Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Searching for parking is a waste of time. I should be able to pay my parking permit and have the option to pick a space or lot. I would pay the extra cost.


The worst thing about my school is its size, it is fairly small despite being community college. Also, despite the fact that there are many campuses, the majors are not all evenly spread across all campuses; certain campuses only have certain majors which is quite an inconvenience in my opinion.


I found orientation little intimidating. There wasn't a lot direction, and I ended up relying solely on the campus map to find my classrooms. It's a pretty small thing to complain about, but as I said before, there aren't many ways to get frustrated at NOVA.


The school is a commuter school, so there is a lack of school spirit. Most students discuss which college they will be transferring to instead of being proud of Norhern Virginia Community College. Even though it is a good school, there is this undelying feeling of shame that you go there.


The size of the school seems smaller than the amount of students that go there. I like the amount of people on the campus, but sometimes it is very congested.


I feel the worst part about my school is it's failure to provide guidance to its students. Students are forced to make many decisions themselves, where the counseling department at the school does little to nothing to assist its students. While I enjoy the school and am capable of making decisions myself, getting guidance from the counseling department would be beneficial, however students often cannot even get counselors to reply to their email, and when in person asking questions, are often disregarded.


The worst thing i consider about my school is that its far away! I live in the suburbs about but i wish i could have the luxury of just driving a few minutes to campus instead of having to travel on the interstate. Traffic in Northern Virginia is tough.


Although there are many wonderful things about NVCC, the worst thing would have to be that it is a commuter school, so there is less of a sense of campus bonding than there might be at a four-year university with live-in dorms. It is much harder to get students involved in campus activities, and you don't get a chance to meet as many other students through extra-curriculars. Even though that's the worst thing, it just means you need to do a little extra work to meet people!


Many of the students retain their "high school" mentality.


I worst thing about my school is the parking costs and that there is no campus life.


Northern Virginia Community College is a good school but there is a minor thing borther students. It is the cafeteria doesn't offer various choices for students; it seems like students see same food everyday. I think food court needs to offer more kind of food. It would be really nice for students who spend10 hours a day at school because all they want is something new in the menu.


The program I am in is a new program so we have been tossed around and many times have not founf out what we are doing until the last minute. We have also gotten some of the worst teachers becasue they were the onlt teachers that were able to teach our class at the last minute.


The atmosphere of the school isn't very welcoming like other colleges I have visited, but it may be because it is a commiunity/commuter school where people come souly for their classes and then go home or work or whatever else they need to do. Its hard to socialize unless you went to the college with someone you already knew or if you end up knowing someone already there to get you involved. I also do not like the fact there is no female soccer team and only intermurals.


The office and staff are not very helpful. They don't answer phone calls or e-mails . In the student finnace department they give you your finacial aid after the payment for tutition is due.


The traffic in the Parking Lot. I have to admit, it is getting better. But the traffic is definitely crazy trying to get out of NOVA at lunchtime.