Northern State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think that the only thing I don't like is the very early classes - the ones that start at eight am. But the science classes could be shorter. I really cannot complain about Northern State University, because every experience has been great so far. Northern State University has provided everything that I could ever imagine having at a college or university. There is, however, one more thing I don't really residence hall is located furthest from the rest of campus - having students cross a street that does get busy at certain times. Otherwise, I cannot complain.


The wost thing about my school is the limited class options. It was hard to schedule my second semester, because they offered most generals around the same time so they all conflicted.


There is not a lot of online courses to take. I would like to see more of them available at Northern State that is why I am doing my masters at DSU.


It is a small school, which can be either good or bad. It often means small class sizes in select disciplines. There are still relatively large lecture classes, though.


NSU is very sports oriented, but they only give money to the bigger sports, instead of the smaller sports who actually win state titles.