Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back to High school would be a blessing and a curse. As much as I enjoyed high school I feel that I did my absolute best and appreciate how hard I worked while there. I used my time well and went with higher education instead of slacking off. If there was one thing I wish I could have told myself it would be to focus more in the health field and learn my medical terminology a bit better, spend more time on my math skills and continue to enjoy the less stressful days. I did graduate in the top ten percent and was very college oriented. But allowing me to focus more in my field would have benefited my direction in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to explore as many fields as possible while in high school to help determine what career path I should choose. I feel that if I had emersed myself more into a variety of activities in different fields, I would have had a better understanding of myself. In the end, this could have saved me money by eliminating a year of college since I changed my major multiple times.


If I could go back and talk to my former self, I would advise three things: one start looking into college now don't wait untill sencond semster because you'll regret it. Two save as much money as you possibly can because once you are out taking care of business on your own, you'll be suprised how fast money flies out of your pocket. And last but not least; spend as much time as possible with everyone. Get over the fights quicker, be open and honest about everything and just enjoy eachothers company because before you know it all the little things that use to annoy you, aren't around anymore and it's lonely. A year from now when you are sitting here writing this response, trying to get money for school, I know you would rather say you have no regrets and that if you went back you'd do it all again. College is fun but I could've made it easier and less stressful on myself if I had me to tell what I did wrong.


If I could go back to the begining of my senior year and give myself advice; it would be not to be scared. I was scared of growing up and moving out so I put off college to the very last minute and that was a huge mistake. I wish I would've known that the transition isn't as scary and horrible as I predicted, wish I knew that growing up and figuring out how to be on my own was revitalizing and gives me a sense of independence not fear. I wish I would've started this process sooner instead of havening to search for scholarships to find money for school at the very last minute instead of relaxing. I wish I hadn't been so scared; I wish I could go back and tell myself that everything would be okay in the end and to take a hold of my life instead of watching it go by.


I would tell myself to not be so nervous about not making friends because everybody is nervous about making friends. Everyone is scared about leaving home, but to be honest the dorms become your new home. After my freshman year I actually did not want to go back home. The peopl you make friends with when you go to college are the people your going to want to hangout with all the time. There would also be som many things to do and a lot of people are going to go with you and you'll make so many memories. Also I would go back and tell myself that classes are not too bad, but make sure like high school you go to class and pay attention to what your're learning in class. Also there will be people who just want to drink and do drugs you have to make those decision if you want to do that. Finally one thing that I was not worried abou during senior year was my friends would still be the same. Not all the time your friends from back home are going to change and sometimes it will be drastic.


The only advice I would give myself is to learn good study habits because i'm going to need them in all my future classes, and not to stress over boys because life goes on. In high school I never needed to study to pass my quizzes so when I got into college I really struggled my freshman year because I've never had to sit down for hours straight to study. I am now able to study for my pharmacology and med-surg classes like its nothing but it was a hard transition to go from getting easy A's in high school to really having to apply myself in college. I would also give myself relationship advice because since 7th grade I was dating my ex until half way through my freshman year of college all to find out he was cheating. He held me back from so many things and meeting new people that now looking back at it, I've missed out on many good opportunitys because I was to caught up in having a boyfriend. Love can wait and even being in college I dont let anyone hold me back from my studies.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school self, I would tell her not to take things so seriously. If you're not happy with where you are in life, don't sit around and moan about it. Find out why you're not happy and fix it. Make small changes everyday to make yourself a better, happier person. Life is much too short to be sad and worry about the little things. You have only one life and then you're done. It's up to you to make it the best life it can be.


Being able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be a dream come true. I'll let myself know that money doesnt grow on trees. The feeling of not being able to start college on time because I need to find a job to pay for my tuition is the worst. It'll make you feel like an embarrassment and a failure in your family's eyes . College is an investment in my future that will give you the skills to compete in job markets and have self assurance that you've accomplished something not a lot of people have the luxury of experiencing. Please don't take senior year as a joke and make the most out of it. Scholarships are wating for you and you deserve it. Hanging out in the hallways and being lazy isn't going to get you these scholarships. Time and dedication will. College is a transition and I hope you're ready for it. A lot of sacrifices will come in the near future. I know you'll be scared, but guess what, no one said it was going to be easy. Good luck John!


I would tell myself to do every activity possible, and keep a track of all activities participated in and awards won. Because colleges and programs really like to see students who are well rounded and involved in extra curricular activities. Besides, they are fun and you only live once. You never want to live with regrets, so every opportunity you have, go for it! I would also tell myself that the habits developed at a young age stay with you for a long time and are hard to break. So make the best out of everything you do as far as eating, studying, sleeping, the friends you hang out with, etc. You do not want to miss out on something you should have gotten or should have been able to do because you made one wrong decision a long time ago. And the lastly, I would have said don't stress, just have fun and live!


