Northern Marianas College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now as a college student, I would have told myself as a high school student to stay focused. There are many distractions in life. Only if I had gone to college straight out of high school, I would be much further in life than I am today. Being a young lady I just wanted to grow up faster than I should have. The things that were important seemed to be put on a back burner waiting for me to pick them up again. Now I realize that college should have been my first priority. I am currently juggling a full-time job, raising my four year old daughter, and going to school full-time. I don’t regret the choices I made in life, but I could have been much further along in my career, and financially able to care for my daughter if I would have stayed on task. Even though it’s hard, I am motivated to do my best, and be an example to my daughter. Making the transition to college has not been an easy road, but I have learned that it’s the best road to a successful life and future.


College is a lot more serious than high school. Be sure to never procrastinate, always be on task, make sure you are prepared, do not hesitate from being or seeking help. Be honest with all that you do and always be organized. No matter how late you stay up at night doing your homework, complete it. Do not stop until you are done! Prepare to take a lot of notes, to read everyday, to study everyday, and to be creative and professional at all times!


I'm not the average college student, even though I'm not sure I could describe an "average" student. I'm not straight out of high school, I have no children, and I'll be the second person in my family to acquire a college degree. College may be a time for fun but I'm using my time to study and try to succeed in every aspect of my college life. I'm not worried about the next party or skipping class. I'm in school to achieve my life-long goals and become a nurse.


Attending college is the best choice that I have made. The reason being is that it prepares me for the career that I am currently in, teaching in the Head Start Program, and advancement in level if I complete my Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Through college I have gained many friendship, understanding different cultures through cultural exchanges, and taking the leadership in choosing what career path I should take. At first, I don't know what to be or what career should I be in, but with the help of students and faculty, they gave me a clear picture of my future. My mother once said, "Man can steal materials things from you, but when you go to college no individual can steal the knowledge bestowed upon you." With this statement, it made me realize that by arming myself with tools I need through college that I could overcome obstacles that I might face in the future to come. Money has value but having an education provides you with the richest of knowledge that could last you a lifetime.


Always make wise decisions. I would advice myself not to jump into a major that I wasn't certain about. I would advice myself to explore my options. At present time, I have gained experience and have grown as a Legislative Assistant, Executive Assistant and a Youth Coordinator. I conduct research, draft legislation, and coordinate youth activities as well as community events. I am fond and take many interests in writing and researching. I am now looking at majoring in English and Literature as I have a new dream of becoming a writer. If I was guided then to be open to other options other than Education and Business Administration, I would have pursued to major in Literature, English and Political Science.


Giselle, you have to relax a little. Don't stress too much and don't be uptight. You will do great in your studies just don't focus too much in earning enough money for your tuition and forget about yourself. You have to take care of yourself and give yourself a break. You deserve it. Remember what Anny told you -"If problems, solve it. If discomforts, endure it." Time will come and you can do what you want. Do your best and God will do the rest...


I would say "Dude, its a real and hard world out there, make the right decisions and do not take this life for granted because before you know it you will be all alone out there , with no one to guide you but yourself. Do NOT take learning lightly". Given the situation of the fact that I am a senior who is talking to myself from the future or just straight up trippin', I am pretty sure that I would be spooked as hell but feel blessed that I had a chance to be warned and actually take my own advice.