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My college has an office specifically for helping it's students find jobs that will fit around there class schedule. which is very helpful because not only is it hard to find a job with no work experience but it's also hard to find a job that would fit around your own individual class schedule.


I applied for many colleges and I got accepted into all of them but I chose NMU. I'm currently in the BSN Nursing program and have 3 semesters left. I was accepted into my prgram my freshman year which if I would have went to another university I most likely would have been on a waiting list. I love NMU, I would encourage anyone to go there. You always have something to do with being on Lake Superior and all the woods we have. You can go hiking, snowboarding, skiing whenever you want in the winter! I love it!


To keep it short, I am transferring next year. The only reason I would discourage someone from going here is is they like the city, and/or someone who wants a more rigorous academic career. However if you are smart and strapped for cash and want to stick out 4 years in the middle of nowhere then go for it. You'll probably be able to graduate with a 3.50 or up and a barrage of impressive extracurriculars (because if you don't fill your extra time with being involved you will get bored) to put on your resume.


The University of Colorado at Boulder is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen. The background is absolutely breath-taking and all of the buildings around campus are new or updated. There are computer labs in every building that are open at all times for student use and you can even use your student ID to access parts of campus at all times of day and night. I went to a community college before I transferred here and the defferences are completely night and day.


The school has a beautiful campus and the great outdoors is everywhere. People are friendly and the town the college is in is quaint and the people are very accepting. Art is very much a part of the campus life and lets me focus on my career goals.


Northern Michigan University is unique in providing a Senior Citizen Scholarship for those who are 62 years of age and older.


Northern Michigan University is unique in many ways. One that stands out to me right now is they are one of the only schools in the nation to provide there students with laptops upon entering the school. With this comes the advantage of testing on computers, fast e-mail responses, and a connection among all faculty and students. We can learn how to use technology to the fullest. Northern is also unique because it attracts many people from different areas of the country. We have kids from neighboring states that allows us to get a different perspective on life.


Compared to other schools, Northern Michigan University offers a more well-rounded college experience for students. My school offers many academic opportunities such as work study programs, internships and study groups for students. In addition to academic opportunities, NMU has many extracurricular activities students can participate in. These activities include attending sports events, concerts and movies that are free of charge for students or offered at a discounted price. Northern Michigan University is also a great place for students to engage in activities outdoors such as hiking, camping, swimming and running. To put it simply, NMU has it all.


they give us computers.


Northern Michigan University gives it students the oppertunity to join a club called "Superior Edge" which is unique to NMU. Superior Edge has four different "Edges" and you have to do 100 hours of community service inorder to complete just one "Edge." This club helps students like me gain experience in our community and helps us meet new people and find new interests. It will also benefit us when it is time to apply for jobs!


The unique thing about my school is the location. Northern Michigan University is in the upper peninsula of Michigan and not many people know about it. The school is in Marquette, Michigan which is a small city and is a very outdoorsy and natural environment.


The unique placement of Northern Michigan University (the Upper Peninsula) unites the community here and draws everyone close together. Students and people who live in the community take pride in the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the Upper Pensisula. I love how there's so much to do outside, even in the winter.


Northern is an extremely liberal school and has a dry campus. The dorms are recently renovated and very well taken care of. I was impressed by the amount of professors that were successful professionals in their areas of study. The campus is smaller than others I considered. It feels more personal.


It is very supportive when it comes to helping the environment.


Live by the beach and snowboard in the same school year, theres nothing better than that


Northern is located in a beautiful spot. We are surrounded by lakes and woods, perfect for warm summer days at the beach, hiking, cliff jumping, fishing, camping. In the winter we have a ski hill a few miles away where skiing and snowboarding are very popular - I beleive we have the best 'park' at our ski hill in the midwest. The environment surrounding Northern makes it unique and most people attend the school for that reason, the lakes, woods, etc. rather than the quality of the school itsself.


The surrounding environment is beautiful. It is located right off the shore of Lake Superior.


The area is gorgeous, with plenty of woods. One can see Lake Superior from campus, and it's about a 15-20 minute walk from campus. There's a strong emphasis on being environmentally conscious here; many efforts are being made to make it a paper-free campus.


Northern Michigan University is located in a small community with a lot of heart. Classes are small but diverse and teachers are more than happy to help. The campus is beautiful no matter what season it is, whether it is covered in leaves or a thick blanket of snow.


Biggest in the Upper Peninsula but still has that friendly, smaller feel.


I loved the setting of the school. All the other schools I looked into were in big cities or didn't seem very friendly. When i looked into Northern, the stuff to do around campus (hiking, biking, cliff jumping into lake Superior) as well as the extremely friendly environment got me so excited. This university seemed so much more adventurous that any other that I applied for.


The size and surrounding enviornment.