I would tell that young man to focus harder on what he wants out of life. To tell him one day you will have a wife and a son and that he would want to do everything to make sure they are safe and secure, Provide for them in ways he couldnt if he doesnt get his act together. Everything is riding on his shoulders so he must do wat needs to be done to become a success. I would tell my igh school self tat and since i take life very serioysly i know e would to and get busy becoming a successful man with a career and a wonderful husband and father.


I would tell myself to study harder, and to work better in math class. So, that I could have been more prepared for classes up here.


If I could go back, I would give myself a lecture about money management, and about being okay with not having friends immediately. I am from out of state and I didn't know anyone from Adam when I arrived. I should have made a budget with the amount of money I was allowed to spend on Starbucks at school. I would have advised myself to take more steps out of my shell sooner to get involved with more groups even though I still had soccer to do. I would have reminded myself who I was and that no matter what no one could change that even when they don't have any preconceived knowledge of how I was as a person.


I have to admit I did not try as hard as I should in high school. If I could go back to my senior high school self. I would tell her that I need to try harder. It seems like that some many people make that same mistake. I got sucked up in my high school life and I did not really think about the future. I did not think about how bad grades effect me but now I see what good grades could have done for me. Now I am thinking about my future. The best thing I can do for myself is get an education so I can get a job in a career that I will enjoy.


If I could go back and tell myself what college has to offer it would be like me going back a a college represenative. I would tell myself about all the mountains and hiking trails around campus and how Lake Superior is right outside my window. Of course there is that fact that all the students and teachers are nice and very helpful and I shouldn't be afraid to take time and talk with my professors. I would encourage my past self to get involved in as many campus events as possible because that is a great way to meet new people and make friends. I would also talk about all the help the school offers from campus tutoring to a writing center where people will actually help you with your papers. Northern Michigan University is definately the place that I belong and that I will love everything about it.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice it would be to stay true to oneself. College is the time to try new things, but it’s important to be able to decipher what is going to have a positive versus a negative effect on oneself. There are many pressures in college, and it’s important to keep your values and morals when making decisions, decisions that could ultimately affect you for the rest of your life. Be who you want to be, but don’t let others decide for you. If I could give myself another piece of advice it would be to find a good balance. College isn’t just about doing schoolwork, but it’s also not just about making new friends. Work hard in school to get good grades, but take breaks to go hang out with others and do fun activities. It will help keep you sane, especially around exam time! And last but not least, have fun! College is a wonderful experience and a time to experience things on our own. Live, laugh, and make memories. And one more thing: don’t forget to take pictures!


I gotten a sense of responsibility from attending college so far. because this is the first time of been on my own. Futhermore, finishing my first semester with a overall gpa of 3.63 also gave me a boost of confidence that I can and will continue to do well in college.


I have yet to begin my college experience, but I do know that it will be of great importance to me. The University I have applied to, and hopefully will attend, is far too expensive for me to afford. It has been my dream school ever since I was 14 years old. As well as applying to my requested school, I also have planned on becoming a Physical Therapist ever since then and have stuck to the intended profession to this very day. I know that my attendance at the Ohio State University will be of great value to me and for my future career and life. This scholarship would help in more ways than one, and I would be eternally greatful for your support in pushing me one step closer to my dream.


College was never something viewed as attainable. Once I started attending Kirkwood Community College I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I'm in a direct transfer program to the University of Northern Iowa for Educational Social Science and am excited to see where my degree with take me. Kirkwood is a great place to start and has allowed me to experience adulthood and a little bit more of my independence.


I have been going to college for less than a year now and have already learned how valuable my education is. As a first year student I have classes with many students the same status and age as myself. But along with us, there are a few older first year students. Talking to these older students who have decided to finally get their degree, I learned just how important my educaton is. Each one of them gave me this advice, "don't wait on education, it's what going to take you places". "All our dreams can come true-if we have the courage to pursue them" this quote by Walt Disney sums up how valuable my experience at college has been so far.


My main goal was to complete college and get a degree. I am halfway through already and all the classes and experiences I was able to obtain from college have helped with such. I have been able to better socialize and succeed in life. College education has been a great value in my life because I believe this will lead me to an excellent career and better lifestyle.


