Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear me, please look deeply into your soul, and think about what you REALLY want to do. I know it gets cloudy in there, lots of emotions and no idea what they really mean or where they are coming from.I know it 's hard, BUT YOU HAVE TO FOCUS. Think only about what you want, and how far you are really willing to go to get it. This may mean putting work in, in a non-traditionally way. You may have to pave your own path, but you need to make decisions that you can be accountable for. You should definitely start at NVCC, but take it seriously. Pick classes you want to take, that you find interesting, and mix them in with classes that are required and you don't want to take. Make friends, because it's a commuter college, you'll have a diverse pool to pick from. Don't ever doubt yourself, because only you are in charge of your life, and only you can decide where you take it. Work, but do not get distracted from school. Join as many activities as you can, experience as much as you can. Ready...GO!


I would tell myself to pay attention and study more. Beyond that I have not found much useful information to pass on to my high school self.


Talk to academic advisors as much as you can to make sure you are staying on track to getting your degree. Ask as many questions as you want to in the classroom, you are paying them to teach you, if you aren't learning (and you are really trying) then you need to ask the appropriate questions to get you were you need to be. MOST IMPORTANTLY, follow your dreams! Do not let anything slow you down, otherwise you will regret not following the path you wanted to later on in life. Lastly, do not underestimate the challenge of community college you GPA will always follow you, work for it and really apply yourself.


Going back in time, I wish that I could tell my self one thing. Be more prepared. Be more prepared to buckle down and study hard so that you can succeed. College is not a walk in the park, it isn't highschool. This is college! Transitioning from high school is not easy. You have to worry about so much more than just school and sports. You have to learn how to do everything on your own without your parents. So, if I was to go back in time and tell my high school senior self something I would tell them this: learn how to set goals and make plans for success. Always evaluate yourself and move forward.


Knowing what I know now about making the transition from high school to college life, I would tell my high school self to enjoy having everything done for you; that would be the main difference between high school and college for me. There were constant reminders of when assignments were due, constant encouragement to do homework, etc. However, college is a compeltely different story. No one is there to remind you of when you need to turn things in, it's all on you to remember. The professors don't care if you come to class or not, it's your own responsibility to want to be there because it doesn't phase them either way. For example in high school, there were a plethora of inventives for students to come to school and keep absences at a minimum. But in college if you don't show up to class, you can easily fall behind and fail, it's just that simple. Your parents aren't forcing you to go, it's totally up to you whether or not you go, whether or not you pass your classes. You really get a taste of the real world.


High School Clair, Almost 8 years have gone by since you graduated, and a lot has happened since then. Let me begin by telling you that your post-graduation plan, or lack thereof, isn't going to work. I know that you think you're not cut out for college. I know that you feel a sense of responsibility for Mom and for Neil, but the truth is that they'll be fine. You don't need to leave home in order to go to school. Community college is a great idea for you. You'll be able to take care of Mom and be a buffer for Neil while taking classes and working your way toward becoming a teacher. There are a lot of jobs that you can get without a degree, and if you don't act on college you'll get those jobs, but you won't be happy. 8 years will go by, you'll lose Mom, Neil will go live with his father, and you'll realize that you have nobody to live your life for but yourself and you wasted a lot of time. Don't start late. Go to school. Always, Future You


Don't stress. Think about what you want. Think about what you need to do in order to get what you want. What do you want to achieve? It's not about what other people want for you or what they deem success to be. Create short term goals and prepare yourself each day for what is to come. Continue your education proving to others you have what it takes to be great and maintain a certain confidence. Do not allow circumstances or people to get in your way. You have the power to make the ultimate decision and you will have the strength to endure the consequences that will follow. It sounds simple but it will not be easy. Work with the resources you have and the skills and talents you have been blessed with. Grab every oppertunity that comes your way. The only fear you should have is the regret that comes from the lack of courage and hard work. Dream big and do big things. Just breathe. Find hope. You'll get there.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time and give my self advice, I would emphasize the importance of school. Throughout my senior year I got decent grades, but I could have gotten straight A's with a little more effort. I would advise myself to rest more often and focus on the importance of being the best version of myself. For two of my classes, I would advise myself to get the help I needed. The best advice I could give myself would be to embrace who I am, the year ahead of me, and the opportunity to learn. This advice would help me to remember that school, although not always fun, is important and does effect the years to come.


