Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think that the best part about my school is the environment. Things are not pressuring and you can do almost anything that you want.


The best thing about my school is the size of it. A smaller campus equals a smaller population, smaller classes, and a more successful me because my teachers are more available to help me if I need it.


The best thing about my school is the variety of activities it offers. If you want to learn more or try a new activity they most likely have a program or a person you can talk to. I've tried many new activities here and not all are offered through the school, but through the word of mouth such as Black Rocks cliff jumping and hiking trails.


There is many things that I love about NMU. The major thing that really drew me in his how much everyone cares about your success. There is tutoring services for every class. If you every need help there is somewhere you can go to get it. Before I attened NMU I visited other school around the area. NMU was by far the school for me where I can go anywhere and get an answer. If I'm not given a direct answer, I'm put on a path that will reach sucess.


The best thing about Northern Michigan University is the small classrooms. With this factor, it is more common for the proffesors to have more one -on-one time with students. This helps with leaning more information, and getting more of a face to face with the person that is teaching you.


The best thing about NMU is students access to faculty and staff. Once the student declares his/her major, the setting becomes more intimate and family-like. Cohorts and faculty are available to ensure success in program. Reaching out to administration is as easy too!


location becaues you are i the UP


A great aspect of Northern Michigan University is its intelligent and incredible faculty, especially within the art department. The professors that I have been privledged to know have been supportive and understanding. They are quick to offer advice and are eager to guide their students on their educational journeys. They go above and beyond their basic duties in order to guarentee students and satisfactory experience and a full education.


The size of the campus and classes. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I first started, and being able to choose a variety of classes helped me narrow that down. Smaller class sizes helped me connect with my professors in a way that I don't think would be possible at a larger school. You are more than just a number and a GPA to them-- you are their student, and they want you to succeed and be happy.


The univeristy has vision and commitment for being a "laptop" university; and, takes the City of Marquette, Michigan, a step forward iby becoming a wireless environment.


I believe that opportunity is the best thing about NMU. There are plenty of options for internships no matter what your major is. The school is also very connected with the Marquette community so students are able to get inolved on several levels, not restricted to school programs. The professors are very helpful and personable as well, which is something I didn't get a lot of at my previous college. Aside from educational opportunity Marquette is a haven for the outdoors. There are countless things to do off campus to provide students with social and recreational fun.


The best thing about Northern Michigan University is the atmosphere and surroundings of the school. The school itself makes you feel comfortable and at home, while Marquette is a great place to enjoy nature. On the weekends your options are not limited to partying and confined to the city life, but you can go hiking, camping, exploring, and many other outdoor activities that allow your mind to relax. Having the ability to enjoy the outdoors while attending a university allows students such as myself to find who they are in the world and obtain an education.


The best thing about NMU is that you are treated as an person and not just a number. There is a family feeling on campas and the people truely care about you. The instructors want to see you succeed and are helpful. There are many groups and organizations to participate in if you choose to do so.


The friendly atmosphere and surrounding scenery. Both make this a wonderful environment to live and learn in.


The location and size are the best things about Northern. It's a medium sized school, with easy access to many parks, forests, and beaches.


Apart from the great academics, the natural environment at Northern is insupassable. There is much to entertain as far as outdoor recreation goes and the school is very active in the area. Students can find great hiking, kayaking/canoeing, cliff jumping, and biking areas literally just out the back door.


The best thing about NMU is the price. I have looked all over the country for a school that compares and haven't found one. The level of education is a high quality, and you won't be swimming in debt when you finally get your degree.


the laidback atmosphere


My university drew itself to me because of the surrounding town, Marquette, Michigan. It is located in the upper peninsula and surrounded by thousands of acres of forests. The city and the people are also beautiful. The city is old and quaint and walking down the street, strangers will say hello and smile. There is a very strong sense of community between the students on campus and the people of the city. The school is medium size and because of the size there are many opportunities for student research and an ability to closely know professors and the administration.


beauty of the UP and recreational opportunities


I think the best thing about my school is the people. The individuals at my college (faculty, staff and students) are incredible people. They are very open-minded and make you feel comfortable with yourself physically and emotionally. I think that is really important to a healthy college life is feeling good about yourself. People are great there.


The best thing about this school are my friends and all the people I have met. They are a lot like me!


Everyone in the community and at school are willing to help students and other people to succeed at whatever it is they are trying. The campus and surrounding area is beatiful.


The best thing about NMU is the overall environment. I felt as if I fit in right away, and I was certain that Northern was the place for me. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The campus is gorgeous; I can see Lake Superior from the Academic Mall. The school is not too big, but still offers every opportunity one could want.


The number one reason why I choose NMU was because of all the green space. There are trees, grass and flowers everywhere that makes you feel very much relaxed and at peace. At any time of the year is the campus is always beautiful to walk through.


All of my friends, they are the reason I love it here and by the end of ecah summer can't wait to go back.