I've become more of an indepent person by coming to Northern. Not only have I become more independent, but I have also grow as a person and am finiding who I am. Northern Michigan University is a friendly campus where if you need help, any student walking by will help you, professors are willing to work with their students to make the best experience that they can for them. Professors care if their students pass. NMU is valuable to attend because every person will change for the better and grow into adults with the help of their peers.


Out of college so far I have learned so much more than just the acedemics I came to pursue. I came to the campus to study Mathematics and have, in the process of studying, became a Resident Advisor. My RA from last year was kind to me and the professors around me have always encouraged my involvement in activities within school and outside of school. There are several opportunities to show off my Math research and if there is a class I need to take that is not offered, the professors work with me to offer it. Northern has allowed me to develope both as a student and a person within a safe and secure enviroment. For all intensive purposes, NMU has offered me the perfect college experience. I would not trade a moment of this time at college for any other experience a school has to offer.


Over the course of the last few years of college I have recieved friends that will last me a life time. Not only have I received great friends, but I have established an ambition to push myself to attain a degree in what I really love. As of right now I have to complete a doctorates degree to obtain this goal of mine. To some people, eight years sounds like a lot of time. But to me, it feels like its right around the corner especially since I know when that day comes when I am working in the profession that I want, I will be happy and not settling with a job that was easy to attain. I know attending college has been valuable to attend because it has and will be beneficial to me now and in the future. I've also learned from attending college that you will run into people that you may not like or even want to interact with. Although, this type of experience of going away to college will help you learn how to deal with the situations in a manner that is appropriate.


I am recieving the tools I need to work in my chosen fields of Illustration and Creative Writing. Attending a University like NMU allowed me to recieve quality education in both fields, and also to enrich myself by taking courses outside my discipline that I found interesting and fulfilling. I've enjoyed integrating into the Marquette community, and going to school here gives me an appreciation for the value of a small city with a lot of personality.


The college experience for me as been a life-changing learn experience. I haven't just learned about biology and chemistry but also how to respect others and have the ability to see the other side of the story. It has taught me that nothing in life should simply be given but should be earned and respected.


As I am still in the beginning of my college experience, I have learned to be more independent. I love the whole experience that I am taking in, and everyone trys to help in anyway they can. The school itself is not huge and is quite personable.


My college experience has allowed me to grow socially and academically. I enjoy going to class and networking with everyone around me as well as gaining knowledge on subjects, ideas, and opions I would not have if I didnt attend college.


ive otten that if i set my mind to something i can succeed with everything i got.


I've gotten so much life experience from attending college. Northern Michigan University is nine hours away from my family. I was forced to become a stronger person and depend solely on myself. I can always ask for advice, but every decision I make is completely in my hands and its both an amazing and terrifying feeling. I was taken completely out of my comfort zone and that alone has opened my eyes and broadened my perspective to see that there is so much more to life than just existing in my little bubble and thats valuable enough for me. I'm glad with my decision to attend this school because a small city definitely has its benefits. There is a sense of security here that I haven't felt anywhere else. Eventhough Marquette, MI isn't diverse, the residents here still have a very unique culture among themselves and I would have never been exposed to that had I not chosen this university.


My college experience was short lived . From withdrawing from school have learned that education is very important. If I do not get the right education now, I will be working at a low paying job. I will not have the job security that I need in order to provide a good life for my son. I am tired of working hard and getting very little in return. I want a career that I can feel good about and that my son and fiancee can be proud of me for. People tell prospective students how important it is to have an education. I believe that a lot of prospective students do not believe others when they say that. They think that if they do not get an education they can go out and get a decent job. They do not realize that the only jobs that are available to people without college education are low paying and do not have room to excel in. Education is the most important key to a good career.


I have made many friends at school that have made it possible for me to continue attending this school. The classes are amazing and I often find myself constantly re-telling stories from a classroom experience. The professors are always willing to help and spend extra time working with me when I have extra problems in and out of the classroom. The value of attending college is indescribable because I can not imagine going anywhere else or doing anything else with my life.


I gained a lot more from my college experience than someone who would have stayed back home in Wisconsin. I was able to do things, such as camping and hiking, more than I would have been able to do back home in the Milwaukee area. I chose NMU because of the different atmosphere the university has. I was able to have access to at a larger school, but still have the small town community feeling. Living in such a remote place like the U.P. gave me a different perspective on things and help teach me to take and enjoy things much more slowly. Appeciate the simple things in life, but be able to work hard getting to your destination. Personally, I think about my time up at NMU everyday since I graduated. I know I got a quality education without the high cost of similar colleges and a diverse experience than many people in my situtation.


