Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most people at NOVA are stuck in that cycle of constantly changing majors and may be stuck there until their parents pull the money from them. However, there are plenty of people who are there to save tens of thousands of dollars. Plenty of people who have the grades and skills to move on to a university or career afterwards.


The students at my school vary from kids coming out of high school to adults and single parents like myself coming back to school after many years to finish their degree. It is amazing and fun to see how the different generations interact and learn from each other when paired in groups to learn and work together. There are many types of people on campus. People of all genders, races, and religions and I think everyone does a good job of getting along. I have not once seen or heard of a fight on campus.


Classmates were very diverse and didn't take community college seriously, most of them were their because thier parents made them go to school.


Do not have too much interaction with students at school except in discussion modules in the online classroom. There is a wide variety of students.


I got to know a girl named Felicia. She is a sephomore at VCU but she is taking summer class at NOVA. We get along well and actually help each other a lot on homework. She's so nice and kind that we keep talking more after class and in break time. The shyness I felt on first day has gone because I obviously can have someone to lean on like Felicia. School has never been this amazing before.


Everyone I took classes with was as diverse as you could get--every ethnicity, nationality, age, economic status, linguistic status, and every type of career goal.


NOVA has students from all over the world and I have never found a racial problem. Some study groups are from different countries such as Nigeria, El Salvador, Russia or Pakistan.


As I've stated in my previous answers, NOVA offers a very diverse student body. I am one of the older students on campus, but I love the environment. It's rich with curiosity and learning. Everyone seems to get along. Not only is the school diverse in ethnicity, but it's also diverse in the financial backgrounds of students and seems to hold no predominant political opininon.


Freshmen just need to get to know the ropes to do well - but everything in life is an adjustment. There are several groups on campus - all religions and ethnicities - and everyone gets along well. Most students wear jeans/casual dress, but some do like to make fashion statements. Most of the students live locally, but there is also a good international student body developing. Financial backgrounds of the students are very diverse - all ends of the financial spectrum. The commonality is all want to do well and succeed. Students do talk about how much they'll earn one day, and expectations are probably higher than reality, but given the economy and inflation, they may be right.


The students that attend NOVA are from all over the world. In fact, my best friend is from the Ukraine. On in given day, the campus is buzzing with many different activities all organized by the students. There are many different clubs and groups to join (International Students, Community Outreach, Environmental Awareness, LGBT, SGA, Psychology, Biology and many many more).


Nobody really talks to each other or tries to make conversation so I honestly couldn't tell you. I think everyone feels welcome here because people don't invade other peoples space. Students usually look like they rolled out of bed. Dining hall? Empty and trash on them. Students are mostly from high schools around the area. Financial background is middle to lower class. Students are NOT politically aware at all. It's kind of depressing.


The students at this school are very nice. When I sometimes walk by tha hallways or im at the library people that i dont ecen know talk to me. They are also very helpful. Most classmates that i really dont know are willing to help. The students that would feel out of place in this school are those students who are only into partying and games. Most studenst in this school are into their education and they take it very seriously. :-D


The students at NOVA are very different. They come in all different shapes and sizes and represent different parts of our world. Being on campus 5 days a week, I observe a lot of different activities that the students take part in. In the cafe, there are card games going on. Everything from Pokemon to Go Fish. On the floors of NOVA, there are students talking or getting that last minute study in before a test or quiz. The best thing about the student interaction is that no one is singled out. Everyone comes together, whether the race or culture background.


Starting answering!Students in my school care about learning and getting a good education.


Wish there was a rule lounge area for the tudents. Theres a small section with two couches and three chairs on each floor but that can sometimes get crowded. There's also no cafeteria


many are young and dumb and everyone smokes! Drives me nuts


The student body is very diverse age wise and ethnically.


There is just one word that can describe NVCC Annandale Campuse which is VARIETY. I have seen people on Campus from all over the world. Most of them are friendly, but even if we have the popular and loser team... college is nothing like high school, everything is more complex. Also, there are a lot of activities for all students: international, out-state, in-state, local students and even for students that are taking online classes.


There are attempts at groups and activities, but really, the student body isn't too united at all. Fun activities happen, but they seem out of place and awkward. Student interest is zero. The only people that hang out at school are either smoking, playing computer games or dungeons and dragons or are talking obnoxiously about lame NOVA parties.


The majority of my classmates are young, just out of college. Most of them are not ready for school and don't take things seriously -- much like I was at their age.


My classmates are all well-rounded and diverse people who share the same educational goal as I do.


My classmates have been as nervous as I have been on the first day of school, but we have made the transition together because we all know what it is like to start out at a new school, it has actually brought us closer as a student community.


My classmates seem like they are all hard workers but share the same kind of stuggles in one way or another.


My classmates are people who are people who are just starting out at college and people who are trying to advance their career. Either way my classmates are usually good students who appreciate the learning experiences offered at college.


They are kind and polite.