Northland College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any highschool student that has an interest in the environment should very carefully consider attending Northland College. The college has many hands on classes which makes learning fun and easy to accomplish. There are also many opportunities in the classroom because of the small campus. With having small class sizes, the one on one time with teachers affects your grades for the better. Also if an environmental degree is not for you there are many other options such as a buisness or an art degree for example. This is why anyone intersted in the environment should attend Northland College.


Outdoorsy, close to nature, and very active people should attend this school. Those who like partying and getting involved with the world abroad also can find their homes here.


Anyone who is intrested in liberal arts degree, Anyone who loves being in the outdoors. Northland is a very green school with beautiful scenery and plenty of room to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Also who wants to be part of the enviorment.


People who have a love for science and art. People who are environmentally friendly.


environmentaly friendly people


A person who not only cares about the environment, but wants to live a lifestyle that is eco-friendly as well. Any student who favors personal teacher-student relationships that have an almost high school feel with absolutely love this school. What Northland offers to its undergraduates is an in-depth look at the watershed and ecosystem around Lake Superior, with hands on classes and alot of educational events.


Someone who is interested in sciences and the environment. Should love a small school environment with lots of open friendly people. Should love to be outdoors a lot and interested in the liberal arts idea of the school. Should love having fun on a regular basis!


Northland College has a very big variety of the people that go there. You can find about any type of person at Northland, which is surprising for how small of a school it is. People come to Northland from all around the United States, and I even know a student who came all the way from England. If you find a major that you would enjoy Northland is the place for you.


Northland is great for people who love to be outdoors, who are looking to connect to their surroundings, who care about the environment, and are open to more than one way of learning. It's a great place for social activists and artists, entrepreneurs and athletes, and anyone who wants to have a good time! Don't expect to remain anonymous- we are a close-knit bunch of folks who care about each other and want to see our peers succeed.


Self-motivated, fun-loving, winter-appreciating, community-focused individuals with hearts of gold.


Northland is laid back, but if you're an ambitious student you will get what you put into it. The teaching staff is excellent, and class sizes are small. There is a strong community of basically every type you could imagine yourself in, from nerds to gays to jocks to you-name-it. While the college emphasizes some more liberal values, conservatives have been known to fit in if they're laid back and, most importantly, intelligent.


Enviromentally safe and people that like to camp


Anyone looking for a smaller setting. Our class sizes are small enough that class discussions are very common and strongly encouraged. Students know their professors on a first name basis. Relationships between students and professors are much closer than at larger universities. The professors really care about your sucess and are very encouraging. At Northland, we learn the skills necessary for life, instead of just the straight facts. Any person looking for a great education at a school taking action oto achieve sustainability, with a more personal relationship to their professor, will fit in very well.