Northland College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Northland I would have liked to be informed of the benefits of utilizing your advisors and professors. With such a small ratio of students to professors there is a massive untapped benefit of communicating with them. Every professor here at Northland takes a personal intrest in me because of how personable I have become with them. Letting them know the way you work and think gives you the benefit of the doubt when the going gets tough and when you want to push yourself to learn more about your field.


One of the first things i wish i would have know about going to Northland is how beautiful of a school and campus it is, its gorgeous and really opens students eyes getting them to reach into different degrees such as agriculture and engineering.


I wish I would have known how much opportunity that Northland College offered for success. This school is very hands on and there are tools that you gain here that you can't get anywhere else. Northland is more focused on doing the actual work rather than listening to a lecture. I also wish I would have known how science oriented this school is. If I knew half of what Northland had to offer I would have chosen to come here quicker.


How flexible their financial aid is! They are extremely "helpful and nurturing" as our college President rightly says. Besides our Academic and Achievement-based scholarships they have a lot of other unique financial aid incentives like a $1000 scholarship given to students that stay on campus the first year, which is required anyways. Also I feel that it's a huge bonus to know how personable and helpful the office of financial aid is and how they can give you extensive assistance in helping -where needed- to close the gap of whatever funds you need to pay for tuition.


There are a lot of amazing people, but you cant get too attached to anyone, Everyone goes there own way


More about the classes my school offered and better planning for the whole four years.


I wish I had known that about certain classes before i had registered with someone over the phone. The first semester of my school year was pretty dull for me due to the fact about being placed into a block with four classes that i really wasnt interested in. They were nice to learn about, but it didnt fit into what I wanted to do in life, so the classes lacked my interest. I wish I would have been able to choose all my classes right from the beginning, because they would have been my interest level.


I wish I had known the real number of students that attend the school. There are fewer students than I had anticipated, and in the first term, when you are limited to only your fellow freshmen as classmates, it gets hard to breathe. As time continues, though, it definitely improves.


I was super nervous before I came to school thinking that it would be hard to make new friends and fit in. The first day on campus, everyone was so nice and accepting of everyone. Since it’s a small community, the students are all about being a family and helping one another and making sure the freshmen are adjusting well. I also wish I new how many school events are held by the students., there is always something fun to do on campus. Also, a lot of volunteering opportunities to make a difference in the community and the world.


There is nothing I can think of at this tiome that I wish I had known prior to attending Northland.


I wish I would have known that the campus was very calm and chill place. Everyone here is laid back and easy going. It makes the campus setting much more enjoyable and less stressful. I thoroughly enjoy walking to classes (which are also very close to the dorms and all other buildings) and meeting new people. Everyone is friends with everyone; the jocks hang out with the smart kids (for example). It is a diverse campus of people, yet we are all close knit.


Its all about the hippies. The other more conservative students tend to get the shaft in the way of policies, class subjects, and funding.