Northern State University Top Questions

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Northern can claim its greatest and most unique quality is its students. Students here are the most open minded people who thrive on achievement. However, the individual majors offered at the school seem to form a cohesive bond with those involved with each major. These people, whom you’ll spend most of your time at with, evolve into a group that functions like an extended family. While there is a sense of competition, it isn’t cut throat, it’s a determination for the group to succeed as a whole. It’s very fulfilling sense of belonging and community.


Small classroom sizes and easy to get around campus.


I think Northern is unique because we encourage people to step outside of their boundries instead of further defined themselves by those boundries. A computer geek can also be a star football player or a cheerleader can have a top GPA. We don't stress academics or creativity, we stress academic creativity!


For me, the school and the community really made me feel like they wanted me to succeed. THe school is so supportive that they will do anything in order to benefit the students.