Northland College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Northland College is absolutely beautiful in every aspect. Since it is such a small campus everyone gets to know everyone and it makes it easy to make lifetime friends. All of the faculty and staff is also very helpful and polite. Athletics, as well as other activities are irreplacable. The school also gets half of its cheese and other food products from local farms.


I brag about small classes which allow to me have a personal relationship with my professors to enrich my educational expeirence. I also brag about the vast opportunities that the Ashland area has to offer, for example the outdoor activities and the community involvement. I also talk about all the opportunities that Northland has opened up to me, for example orientation leader, and a summer job in the Boundary Waters. Overall I have a lot to brag about when it comes to me school.


The freedom that is given to me here at Northland College. The choices of friends and classes that are very interactive with one another. Its an experience you'd never forget!


When i tell my friends about how GREAT Northland is i always end up saying that im around really great people all the time and that we are located in a very bautiful place. All i can do is wake up happy everyday.


The outdoor activities available.


The small class sizes and the availability of professors for help or just a trained professional to chat about the subjects we love. Location


I love sharing the natural beauty of the North woods with Visitors. I take people hiking through the national forest, canoeing on Lake Superior, picnicing on the grassy hills, romping through the ravine on campus, and playing in the snow all winter! The people here are laid back, supportive, kind, and goofy. Northland College offers something for everyone. Potlucks are plentiful and often, so come armed with a fork and an appreciation for local organic goodies.


Activities and what the town is like