Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being the biggest community college in northern virginia.


This school is best known for its good academic quality at a reasonable price.


Most students from almost all the high schools in the area who are unsure of their future attend Northern Virginia Community College, or NoVa. Most people in the area I live in are familiar with the school.


NVCC is best known as commuter school or transfer college. Most people in Northern Virginia see NVCC as an option before transfering to a 4 year degree program at another college. It saves money, and gives you an excellent education.


NVCC is best known for being a stepping stone on the path to a four year university. Students come to NVCC because of the guaranteed admissions program that the school offers with Virgina universities. Also, we are known as a school where Gen-Ed classes can be taken and transfered to another school for a fairly inexpensive tuition cost.


Mountain View Alternative School is best known for its compassion for its students. They allow students to be themselves and teach them how to be successful in school as well as outside of school. They show you the choices you make have an impact on your life and give you the tools to suceed.


it is best known for its medical program


NVCC is best known for it's dedication to superior learning and facilitating transfers to a number of four year colleges and universities. The quality of the education you receive here is well known and among the best of all the community college systems in the US. This presents the opportunity of obtaining a higher education to a great number of students that might not otherwise have the means to begin work on a four year degree.


NOVA is best known for being inexpensive.


To put more knowledge into young minds and make the furture leaders of tomorrow prepared for life.


Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) I would think is best known as a common community college. What people expect of NOVA is to be able to teach students enough so that they can transfer without too many problems. Then I think people think of at NOVA is cheap easy classes, transferring processes, and lower level education for any student. Nowsaday, NOVA's widespreadness is coming to every single student who want to have a stable start for there future.