Northland College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who isn't open to alternative forms of learning should not attend this school. Since Northland College is an environmental and liberal school, classes aren't run in the traditional format. Classes may be held outside, may be only discussion-oriented, or run by students altogether. There are many different paths to take, but if you aren't open to new things, Northland isn't for you.


What kind of person should not attend Northland? I cannot properly answer this quesiton, as dictating who should and should not attend is not my place. Anyone who wants to attend Northland should try to as the faculty are typically stupendous and willing to be there for the students. Also, even if someone who "shouldn't" attend Northland comes, I bet they will leave Northland in the "should" category as you cannot come here without gaining different tidbits of knowledge about the local culture, sustainability, and a new idea about their role in everyday society.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Northland College is an individual who will not obtain a career path of their choice. Otherwise I believe that attending Northland can offer an eduation with unique learning opportunities. Since Northland College has a smaller population of students and more personal relationships with the professors, students can gain more people and study skills. Northland College also offers 5 - 14 days orientation trips to provide an awareness of the surrounding areas, which generally contributes a distinctexperience for the incoming students. By attending Northland College, students will gain more then an education.


People who are looking for a wide variety of majors and people who need a lot of social stimulation should not attend Northland.


Someone who is looking for a large city or a large campus. Northland is very small and everyone knows everyone. There are fantastic professor student relationships so someone who needs one on one help should be here. Students who want s party scene should not come, and students who plan on skipping class should not come. Since the professors know you it is hard to get away with missing class.


Northland College is a liberal arts school for the most part. People here are very open and welcoming, the teachers get to know you and even though its a small school its worth attending. The school is filled with things to do, Northland College even helps out with Ashlands community.


Anyone that doesn't want to be surrounded by upper-middle class white kids.


Someone who is close minded should not attend this school. Northland offers experiences that aren't necessarily part of the normal college experience and much can be learned from these experiences, but one must be open to these. Also, someone looking for a large university should not attend. Northland is a small school and feels small too.


I think everyone is very accepting here at Northland, but id say if you are not open minded, and are not ready for little twists on things Northland is not the place for you. Everyone here is very open and ready to learn and meet new people.


Anyone who needs a big city with lots of diversity


I wouldn't say that anyone shouldn't attend this school. Anyone could come here and enjoy it. Some may have a problem with it because it is an outdoors oriented college. So people who dislike the outdoors or are a little skittish about it may be uncomfortable about some aspects of the school, but anyone could come here.


Those who do not appreciate the outdoors, or people with chionophobia. Also, individuals who do not actively participate in a small communal setting. Boring people.