I was raised in a very small town, the type of place where everyone knows everyone else, and chances are you will get caught up at the grocery store talking to a friend you have not seen in awhile. Needless to say I have always been extremely sheltered. Attending college was the first time I had ever felt a true sense of adulthood and responsibility. I was hours away from home and living on my own, without my parents' guidance at my fingertips as it had always been when I was growing up. Being away at college made me realize that I was either going to fly or fall all on my own, there was no longer anyone there to pick me up and dust me off when things were rough. This thought terrified me, but it also liberated me at the same time. I think every young person has to come to the conclusion for themselves that there comes a point when they will need to support themselves and take responsibility for their actions. For some people that happens when they start their first job or own their first car. I learned that lesson by going to college.


There has been many things I have gotten out of my college experience. It was a great way for me to experince what it is like to live on my own and make decisions for myself. It has also taught me that hard work pays off. I am more organized because of college. It has also motivated me to strive to gain knowledge in the major and minor I am working to achieve. I want to be an expert in the field that I am studying. It has also made me want to make an impact in students lives. I will get an oppurtunity to be able to do that because I am going to be a teacher and also want to be a coach. It is an experience everyone should have. It helps prepare you for the real world and gives you a better chance of finding a job.


I have become a more well rounded person and more open minded to other societies, ideas, religions, and beliefs. The many sociological classes I took taught me how to communicate with other people better and how to listen to their ideas and not judge them based on my own ideas and beliefs. Therefore, I can talk to them honestly and openly about how other people are different from them without asserting that they are wrong in their beliefs and ideologies. It also makes me want to go out and explore the world more and see what it has to offer in points of views of other societies and culturally rich traditions that Americans tend to think are old fashioned or native. I, on the other hand think they are different and unique and would like to see them and discuss them with their participants and possibly see if I can learn to participate maybe even one day.


As a college student I am always looking forward to return each semester as I continue my path towards graduation. My college experience has been valuable to attend becuase the services provided in college which are tutorial services in math English, academic advising, degree planning and course registration assistance, scholarship recommendations and referrals, opportunity of supplemental grant aid, on-going monitoring of academic progress,access to the computer, university campus visits, invitation to attend college and commuinty based cultural activities, courtesy calls and email updates. As a Student Ambassdor I am always excited to assist new and dual enrollment students with registration and tours on campus.


So far out of my college experience I have gotten so much. I've learned many things that I want to use in my career and i've also learned how to be responsible. I have realized that i have to push myself to do things and that if you study you will succeed. Its been very valuable for me to attend because i'm learning things i would have NEVER learned on my own.


Going to NMU has changed my life incredibly. Coming into college I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or who I wanted to be. The Faculity and the students here helped me figure it all out. I now know that I want to be an Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management major, and that I want to study abroad to New Zealand, the leading country for outdoor recreation. I have learned to be confident in myself and to learn from every experince that I got through. This school had put me through every situation that will help me for my future whether it has been intentional or not, and for that I am thankful. There are ups and downs in college but both are valuable and necessary. This experience has been and will always be a valuable part of my life. The people you meet in college have an impact who you will become in the future. Here at NMU there have been many outstanding people who have made an impact in mine and hopefully more in the future as well. With their knowledge I have come to except myself for me and embrace it.


Given the chance, I would tell my high school counterpart that while the transition to college can be difficult, it is definitely worth it. When you first arrive, you really dont know anyone. A lot of freshman go to parties to meet new people, but end up getting in trouble with their peers or with law enforcement for drinking underage. In addition to the negative social and legal ramifications of partying, it distracts from your academics, and makes it more likely you will miss out on classes or assignments. To state it breifly, don't go to parties. There are other ways to network, and some of the alternative methods will not only allow you to develop freindships but also to start growing rapport with teachers and administration at the university. An excellent example of this is student government. Activities such as student government will benefit you far more in the long run than going to house parties. Above all else, keep in mind why you are going to school. You are here to get the best education that you can, and to make the most out of your experience. Keep your mind focused and you will do very well.


