Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about NMU is the fact that they use sand to melt ice rather than salt. It's more environmentally friendly which is really good, but the sand gets in the cracks of your shoes and follows you into the dorm rooms. My roommate and I had to swifter our floor two to three times a week. We now have a shoe bucket so that helps keep the sand under control.


Events are not talked about. Most schools parties, games, and activities around the school are discussed and broadcasted, but as a student, you rarely hear about these things. You must have connections to people who throw the parties, or look up yourself when games are.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Michigan University is the meal plan system. The food is your typical school food, which at least to me means it shouldn't cost much. However, Northern charges over two thousand dollars for an unlimited meal plan. This seems like a good deal at first, until the student realizes how much food they are not eating, but still being charged for. I would say the average student is being ripped off by this since most people do not eat almost $3,000 worth of food in four months time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is something that is alike with most other schools. Trying to register for the classes you want or need to take. Of course seniority plays a big part of who gets to register first, but this is something that everyone must deal with.


Sometimes NMU is just a little too small. As a music major, I would like to be in ensembles with a higher pecentage of other music majors.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the parking. There isn't a lot and so you have to sircle to find spots which in some instances makes you late for class. That and the buses operate back and forth to the different buildings on campus but if you are off campus you need to drive or walk, which if you are further away depending on where you live you need to drive. And if you drive there is very little parking, it is really a circular effect.


I am currently frustraited with finding a job on campus. It also gets a lot of snow... there is snow the almost entire school year.


There is nothing specific to Northern Michigan University that is frustrating.


It snows a lot in the winter months!!


The most frustrating thing about going to Northern is paying for it.


people smoke on campus


Stressful days with work and homework are most frustrating.


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