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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

My college experience has been unbelievably stretching, amazing, and refreshing. As a freshman, I took a full load of classes as well as worked about 20 hours on campus. My first year was full of new experiences as I learned to manage my time carefully, to make my own decisions, to meet many new people, and to be independent. Coming from a very small town, I was amazed at the ability to then choose my friends from the many fellow students from around the world. I greatly enjoyed the fast-paced college life, the mentally invigorating classes, and the opportunity to become my own person. In my sophomore year, I am learning to appreciate friendships with people and the limited time that I have with them. Through taking more classes related to my degree, I have become confident that I can and will pursue piano pedagogy as a career. My piano ability has developed quite dramatically in just a brief time. Although this year is unbelievably hectic, I am enjoying my focus on music and academics. My college years will pass very quickly, but I am confident that I will reap the benefits for the rest of my life.

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I have learned many things that will benefit me in my education and degree. Hower I have learned some valuable skills as well, such as how to mannage time and mannage your study time to stay focused. I realy enjoyed that my college made first time students take college 103, so therefore college woildnt be so scary and you learn valuable tools that can help you through your whole degree process. College is more self oriented, meaning that you do alot of stuff for yourself, such as teachers dont tell you you need to study everyday like highschool does, you are suposed to do your studies on your own. Colleges have dedicated professors and they are willing to help in any way. You learn independent study tips and you get to see the real world. College is the best thing that i ever decided to persue. Not only have i learned what it takes to be a succesfull teacher but i have also learned how to be a creator and be responsible for my actions. I control my destiney and i control and am responsible for things that take place in my life. I learned a lot of resposniblity.

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Through my time at Northland I've learned the value of education and gained a greater desire to learn. The faculty and staff have greatly impacted my life and encouraged me to accomplish things that I never thought I would be able to do. However, most importantly, through my time in college I have learned a lot about trusting God and following His will for my life. I believe it is God's will for me to be attending Northland, and I know that He has given me the strength and ability to complete the education that I have completed up to this point. I've struggled to come up with the finances to attend Northland so far, but God has been providing for me financially and I know that He will provide the finances for me to complete my education at Northland. Although college has been challenging and has stretched me on every level, I am so thankful for the education I am receiving and for God's providing this education for me.

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