As a high school senior, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I used it as an excuse to be lazy and have fun with my friends. If I could go back, I would tell my 18 year-old self that there are much more important things in life and getting a college education is very important-especially when the economy goes south. I'd persuade myself to not take my senior year lightly and maintain the 3.5 GPA I had before my senior year. I'd tell me to apply for scholarships and to research and visit different colleges since I didn't do any of that. Maybe I'd have to tell myself that I wouldn't be friends with all those people I found so "important" in less than a year. I'd remind me that I have the smarts to do almost anything I wanted, and although it didn't seem that way back then, I was already limiting myself by not giving my all that year.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self, I would tell myself never to stop believing in yourself. During my senior year I attend two high school, and I had just move from North Carolina. I was unsure of myself starting my senior year in a new high school. the first quarter passed, and I realized I wasn't doing as well as I should in grades. But I transfered to a new high school, and I promised myself that I wouldn't be intimidated again. I would tell myself to not worry so much, and make the big goals into small goals to accomplish the task at hand, a practice a still perform today.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that college is whatever you make it. It is a new beginning if you wish it to be. You can meet as many new people as you like, or you may chose to only meet a few that are necessary. Don't feel as if you are alone because a lot of the people around you are new to the school and probably feel the same way as you do, so put yourself out there and make it all you can.


Not to take going to college for granted. Start preparing earlier, by keeping my grades up and applying earlier to as many schools as possible. Therefore I would have a variety of schools to choose from. To talk to my parents more, about financing college. I would make sure I started saving and getting the things I need in order keep the strain off my mother, with her being disabled it can be hard sometimes.


If i was given the chance to go back I would take full advantage of it. College life is totally different then life in Highschool. I'm a very independent person so maybe for me it was easier to adjust then others. I can suggest try to make the best of it, make friends go out and be social. If you have questions for your professors don't be afraid to go up and ask them, they will assist you. One thing that you must be prepared for is the reading that is dumped on you. I didn't know what to expect on how hard the classes would be. If you want to do good you have to try your hardest and put forth the time. I finsihed my first semester with a 3.8. Let me tell you, I had to work for it, it was no easy task but the feeling of accomplishment was worth the time. The best advice I can give to incoming freshman is to go to class!


The most important advice that I would give myself if I could go back in time, Is to practice the concept time management. I find that the more that i managed my time successfully, the more i could focus on my classes, and the easier they became. I believe with successful time management skills, the transition from highscool to college would become more simple.


Attending college is an earned privilege. Hard working students are recognized and rewarded. GPA is vital so do your very best but don't beat yourself up if your best isn't 4.0. You'll be able to demonstrate your dedication in other ways as well! Four years of undergrad work really does fly by so take advantage of every opportunity afforded you!!! It's up to you and you alone to make sure your fit is a good one. You'll know if it's a good fit or not if you're entheustiac about your studies and all of a sudden your closest friends are studying the same thing as you. ALSO, remember this, your college friends will grow up to be business contacts so maintaining supporting friendships can be beneficial once you're off on your own! Your college years will be considered a pivotal point in your life. Work hard; have fun and be safe. You're there because you earned it! You Can Do It!


I would've told myself to relax and enjoy the changes ahead. I was so worried about moving somewhere new and making new friends. But once I got here, it was so easy. Everyone is in the same boat, the majority of us are new here and everyone wants to make friends. I would also tell myself to really focus in class and take a lot of notes. College courses are way different than high school classes. The help you need is the help you go out and find yourself.


Date now; apparently guys don?t grow up in college. Don?t be so nervous on the first day. Never bring your backpack into the bookstore, they don?t like that. Take it easy your first semester, only take twelve credits. You?ll do fine with sixteen but your stress levels will be off the charts. Online classes aren?t for you. Come to terms with the fact that it?s going to take you five years if you plan to double major. Textbook requirements can change two days before class starts. NMU can rearrange your schedule without notification, and when ordering textbooks online for the bookstore if they are out of used books they will send and charge you for a new one. You?re not going to lose your ideals if you start wearing makeup. Don?t bother taking HS102, you won?t like it. Everyone calls the library the LRC. The best study hall is in Jamrich, the orange couch is the comfiest. Stop being shy. Raise your hand and participate, you?ll get more out of it that way. Just remember, when you get frustrated or stressed, just take deep breathes, you'll be fine.


have more fun


To choose a school, especially if graduate school is in your future, that suits you in your activities and personality. It was only a coincidence tied to financial aid that made me come to NMU, and I was lucky that I did. Now that I'm here, I realize that NMU fits my personality and activities better than any other school I had previously considered. College provides the opportunity for an amazing adventure. You will be exposed to a wealth of different people willing to do different things. But there is truth in the concept that you will be happier if you can do the things that interested you before. As an example, I loved wheeling in my Jeep at home. Northern gives me nearly endless trails to wheel right outside town. The other two scools I was considering, LSSU and CMU, provided none of those. BecuaseI was able to wheel at NMU, I met a plethora of people that shared the interest of wheeling, and we created lasting friendships. I also have stayed happy, while still exploring new activities, and exposing other friends to the activities that I enjoy, that Northern enables me to do.