I know you're worried about school, but you don't worry, you'll be just fine I'm going to give you some pointers. I know that you're scared, I mean you're 17 and didn't get into a 4-year school, but that's okay, financially NOVA's a brilliant decision. You don't have to be ashamed about going to NOVA, it's a good school that will provide you w/ a multitude of opportunities. Applying to NOVA is virtually painless so don't worry about getting in. One thing to keep in mind is to actually set up a meeting w/ your 1st year advisor to determine your major--you’ll change it but you'll like the new major better. The best advice I can give you is to work hard but know when to put the pen down and relax more. You're going to be a great student so take a breath and go out w/ your friends. Also, you can be yourself, no one cares that you're bisexual it's not a big deal. Live your life, work hard, make friends, and be yourself. You'll be fine.


Don't let the people tease you about going to community college first. It doesn't make you stupid, in fact, they're going to be telling you how they wish they had done so as well. You will save thousands, and that is a huge deal! Don't go to crazy with your new found freedom. You're not out of the woods yet! Learn how to budget your time and money EFFECTIVELY. It's not the most glamorous aspect of college life, but I promise you it will help you get through it with less pain. Pleasem just work hard, and focus on school. The most importatnt thing is that you learn and thrive.


I would tell myself to finish up strong in high school, go to college and don't let anything get in your way. Not money, career, relationships, nothing!! Get your degree, once you have it, no one can take that away from you and you won't spend the next 32 years of your life explaining why you didn't get your degree. It should be the automatic next step in your life after high school. Bite the bullet, get it done, you won't regret it.


I'm currently going back to community college for some extra classes to qualify for a graduate program and have already earned a bachelor's degree from a four-year college. The best thing I could have told my high school self about college is learn how to manage time now. Time management is vital to success in college. When roommates and friends are having fun and skipping class, remind yourself this fun event will only last a short time and getting the work done now means you can have fun later. Long term success comes with winning the short term battles. Have fun but work hard first. Also, sleep is crucial to do well in class. An all-nighter is never a good idea especially during finals week. You'll feel better and perform better on your test if you get adequate sleep. These were skills that I eventually learned in my undergraduate career and am currently applying in community college. My grades have never been better and I attribute the success to diligent time and sleep management.


There are some things about life you can only figure out through experience. If i had the ability to speak to high school me, I am sure I would assure myself about one thing. As a senior I was worried about many things a typical high schooler would not have on their mind. I was worried that, despite my good academic standing I would not be continuing my education. My single mother of five beautiful girls, could not afford to take on the burden of the cost of college. Although I was devastated, I did not blame anyone for my situation and decided to make the best of it. I would go back in time and tell myself that there are options out there. College is not only for the wealthy. I would emphasize the benefits of a community college and tell myself that my dream of becoming a doctor is achievable. I would also explain to myself that the transition to college level classes are not as difficult as one might perceive. There are many people around campus there to help you and make your life easier.


Everything has a drawback. If it had already happened, it must have had some reasons behind it.


Every year, every day, every moment of our lives counts. If I could go back to when I was in high school, I would tell myself this over and over again. One of the most important lessons I have learned from my college experience thus far is that every day of your life is a gift. Time is precious; we can never get it back. I have so often underestimated this gift. Now I realize, that if we have a goal in mind, we should sieze the opportunity now. Now is the time. Even if we feel like we have not even made a dent at the long time goal, we have made progress. I often used to shy away from striving for goals because I thought my efforts would be in vain. Oh, how I wish I could go back and sieze every moment that I thought I could not do it. Instead of wasting those moments, I would turn them into positive ones of perseverence. Now I know, and now I will live by this: sieze every day and live it as if it were my last. The very first step to succeeding is deciding to try.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would strongly advise myself to take more classes and get more involved in clubs in the arts program. I would say "Stop being so shy and put yourself out there! Talk to people who are in the industry you are interested in and get their advice. Time goes by so very fast. Focus more on your studies and participate more in outside activities. And above all listen to your parents. They understand more than you think and things are not as different in your day as it was in theirs. Except for the social media aspect that is. They know the pitfalls out there and the things you can learn from their experiences are endless. Their advice is invaluable. And last but not least, find confidence within yourself and be happy with you. Don't look to your peers and classmates for validation that you are a valuable, capable and talented person."


