Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

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A chance to grow academically, socially and internally. You learn from the education oppertunities and social interactions. In the end you discover who you are as a student and an individual so that you may take the next step towards your future.


The school is very family like. We all take care of each other. The class size is wonderful. Also tuition is very affordable


It's really what you make it. I see it as more of a transition school. I came here after health problems threatened my grades in high school and I got a GED. It's been incredible, mainly because I'm so excited to transfer out!


It's very affordable, but also competative because of the other schools in the area and the standards they set. They have 6 campuses and online courses available. This allows you alot of flexability in preparing your schedule of classes.


What is unique is that even though it is a very diverse school everyone seems to get along quite nicely and we respect each others beliefs and lifestyles.


First, Northern Virginia Community College is at the second place among the biggest community colleges in The United State. Second, it's tuition is low compared to others schools in local. Third, this school has an campus which is only 3 miles from my house. Finally, the quality of teaching here at this school is really good.


The school is very small and homely.