to know you for who you are, not just a face with no name. All of my professors have been friendly and don't hesitate to go out of their way when I have a question or need further explination. My advisor is the same way. Before I decided to major in Psychology, my advisor sat down with me and we discussed different options, majors, and careers that major would open up for me.

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