Northland College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Looking at Northland from the outside you see an Environmental Liberal Arts college. This may seem very specific and uninteresting to the prospective student from the outside looking in. However, Northland has so much more to offer, with its extracurricular activities along with its amazing science program. When I first applied at Northland I picked Environmental Geo-Science as my major, not really knowing what was in store. After just one semester I am now completely in love with my classes and professors that I will have over the next four years!


Northland College is know for being an eco-conscious college, and one of the most environmentally focused campuses in the United States. There are many environmentally friendly policies in effect like getting most of the campus' energy from on site solar panels and windmills. Classes at Northland have small professor to student ratios, so there is a real sense of community. Students and professors really get to know each other as peers.


Within the city of Ashland, Northland College is well-known for being a green, liberal oasis within a rather conservative region. Despite a political contrast, students are known as outgoing, friendly, and engenged in the surrounding communities, which includes other regional towns and Native American reservations. Beyond the northwoods, Northland is an iconic environmental school, which is the first thing that attracts prospective students' attention.


They are best know for being a leader of the Green League, a group of colleges and schools that are dedicated to being ecologically and environmentally supportive. They are known for their small class sizes, large amounts of financial aid for freshman, and a staff that is passionate about what they are teaching, more than any that I have seen in a state school.


Northland is probably best known for how environmentally friendly it is. Often associated with, "Hippies."


Northland is known as one of the oldest and most effective environmental liberal arts colleges in the United States. Northland is known for small classes, approachable students, and flexible curriculum.


Northland is best known for its environmental appeal. Every class has an environmental theme to it and the connections between classes are relevant. Professors work together to combine multiple ideas into their classes. Along with our classes, our campus features many sustainable buildings. We pride ourselves on minimizing our impacts on the environment.


My school is best known for being Environmentally Friendly, having small class sizes, small campus, and a close knit community.


Northland College is best known for the focus on our environment and a liberal arts education. Orientation is an outdoor off campus experience and the general/liberal arts education classes required to graduate are in blocks in order that they all relate to each other through a theme like Lae Superior or Sustainable Agriculture. The community is very open and excitable about all kinds of subjects openg many doors to students.


Northland College is best known for its commitment to the natural world. Everyone has an outdoor orientation trip and takes classes enough to earn an environmentla studies minor. There are numerous initiatives on campus to improve the "greenness" of the school and the location on a ravine next to Lake Superior helps bring the outdoor experiences and knowledge together!


Hippie College! and for its Outdoor education program


Northland College is best known for its longstanding committment to the environment. That being said, strong majors are Geoscience, Natural Resources and Outdoor Education. The students that attend Northland tend to be nature-oriented, active people.


Being the leading environmental college well before people thought of being green. Size of the college


Our school is best known for our small size, our environmental liberal arts focus, and the quality of education that we recieve.


Our school is known for our environmental liberal arts programs. Every class opens your eyes to what is going on in the world and how we can change for the better. The buildings have Sustainable Structures like wind mills and solar panels, to lower the Colleges Carbon foot print. Due to small class sizes, students get to know the Professors and are able to have one on one time with them. The student body has a lot of say as to how the College is run.


Northland College is a college dedicated to the students and the environment. The students here are very into their studies and work very hard every day. Everyone on campus is very friendly and you will have a wide varitey of friends. The Professors here are very passionate about what they do and care deeply for each and every student. The sport teams are well known within the conference. Playing a sport at Northland is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. The friends you will make here will last for a life time.


Northland College is best known for it's attention to the environment. The school has solar panels and a wind turbine that helps produce power to run the dorms. This school is very environmentally conscious and loves the earth. It is a small school but non the less making a difference in the colleges of today.


Being environmentally conscious. We're one of the best, if not the best, schools for the outdoorsy types. Even our literature classes end up going for cannoe trips, or overnight camping in the woods we have right on the campus.


Northland is known for being green. We try to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can. We have windmills, solar panels, huge composters, and geothermal wells to move us along a "waste reduction" and "carbon neutral" path. There is an environmental conscience throughout campus, although we do have a great diversity of political opinions, world views, and religious backgrounds. Our outdoor education department is a big emphasis and attraction. Students are very involved in campus activites, clubs, political activism and administrative decisions.