Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular activity on campus is the unoffical gaming club. They are kind of mean to anyone who isn't one of them and they take up a lot of space in the cafeteria. Other than that there are a few clubs like theatre, who have enough funding and participants who put on plays. There is also the film program that has plenty of people who want to be behind the camera, but not many good enough or willing to be in front. Go figure.


I am a native, a local that has been born and raised here. My friends I have met through time and circumstance while living in northern Virginia, I wouldn't say that I meet friends campus at Northern Virginia Community College. It is a community college, so the social attributes to it are not comparable to that of a larger university.


I am not really sure about this, as I am an older student returning to school. For my mine is Phi Beta Kappa, the memberships for the honors club, which is a great honor to have, as I have worked very hard to get here. But there are alot of sports and dramatic clubs that are interesting.


Just started with school again, so I am not sure at all about this question.




At NVCC, there aren't any dorms or parties. This is a community college that is designed to have classes for commuters. With out the "on-campus life" a lot of activities that the school does hold for the students often go unnoticed. I believe that since it is a commuter school, many students chose the commuter life over a traditional campus life at a university due to their lifestyle and responsibilities, meaning, many students are often too busy with their other responsibilities outside of school. I think NVCC tries hard to invite and display opportunities and activities for the students through student emails and billboards on campus. I just don't think many students take the time to stop and look, or have much interest in reading things sent out, because they might feel unattached to the school. They might feel like they just have a school to take classes at just to earn the needed credits, but that they do not need to get too involved outside of that.


This is a community college without dorms. I don't get involved with the clubs, teams, or organizations. Nor am I part of the dating scene. If I'm awake at 2 AM, something must be wrong. I need my sleep. When I am off campus I am partaking in my life of many obligations and committments. I study a lot in my free time. Otherwise, I am a musician who also plays in a band, so I do that in my off time too.


Student activities include clubs, movie and activity nights, bonfires, etc.


Campus activities. Basically slim to none. Clubs and teams? NOT. Nobody cares, its a commuter school, no dorms. Dating scene, everybody knows each other from high school.


There are many organizations. The organizations often host dinners and game days which is really fun and helps some students get a little fun in between classes. There are not many sports in my school. There is soccer, basketball and a few other sports. I met my closest friends in class. By asking questions to them about homework and by helping each other out. People dont party a lot in my school. They are most interested in studying and getting good grades but on vacations they party a lot. :-D


Since this is a community college, there is a limit to what we have that a four year college has. There are many different types of group to fit different peoples needs. I am involved in the Tutor's Club, which is a club for the tutors at the Woodbridge campus. Another group I am involved in is NSCS, which is the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. This club has many opportunities for you to better your college career and also gives you a chance to experience other things, such as different countries. While I am not on campus I am either at work, studying, or spending time with my family.


The medical programs association such as NSA and phi theta kappa.


I'm not familiar with the activities or groups


The Hispanic Student Union and the Korean Student Association are the oldest associations/clubs on Annandale Campus. I was a member of both associations, they BOTH have committed and devoted members; both clubs are base on sharing their cultures and traditions. Both have activities for all students and sometimes those activities are open for the public. Both associations are very active on Annandale campus either are organizing bake sales, camping, dances, and special events.


I've had to really get out of myself, and I haven't really met anyone I'd typically want to be friends with. It's character building and interesting, though. You'll definitely meet some very interesting people to say the least. Activities and a social life are basically non-existent here. If you have friends in the Northern Virginia area already, though, you're good to go. I unfortunately don't.