Northern State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who aren't serious about school.


Someone who doesn't like small town feelings shouldn't come here. Northern State and Aberdeen itself are small population but very close to one another. Walking around campus you see the same faces almost every day. If you don't like knowing everyone or you want a new face every day you shouldn't come here.


I would have to say that someone that doesn't want to be there shouldn't. If they don't care where they end up, then they shouldn't go to any college or university. If they do care, then they should be there; but if they are just there to appease their parents, then they should consider not applying for colleges until they are ready to make their own decisions. College will always be there til they are ready, but it's their decision whether or not if they care.


Some one that is worried more about the weather and how many people there are. A lot of people from big places with nice weather don't like to go there.