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It is a liberal arts school with a strong emphasis on conservation. Northland College is also a private school with less than 700 students.


Northland College has a deep understanding and history of environmentalism and what it means to be rooted in and with nature. Each class, from science courses to history courses, is delivered with undertones of conservation and the relationship that humans have with the earth. This evident connection that is shared from instructors to students ripples into the social realm of the campus. It is unique to Northland College that the faculty and students are compassionate stewards to our friends and to our home.


Northland is a small, private liberal arts school, so the education and approach to education is very different from other schools. There is a large focus to make sure that students receive the best, well-rounded education that they possibly can.


My school is unique because it


Nortland College has been able to offer many wonderful components to its community in a variety of ways. The strongest valued elements of Northland College is its location. The college is located about a mile from Lake Superior, which is surrounded by dynmanic beaches and dense forests. This creates a unique setting avalaible for the use of edcuation, serenity, and constructive developments at Northland College. The shared importance of the environmental relationship draws each member of the college into this close knit community.


Geographic location; environmental focus; affordability


Northland College has an underlying environmental theme in most classes, which are usually less then 30 people. The professors are excited about what they teach because they decide the curriculum and are accessable for help outside of class if you need it. Student professor relationships are firnedly and not overly formal. You get to spend time outside for class or for fun in multiple ecosystems, with or wihout shoes as you like. Northland is small and integrated into the local communties allowing great experiencial coursework. Northland is also located in the shore of Lake Superior!


Compared to other schools I considered, Northland has small class sizes and the professors are on a first name basis with each student. At Northland, there isn't much of a professor-student gap; however, the professors are very knowledgeable, experienced, and respected. I also liked the location of Northland and the resources available to it such as Lake Superior, The Pine Barrens, and The Bad RIver Tribe.


Northland College is a very environmentaly friendly school. All of the professors are always willing to help you succeed in whatever you are trying to accomplish. Also, the students are all very friendly and wanting to make the earth a better, healthier place to live.


The education I receive at Northland College is displayed in a unique and effective manor. The school I attend offers connections programs rather than generals. For this program you learn different aspects about one topic. For example, in one program one might have sociology, math, geography, and biology all dealing with a specific region . This allows one to fully understand a concept or a place and truely feel connected to it.


What's unique is that Northland College is a private school and is much smaller than other schools I considered and for this reason the community is very close and the learning experience is much more personal.