Dear Jazmyn This is my letter of advice to you about college life. Jazmyn earn your education while it’s free, because there will come a point when nothing is free. You are still in high school so you are probably not thinking about college expenses. Studying is the key to your success. Step up your study habits, because once you enter college it’s a serious necessity in order to pass. Secure a job and start saving, so you won’t have to take out loans. Do not procrastinate , assignment deadlines come up quickly, it’s better to work on projects and essays in advance. When you start college don’t be afraid to join different student groups and organizations, but don’t put your GPA at risk by getting involved in too many activities. Time management is key! Most importantly, HAVE FUN. This is a major milestone in your life, so make the most of it. Make memories to tell your friends and family. Your ultimate goal in college is to earn an education and prepare for your career. Don’t let anyone stray you away. Jazmyn put God first in everything you do. love you!!!!


After completing high school, many things changed for me. I assumed that after graduation, it was all fun and games. I didn't quite understand the meaning of 'Kicking it into high gear', or 'The sky is the limit'. Like most of my peers, I began attending college in the Fall of 2008; however, I had other priorities that eventually took my full attention. In the Spring of 2009, I began working at a small town cafe. This was my first job out of high school and I was promoted to supervisor within a year. My job quickly took top priority over my schooling and I began working full time. Although I placed my education temporarily on hold, I continued to experience on the job training which made me realize the importance of obtaining my degree for further advancement in my field of interest. Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self that I must surround myself with people with the same drive, goals, and priorities as myself. I would also tell myself that everyday is a learning lesson and there will always be more goals to be achieved


If i could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, i would tell myself to apply to more schools! i wish i had the opportunity to tour and attend other colleges!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is important and more than worth it. In high school I did not see the need for college. I took three years off after graduating. I would tell myself that dreams are important. Without them we can become depressed, feeling like we are on a hamster wheel - going around and around everyday without seeing a point to our lives. This is not really living. It is important to believe in yourself and pursue your passions. Do not get stuck in that rut! You can do whatever you put your mind to - just give it your all. It may be scary to enter new situations without knowing the outcome, but with great risk comes great rewards. Following your passion is a reward in and of itself.


Do NOT be afraid that you aren't good enough to go somewhere else. This is your path and it is a good path. Don't give up on it, and you will find open doors wherever you go.


Northern Virginia Community College is not an easy alternative to a 4 year College or University. NVCC is every bit as challenging as the 4 year institutions if not more so as you are learning things at a faster pace sometimes. If you have the discipline to do so, you can take online courses to help free up your schedule, but you have to be able to keep up with the assignments w/o the regular classroom setting.


If i could go back in time, i would tell myself to stay more open about the choices of colleges. I closed down and was determined to go to one specific school, and i got in but decided that i just didn't want it as much any more before i left. I wish i would have looked at more schools, and i advise to all high school juniors and seniors to keep your mind open about everything. I suggest that you know what you want about the environemnt and campus and stick with your gut.


Never be afraid to try something. As a senior I was afraid to go off to a four year university for two reasons: I was afraid to take out loans and I was also afraid of not being able to make it on my own. I was so stressed out that if I went and didn't make any friends, then I would be stuck in this strange place with out anybody to turn to. I figured if I stayed home atleast I would have that familiar comfort. However after one semester of living at home I have realized how much I am missing out on, the chance to have a roommate or suitemates, the chance to live on my own and prove to myself that I can. Also it frustrates me to know that one of the only reasons I did not go off to school was because I was afraid. Life is to short to be afraid of something and I am sure I wont make that mistake again.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would have straight A's. Going to college, I found that teachers are the most valuable resource you have, and it's shocking how many people don't go to them for help. If you have a question, you should see your teacher as soon as possible. Teachers also give the best advice to get great grades in school, because they have gone through it! My ITE professor told me the first day of class that reading ahead prepares you when you go into the classroom. This could not be more true, and last semester i got all A's. I would also tell myself to go to an acadmecic advisor more often. I wasted lots of money because I thought I knew everything about the classes I needed and where I was going to transfer after community college. Teachers and advisors are great resources and I wish I used them more when I was in high school.


