Northern Michigan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its hockey team.


Northern Michigan University is considered "Northernly Natural" The UP is known for the gorgeous nature and the wonderful outdoor experiences. At anytime you can go outside and do something and you will most likely have a group of people to go with. There are many beaches to go to and swim, play frisbee or volleyball. Also the UP has some mountains to climb which include Sugarloft and Hogsback. In the fall climbing these mountains when you finally get to the top the view is outstanding. I've never seen a better view before in my life.


My school is best known for the community. Most people living in the town of Marquette are friendly and helpful. It feels like a family because everyone pitches in to help each other for a greater good.


My school is best known for its lively atmosphere and the abundance of opportunities awarded to students.


Northern Michigan University is best known for its science and art programs. It is on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior but not too far from the town of Marquette. There are lots of things to do around campus including all kinds of sporting events, community volunteer projects, and many campus wide celebrations.


Northern Michigan is known for it's hockey team. We are a Division 2 school, with a Division 1 hockey team. As a small school of about 10,000 students, our hockey team is fantastic and can beat the best of the best, such as Ohio State University and University of Michigan.


The beautiful outdoors


Northern Michigan is best know for its education program. It is also known for its harsh winters and the outdoors. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is beautiful and the University is on Lake Superior. Many classes will take place in the outdoors.


Northern Michigan University is best know for its Hockey Team. It is the only divison one team at this school.Also, compared to any other team, The Hockey team is also by far, the most successful.


Diversity is something that is very important at our school. Our president has made a large effort to make students aware of all the challenges that are faced around the world. We have numerous guest speakers, seminars, and courses about the subject. There is also a high emphasize placed on technology. We are considered to be a wired campus because computer usage has been integrated into many academic areas. All students have access to laptops. In addition there are a lot of different programs that help develop leadership skills and focus on the importance of giving back to the community.


Northern is known for it's amazing art program. It is the largest deartment, offering the most majors. Northern also has great Nursing and English programs. The people are friendly and easy-going and older students are eager to help out new students.


Our school is known for the pre-med and nursing departments that work with the hospital located across the street, the growing art department and for having the largest wooden dome in the world (The Superior Dome). It is also close to Marquette Mountain Ski hill.


Their hockey team National Championship in 1991.


"Northern naturally." NMU is known for being located in the middle of nowhere in the UP. This makes it a great school for anyone who loves the outdoors. There is a lake to swim, snorkel, skuba dive, canoe, kayak, and fish on. There is plenty of wilderness to hike in and there is a ski hill only a few minutes from campus. NMU is also known for its nursing program since we are located right next door to Marquette General Hospital. For the most part NMU is known for their snow though. There is a lot of it.


Enironmentally based school full of winter fun in the mountains of snow we recieve.


NMU Hockey, I guess. I'm CS, so I don't know about that stuff. We've got a programming contest, it's very good


Northern Michigan University is best known for having an Olympic training facility on it's campus, the largest free-standing wooden dome ( the Yooper Dome) in the world. And just recently NMU has been known for having the most LEED-certified renovated residence halls in the Midwest.


are teacher program, location, and are enviormentally freidly program. as well as are labtop program.


Small, Drinking, Scenery, winter sports, USOEC