Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not want to work for their grades.


Someone who is terribly lazy or unmotivated to go to school should not attend this school.


Someone who would like to go to a bigger college or university with that real university life should not go here. Keep in mind this is a community college, designed for students to recieve smaller degrees (or just some credits) before they transfer to the college or university of their choice for their bachelor's or further degree.


People that don't want to do work should not attend this school. I have met a lot of students at NOVA that ended up on academic suspension because they thought a community college would be a breeze.


I am not sure that there is any kind of person that shouldn' t attend this school. The school tries to make an effort to meet the needs of students in all walks of life. It is frustrating for the working adult, at times because offices like financial aid are closed in the evenings. I have to take time off work to go into the college because they won't return phone calls. Financial aid will only deal with you in person.


I think that almost all people could attend my school. Unless of course the person does not want to learn.


A person that doesn't take school seriously.


In my own opinion, I think people who don't care about their study shouldn't go to Northern Virginia Commynity College. They consider Nova just as a place to hang out or kill time while they have no where to go and no plan for their future. It is a waste because Nova tries hard to offer a good environment for who really want to achieve in their career.


Every kind of person should attend this school, especially if this kind of person is trying to aquire their general college education before moving on to their desired transfer school. If you are not economically well budgeted for a more popular and expensive school, I recommend that you attend Northern Virginia Community College being that this is my own case. In regards to this school, I feel that the school has great tuition plans for those working and going to school at the same time. Not being able to pay your tuition at once will not be a problem.


everybody has the right to further their eduaction. I belive that every person who wants to attend college should do it without any boundaries.