If I could go back to high school, I would advise myself to take college a little more serious the first time around. I was young and stupid when I entered college after high school. Then my dad died and my world changed. I dropped out of college and moved back home to be with mom. Finally, once she was back on her feet, I didn't know what to do with my life, so I joined the military. However, I made another mistake of a young and inexperienced recruit. I didn't sign up for the GI bill. Now as an adult with a family, I am struggling to pay for college and forced to take out huge loans to pay for the classes and textbooks. So, if I could go back and talk to myself, I would slap myself in the face and say, "Wake up!" I would advise myself finish college the first time, and if I did still join the military, to sign up for the GI Bill. I wouldn't want to go back to the past, but I do wish I had made better choices... they not only affect me, but also my family.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a senior in high school I would tell myself to take advantage of all the opportunities I had at my hands. I would advocate asking more questions about college and tell myself put aside my pride in doing so, because asking questions never hurt anyone. My biggest piece of advice would be to tell myself to do research on the major that I was looking into because it requires a great deal of thought being that it would someday be my profession. I would also tell myself to remain focused, but also to have fun because while it is great to be driven and determined it is also essential to have fun too; there has to be a balance. Then I would tell myself about college life and the responsibilities and independence that came along with it. I think that if I knew then what I know now I would have been much more prepared for college life, but that would have taken the adventure and excitement out of the experience.


"You need to write this 3000 word essay by tomorrow and it must be perfect because I'm preparing you for college." That is the most redicoulous statement I have ever heard. Why are high school educators so concentrated on making life difficult for their students? If I could go back in time and prepare myself better for college life, I would do so by realizing that school is not as hard as high school educators make it out to be. College life is fun, and provides an excellent learning enviornment. If more high school students were prepared for what college actually is, and not how hard it will be and how they will probably not succeed, I feel that more students would try to get in school, I feel students would do better, and I feel that students would be better prepared to handle the responsiblities of college. So, what would I tell myself if I could go back in time? I would tell myself to not worry, college is not hard, not easy, but not hard, and is a very enjoyable learning expierence.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships beforehand and take advantage of the opportunities that are out there for young people. I would also tell myself to stay focused and have goals instead of being content with some new jordans. The end of highschool and the end of being a teenager are some of the crucial years of your life. The decisions that you make impact your life significantly. I would tell myself to be more involved in the college searching process. Last but not least, i would tell myself not to skip so much. College life is serious and the transition is very different. The company you keep and your habits might overwhelm you, but its up to you to stay focused.


If I could go back to visit myself in high school and deliver some pearls of wisdom about college life I woulf first tell myself not to be nervous: everyone is feeling uneasy about the first day and it will bring the student body closer together. I would also tell myself not to take my easy life for granted because living on your own while working, paying bills, and attending class full time is the hardest thing you will experience- enjoy the time you have living at home with your mom, but prepare yourself for all the responsibilities that lay ahead. On a more sentimental note, I would tell myself to thank Mr. Calfee, my IB Biology and chemistry teacher because he is the person who single handedly prepared me for college level learning: the rigorous studying techniques, time management, and overall knowledge that he bestowed upon me has benefitted me greatly, I owe my overall success to him, hands down. Thank you.


How many times I've asked myself this question. I would tell myself to slow down. College isn't a race. You have to be able to spend time enjoying what you're learning. It's not about just picking a major or minor and sticking with it. College is about finding yourself and figuring out the type of person that you want to be; values and morals and things that interest you. Understand that there is no rush. Everything will come in time. Just remember to enjoy everything. Join clubs and groups so that you can meet amazing people that will impact your life. Get a part time job for the experience. Make a lasting friendship with the last person you would ever be friends with. With all of this said I think the biggest and most important thing I would want to tell myself is to be happy. Be happy with myself and with the choices that I make because most times you only get to make that choice once.


