Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are really interesting, because there are the usual general education classes, but they also have a budding film program that has quality equipment. NOVA is in an interesting transition and I can't wait to see where it goes.


Depends on the professor, of course. I have been challenged in every course I have taken.


Overall, I think the academics at NOVA are great. I am a psychology major and have enjoyed the professors and classes I've taken so far. I've only had one or two professors who leave a lot to be disired, but overall I have no complaints. Class participation is quite common in most of my classes. The most unique class I've taken was American History through Film. It was interesting and gave me a different perspective on movies and how they portray and tie into history making events.


Academics are excellent. Professors get to know your name quickly, and most of the on-campus classes I have attended have great student participation. My favorite classes have been related to my field (information technology), but some of the history and english classes have been fun. The school's academic requirements are good - but you need to have some idea of where your education is going to take you to get the full benefit. The 4-year university transfer requirements are specific, and you will definitely have to meet them to transfer. I like the guaranteed admissions to several 4-year schools for students who wish to pursue them - all you need to do is take the required classes and achieve a set GPA and you will be automatically accepted by that school.


Yes, I frequently have a lot of the same teachers. My favorite class this semester is criminal law because it is one of my interests. My least favorite would be legal writing only because it is a lot of papers. There are always tons of people in the library studying this helps me focus as well. Class participation is very often all my classmates enjoy participating. Yes me and my classmates often meet up after class and have intellectual conversations about our classes. Students aren't competitive, we work together. The most unique class I've taken would be criminal law. My major is paralegal studies and I love my collegues. Yes this education is defiantly geared toward getting a job.


If you make an effort Professors will too. The class sizes aren't to big which I like. My favorite class was PSY 201 and my least favorite was PED (P.E basically) Students study, sometimes? Not frequently. Students usually meet to discuss projects and tutoring. Students aren't really competitive, some are but not most. Unique class.. I think English 112 was my favorite, the professor was excellent and made the class worth going too. I actually got invited to a Lesbian Book Club by my english professor and still go to this day.


Classes are small, so i think it's easy to communicate with your professors. If you work hard, you will earn what you deserve. It's not too hard to get A grades if you do the work and put your effort. Northern Virginia community college has guaranteed programs that make your transfer easier. If you hit the requirement, you don't have to compete. So make sure to set a wise strategy before enrolling your classes.


Professors leanr the students name very quickly and they are very helpful. My major is biology and i was afraid of asking questions but as time went on I got used to the college environment. Teachers are always available in office hours and they are willing to help anyone. :-D


Academics at NOVA are challenging, however, you have to be determined to get through long nights of studying and asking questions to further help you understand better. As I travel through the halls of NOVA, I see small study groups in the cafe, outside, and even in the library. The campus also offers days where you can come and study and you have refreshments and quiet time to yourself. One of the most challenging classes I have taken so far has to be Economics. Because of my major, Business Administration, I have to have this course in order to graduate. The professor was excellent, but the work was very hard to keep up and studying Economics is not an easy thing to do. Although, it was challenging, I finished and I passed, which made me feel so great inside. Having these challenges helps you to force yourself to do better because once you get that dream job you can look back and say it was all worth it.


I have alot of professors knowing my name, one of my favorite class was ITE 115. You see students studying when getting close to finals week. Participation is very important, it even involves being in a group and presenting a case study.


Im in the nursing program sand the requirements are accurate and I understand why they make it a competitive program. On MEC campus the students study all the time, that's all we do.


wide variety of classes for all students. I'm an engineering student and feel prepared to transfer next semester


The classes are more flexible at NOVA due to the fact that most of the student body does work or cannot be present on campus. NOVA offers in class, online, or hybrid classes with chat room instruction and off campus classroom locations.


Many people believe that community college students do less homework, attend less time to class and fail most of the courses. NVCC Annadale Campus as well as other Higher Education Institutions has students that study at all levels, some people you would see them studying all the time, some others would study just on weekends and there are others that would just party the whole week. Most of the professors are friendly and approachable, they want to help their students and see them shine by themselves. English, Economic and History classes are very popular and are the first ones to get full.


Professor's definitely know your name, and there are some really great ones and some really awful ones. They're there to help you succeed and move on with your life.