Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What's unique about my campus would be the diversity and the types food being provided.


The best thing about Northern Virginia Community College is the opportunity it provides for people. It is an affordable option for many people who want to move forward in their education, but can not afford a four-year university. It also supports dual enrollment. I was able to be dual-enrolled and finished my senior year early while obtaining college credits.


The best thing about NOVA is the opportunity to pursue your degree at any age, no matter where you are in your life plans or career


The availability of classes at multiple campuses.


The ability for a student to develop their independance and focus on their future. Northern Virginia Community college is a great pathway from highschool to a four year university or two year degree. The cost effective alternitive allows a student to take some time and figure out what they wish to persue later on. Along with finacial aid and flexible payment options, Northern Virginia Community college has allowed me to get my education despite the fact that my family could never have afforded to send me to college due to our circumstances and I am forever greatful for that fact.


Northern Virginia Community College is the best college school I have ever attended. The school has great professors who sacrifice their time to teach students during and after class hours. The school and its staff understands what it takes for a student to pay for college. So with the help of Financial Aid, they assist all students to help pay for college. When it comes to their personal assisstance and services, Whala! they have great communication skills and good interpersonal relationship with their students. I believe that the good works of NVCC makes it the best community college in Virginia.


NVCC will take anyone at any level and give them opportunities that they would not have anywhere else. They operate developmental math and English courses, offer free tutoring in any subject, and provide a rich variety of intermediate-level courses in many different academic areas. I owe NVCC my entire career; I found myself and found how to go forward in ways I would not have anywhere else.


Northern Virginia community college is a great camus. There is a lot of potencial for the school. They have many student attending the school and a lot of very great and experienced professors. The campus is very well organized and its a great and friendly enviroment. The best thing about the school is that there are student from over 150 different countries in the world, and that is pretty amazing.


The best thing about NVCC is that it provides me with an excellent education while still being fairly inexpensive. I feel that I am getting a quality education that will prepare me for when I transfer to traditional four year college.


The best thing about my school are the guidance counselors. Without them we would not be able to make the correct choices and look throught the best options available for each student's unique situation. Counselors are available everyday of the week during office hours and also through walk-ins. Those who cannot come in at a specific day can schedule their own appointments with their personal counselors. I have had a tough experience going back to school after a rough economic drop-down, but with the advice of certain counselors I have been able to go back to school.