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What should every freshman at Northern Michigan University know before they start?


Going back to High school would be a blessing and a curse. As much as I enjoyed high school I feel that I did my absolute best and appreciate how hard I worked while there. I used my time well and went with higher education instead of slacking off. If there was one thing I wish I could have told myself it would be to focus more in the health field and learn my medical terminology a bit better, spend more time on my math skills and continue to enjoy the less stressful days. I did graduate in the top ten percent and was very college oriented. But allowing me to focus more in my field would have benefited my direction in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to explore as many fields as possible while in high school to help determine what career path I should choose. I feel that if I had emersed myself more into a variety of activities in different fields, I would have had a better understanding of myself. In the end, this could have saved me money by eliminating a year of college since I changed my major multiple times.


If I could go back and talk to my former self, I would advise three things: one start looking into college now don't wait untill sencond semster because you'll regret it. Two save as much money as you possibly can because once you are out taking care of business on your own, you'll be suprised how fast money flies out of your pocket. And last but not least; spend as much time as possible with everyone. Get over the fights quicker, be open and honest about everything and just enjoy eachothers company because before you know it all the little things that use to annoy you, aren't around anymore and it's lonely. A year from now when you are sitting here writing this response, trying to get money for school, I know you would rather say you have no regrets and that if you went back you'd do it all again. College is fun but I could've made it easier and less stressful on myself if I had me to tell what I did wrong.


If I could go back to the begining of my senior year and give myself advice; it would be not to be scared. I was scared of growing up and moving out so I put off college to the very last minute and that was a huge mistake. I wish I would've known that the transition isn't as scary and horrible as I predicted, wish I knew that growing up and figuring out how to be on my own was revitalizing and gives me a sense of independence not fear. I wish I would've started this process sooner instead of havening to search for scholarships to find money for school at the very last minute instead of relaxing. I wish I hadn't been so scared; I wish I could go back and tell myself that everything would be okay in the end and to take a hold of my life instead of watching it go by.


I would tell myself to not be so nervous about not making friends because everybody is nervous about making friends. Everyone is scared about leaving home, but to be honest the dorms become your new home. After my freshman year I actually did not want to go back home. The peopl you make friends with when you go to college are the people your going to want to hangout with all the time. There would also be som many things to do and a lot of people are going to go with you and you'll make so many memories. Also I would go back and tell myself that classes are not too bad, but make sure like high school you go to class and pay attention to what your're learning in class. Also there will be people who just want to drink and do drugs you have to make those decision if you want to do that. Finally one thing that I was not worried abou during senior year was my friends would still be the same. Not all the time your friends from back home are going to change and sometimes it will be drastic.


The only advice I would give myself is to learn good study habits because i'm going to need them in all my future classes, and not to stress over boys because life goes on. In high school I never needed to study to pass my quizzes so when I got into college I really struggled my freshman year because I've never had to sit down for hours straight to study. I am now able to study for my pharmacology and med-surg classes like its nothing but it was a hard transition to go from getting easy A's in high school to really having to apply myself in college. I would also give myself relationship advice because since 7th grade I was dating my ex until half way through my freshman year of college all to find out he was cheating. He held me back from so many things and meeting new people that now looking back at it, I've missed out on many good opportunitys because I was to caught up in having a boyfriend. Love can wait and even being in college I dont let anyone hold me back from my studies.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school self, I would tell her not to take things so seriously. If you're not happy with where you are in life, don't sit around and moan about it. Find out why you're not happy and fix it. Make small changes everyday to make yourself a better, happier person. Life is much too short to be sad and worry about the little things. You have only one life and then you're done. It's up to you to make it the best life it can be.


Being able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be a dream come true. I'll let myself know that money doesnt grow on trees. The feeling of not being able to start college on time because I need to find a job to pay for my tuition is the worst. It'll make you feel like an embarrassment and a failure in your family's eyes . College is an investment in my future that will give you the skills to compete in job markets and have self assurance that you've accomplished something not a lot of people have the luxury of experiencing. Please don't take senior year as a joke and make the most out of it. Scholarships are wating for you and you deserve it. Hanging out in the hallways and being lazy isn't going to get you these scholarships. Time and dedication will. College is a transition and I hope you're ready for it. A lot of sacrifices will come in the near future. I know you'll be scared, but guess what, no one said it was going to be easy. Good luck John!


I would tell myself to do every activity possible, and keep a track of all activities participated in and awards won. Because colleges and programs really like to see students who are well rounded and involved in extra curricular activities. Besides, they are fun and you only live once. You never want to live with regrets, so every opportunity you have, go for it! I would also tell myself that the habits developed at a young age stay with you for a long time and are hard to break. So make the best out of everything you do as far as eating, studying, sleeping, the friends you hang out with, etc. You do not want to miss out on something you should have gotten or should have been able to do because you made one wrong decision a long time ago. And the lastly, I would have said don't stress, just have fun and live!


I would tell that young man to focus harder on what he wants out of life. To tell him one day you will have a wife and a son and that he would want to do everything to make sure they are safe and secure, Provide for them in ways he couldnt if he doesnt get his act together. Everything is riding on his shoulders so he must do wat needs to be done to become a success. I would tell my igh school self tat and since i take life very serioysly i know e would to and get busy becoming a successful man with a career and a wonderful husband and father.