Northland College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Northland College is the lack of diversity and understanding about multicultural students. As a student from a mixed bakground, there aren't many people that are like me and can relate to me. In a small school, this makes it especially difficult.


While this school is better than most when it comes to environmental awareness, the most frustrating aspect of Northland is, that because of our size, more often than not donor money is not used to improve our environmental efficiency.


That, at times, they don't communicate with their students very well.


That there is a certain type of person who goes to Northland college and for a lot of students if you don't fit into that category it isnt the right place for you.


The most frustrating thing about Northland College, is that it is a private collegel. Private colleges have their advantages and disadvantages. For Northland, the disadvantage is that it is more expensive to attend. Tuition is around five to ten thousand dollars more than a public university.


I find the most frustrating thing to be the lack of emphasis and enforcement on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials. There is very easy access to recycling bins all over campus, but for some reason, a great number of students ignore them. The amount of recyclables that are found in trash bins is infuriating. I believe the Environmental Council on campus needs to fix this and SOON.


the social divide between the different groups of people


I would have to say that the dorms could really be upgraded. They are decent but dorms like Mead could use a new bathroom or painting of the hallway.


Having only 550 students on campus.


My financial situation, as well as the immaturity and cliquiness of students here.


There are not too many things that are frustrating, but the biggest complaint would be the curriculum required for graduation. When I was signing up for classes after I graduated high school this summer it was really confusing trying to figure out what classes I should take. There was a lot of miscomunication about what classes I needed to take. The miscomunication was figured out however, and looking at it now it's not too complicated.


The buisness office has no organisation making paperwork hard to process.


Sometimes the small size can be limiting. Being located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin there is not much diversity. However, the size is not always a problem because students are able to call their professors by name and there are small class sizes.


Lack of support from the higher up people on campus, i.e. the dean, the president.