I would tell my self quiting is not an option. I would encourage myself to have a wide horizon as to what I want to do with my life, work on my general education requirements first, and explore areas of interest to find my true major/minor. I would warn myself to be very protective of my study time. I would encourage myself to get involved in things I have never tried before, or have always wanted to try, but limit my social involvement so i can stay focused on my studies. I would tell myself I must look for scholarships, and handle my money wisely - and encourage myself to search and find a system. And again, I would strongly urge mywself never to become a part time student, because allowing one foot out the door often causes the second to follow soon after. I would also remind myself that with out a college degree, I will have minimal oppurtunities for promotion. I would encourage myself that I can do this! I can be a college graduate!


looking back on myself as fresh out of highschool, there are many things that I wish I had known. If I were able to give myself a pep talk at that time from the point of view I now have, there are a few things I would have strongly highlighted. Primarily I would have impressed upon myself the importance of consistency in mental motivation as well as academic motivation. I would have reminded myself that the goal of education is not the grade, but fulfillment of your intellectual abilities. I have discovered learning to be about so much more than grades and in order to learn anything correctly, the subject must be appreciated and cherished. I wish I had known how to develope a relationship with my studies as I now know how to do. One should choose classes like one chooses freinds, there should be something about them that already interests you, which will captivate your mind and motivate you to get to know the subject more. Being driven by grades and not love of the subject matter ends in exhaustion, frustration, and ultimate unhappiness. If you study what you love, good grades will follow as will intellectual fulfillment.


Get yourself out there! The best advice I could give is that no one can get to know you if you don't let them! Even though it can be difficult to talk to new people, others are just as nervous as you are and will appreciate a friendly conversation. Sitting silent in class, leaving as soon as class is dismissed, and avoiding extra-curriculars out of a fear of not knowing anyone only ensures one thing: that you will continue to not know anyone. The first step is to strike up a conversation with someone in class. Since you are already taking the class together, you have something in common and have straightforward topics of conversation. Once you get to know people, you can find out their interests, what campus activities they do, and where they catch up with friends. Even if you don't become best friends with the first few people you meet, they may introduce you to other people or to great activities that will become a lasting part of your life. If nothing else, you will have reached out to others and made their lives better. Now that's something to be proud of!


To start off, i never really tryed very hard in my classes because all i was really interested in was culinary, but i still did all my homework. I would start off by saying not to mess up and to try in this world because it is very rare that you can catch a break. If you dont try in this world you will not succeed because you have to try hard and study to get where u want to be. Money, nice cars, big houses, good jobs dont just fall on your lap. If you wont to be the best then show that you are the best by trying and doing all you can to be something great in this world.


Given the chance to go back in time to tell myself all the things I now know, I'd only have one thing to tell: be better prepared. I'd let myself know to start working as soon as possible so as not to have to worry about financial problems. I'd also most likely tell myself to stay focused, study hard and quit procrastinating. After that, I'd wish myself good luck and hope for the best seeing as how I'm a bit too stubborn for my own good but still determined. Nothing more and nothing less.


I would make it a distinct point to tell myself to do what makes me happy. Happiness is key. From what I learned, you can make a good living and be extremely happy by doing a job that you love going to every day. When I was a senior in high school, I only wanted to be wealthy when I got out of college. Throughout my college career, and going from major to major, I have finally decided that I don't need to be rich. I NEED to be happy and enjoy what I do. I need to do something that makes me feel important. Like I matter. Like I make a difference in the world. That is the main and most important point of advice that I would give myself 4 years ago.


