Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who can't deal with cold weather or finds shopping and high fashion very important.


I don't feel that any person should not attend school. I think a person needs to have somewhat clear cut goals before entering school and whether it is just to gain a better perspective on an area of study or high career pursuits. I also think that a person needs to have a respect for the intuition for which they are attending and realize that while higher education is a privilege it is not a right and needs to be respected.


The person who cant stand the outdoors. Marquette is such a beautiful city! If you dont like to watch the leaves change, play in the snow, or just our planet in its most natural state then NMU is not right for you. The town itself is also fun and small. There are activites to do there as well. But, if you are used to a large city this can be a cultre shock!


You shouldn't really attend this school if you're used to a really busy, large city where there are concerts and cultural events every night, unless you are looking for a change of pace.


A person should not attend Northern Michigan University if they don't like cold weather and snow. Marquette normally gets numerous amounts of snow and it is cold from October till April.


I would never tell anyone that I didn't think was capable not to attend Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. It is a very diverse school with groups for everyone The only kind of person that I think should attend this school is something that is not going to take going to class serious. I think anyone who is capable to be accepted is fit, only if they try. I see different people everyday and within a few minutes of getting to know them, you see there sucess rate.


I?d say if a person really likes big city life then they probably shouldn?t attend Northern Michigan University.


The type of person who shouldn't attend would be someone who doesn't enjoy small-town life, spending time outdoors, and being involved in the community. They also MUST enjoy four seasons in a year- with more emphasis on winter and snow.


Northern Michigan University offers a variety of great opportunities for most students wishing to gain an excellent education and meet friendly, interesting people. If I were to describe the type of person who should not attent NMU, I would have to say that any person who prefers to be in an environment in which they can disappear into the crowd and become just another faceless college student should not attend this school. Another type of person who should not attend Northern Michigan University is someone who does not like the cold because in the U.P. winters can be rough!


a relaxed layed back person, who is serious in school, but likes the outdoors and having fun.


Students should not apply to Northern if they are looking to live in a very urban environment or don't like cold temperatures and snow.


anyone who doesnt like the cold, winter lasts a long time and theres lots of snow


Those who want the large university environment and those who don't tolerate snowy winters.


People who hate snow, trees, and environmentally concerned people should not atend this school. If you like big cities and smelly air you should go somewhere else.


People who are always cold and don't like the outdoors.


People who dont like cold weather.


City people


If you are a person that doesn't like the outdoors, the weather changes, or have a good personality, you should not attend this school.


One should not attend this school if they are not prepared to do the work assigned.


Someone who likes big cities or going to big concerts and professional sporting events, because it is a long drive to go to anything of this sort.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the person who has no regard for the rules. While Northern wants everyone to succeed, there are certain rules that one must observe, and should those rules be violated there are consequences.


someone who isn't a people person


a person that is very racial, or bad attitude on life


People who love big cities and hate being in towns under 15,000 people


Northern Michigan is a smaller school, with a student body hovering between 8000 and 9000 students. If you like big class sizes, Division I ranking in all sports, or are technologically illiterate, you probably should not go to NMU.


I think this school is good for everyone! But i guess anyone who doesn't like winter and snow should stay far away! haha.