If I were able to visit myself as a high school senior to give advice, I would tell the old me to be more mature. The importance of maturity in life as well as the classroom would have done wonders for me now if I had it. High school was a time when my maturity level was quite low, I would neither study nor complete assignments when they were due. Maturity is the single most important aspect in succesful learning. Focus and drive are both derived from maturity and having that at a young age is extraordinary. In retrospect, my former lack of focus and drive was repulsive compared to the person I am now. I am a completely different person than I used to be and I see education as a reward and not a hassle as I once formally did. If I had known to follow my own path sooner and act more like an adult when those around me were nothing but, I would be in a much brighter future. Seeing as that I cannot actually go back in time, I will continue and strive to be the best I can be in my academic career.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to focus more on school and not worry so much about friends and if my hair looks good today or if I look good in a certain outfit. Having started attending my local community college during the summer, I realized that goofing off during high school wasn't such a smart thing and how important it is to study hard and make good grades. In college, you are given the respect as an adult however you are expected to act like an adult. You don't have the luxury of missing an assignment and getting away with it, your actions have concequences. When you have to work to pay your way through college you have a different outlook on how well you will do in that class because you may have to meet a certain grade and if you don't you have to take the class again and pay for it again. I realized that the decisions I made during high school do have a reflection on my college education.


I would have done better with my grade so i could have been eligible for more grant so i wounldn't have to take out loan. Been more active with sports and school activities


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about the transition from High School to college I would tell myself that it is possible for me. I would let myself know and make myself understand that even though no one in my family has gone to college and that I had always been told and forced to feel as I would never be able to amount to much, I could. That through dedication, determination, and influence from a wonderful woman you will meet in 2008, you can not only go to college and do extremely well through it, but become a person that you never thought or had dreamed you could be. I would let myself know that there is nothing to fear and that I could finally prove to everyone who said I couldn't go to college and live the life I wanted to wrong and prove myself that I can do everything I wanted and have all my hopes and dreams become a reality.


Go to a community college first. Save money and prepare for transfer.


I would tell my high school self to not stress much in high school - it's not important. That doesn't mean to not pursue, but don't stress. Also, don't believe that college is too hard, infact, it's easier than high school. Furthermore, focus on scholarship and be ready to become responsible and to always have a goal infront of you.


I would tell myself to prepare for college. I would rell myslef that college is academically challenging, but the freedom is great. The freedom of being able to choose your own classes as well as the times.


If I was to go back in to time and be able to speak to myself I would say "don?t stop going to school Roberto". "Keep on going no matter how embarrassed you are about being the only chef with one arm. You know that you can do this and that it doesn?t matter what anyone thinks because when you can get through this you know that any other adversity will be a piece of cake".


First of all, I would tell myself keep your head in those books and stop looking at those boys. I now realize that my education is much more important and boys are always going to be their; no need to get hooked on them in highschool. I would then tell myself to show a little more respect to my teachers. Its amazing what your teachers will do for you when you show them respect. I would also tell myself do ALL your homework. In college not doing your homework and doin your homework can be the difference between an "C" and a "D" or a "A" and a "B". I would also tell myself to show your friends that you love them a little more. That is the hardest thing for me right now; trying keep myself together without my best friends. In college its like you have to start all over. You have to figure who has your best interest at heart; you have to look pass the mask that the person is wearing. These are a few things I would tell myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior.


I would of told myself to push more and get all of the credits possible instead of getting out of school early.


Study a little bit more in my SATs to get better scores and apply to moe colleges than i did.


If there was anything that I could say to myself as a college student today, I would tell myself nothing but stay focused. Any little thing can get in your way as you go. Money, relationships, friends, a job, any of the following things can get you distracted in an instant. I know as a student all of the following things have shown me a different meaning to concentration. High school is required and college is not. I know that as a student I am very determined, never give up, never let anything get in the way of your heart. You set out as a student and you give one hundred and ten percent, never less. College is not a joke and you WILL get far in life with this type of education. Stay strong and determined. Have faith.


I wasted time because I lacked of information before I went to Northern Virginia Community College. Thus, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would help myself prepare three things. First, English is the most important thing need to be developed. I must seriously study on the right track, which is focusing on listening and speaking, to avoid being confusing in my first year. Second, I had to learn the convenient of Internet. Everything is on the internet so I would tell myself go look for information of schools and I would recommend Northern Virginia Community College as the top of the list. Lastly, knowing about the favorite major is the key to success. I should ask myself at that time to gather more information about pharmacy, the career I liked. Therefore, I could have a full image in my head about what a pharmacist really does and how to be a pharmacist. Thanks for the chance to go back in time. I think I would fix some mistakes I made in study so I wouldn't waste much time struggling around as I did.