Northpoint Bible College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't be afraid. Enjoy every moment. These will be some of the best and fastest years of your life. Slow down and take time to enjoy living and learning with your best friends.


During my high school senior year I was suffering from a mental illness. The one piece of advice I would give myself is to listen to my gut. I should have listened to my gut which was telling me that I was not ready to move away when I tried attending college away from home. I should have listened to my gut when I was doubting my intellectual capabilities regarding school. People should always listen to their gut when pursuing education. They should not pursue a major their parents want them to, or that pays well; the majors worth pursuing are those that one is passionate about. If a student enjoys certain hobbies, joining a certain club or organization is what he should do. College is a once in a lifetime experience and one should do exactly that—experience life. I do not mean to go out and drink or do drugs, but try things. See a musical, concert or walk along the beach. After college, one enters the workplace and one does not have as much free time as he used to. A college student should experience life before his work and bills and everything get in the way.


College has prepared me and taught me so much about the real world. Being in college, you have to be more independent than you ever were in high school. The work load is much more intense and you really cannot procrastinate assignments. In high school, I would always wait until the last minute to do a project or an essay, but when I got to college, I realized that it would not be possible to do that anymore and earn a good grade. In college, your education is on you. If you do not put in your best effort, you will fall back and not do well. Occasionally there will be some professors that will help you get your act together, but for the most part, it is the students' responsibility to achieve the grades and degree they are striving for.


Dear Tanisha, I know that it is your senior year and you are hoping to coast until graduation, but I have to warn you: Your grades from this year WILL affect your GPA. I know that you really want to throw your discipline out the window, but I promise you that if you do, when you go to college, it will be a lot harder getting back into the routine of regular studying and proofreading your papers because you won't have time to and will resort to last minute cramming and latenight papers. Most importantly, I beseech you to cherish your high school friendships. Bond with people whom you have never talked with. You have been so stuck in your comfort zone of friends for so long, you have nothing to talk about with the rest of your class. Seek them out and make friends with people whom you have never spoken to. Choose one freshman to pour into and prepare for the rollercoast they have coming up. Love them and be there for them when they need you. You will make it, graduation will come sooner than you think, trust me. PS. Take AP Spanish, you love it.


Going back in time to talk to myself would be a fantastic opurtunity. I would tell myself not to waste away your first semester. Get yourself into good routines then and to make them habits. That wasting your first semester away could make you loose focus on the important things and set he road ahead for what you will do in the future. I would also tell myself to take all the opurtinitys that you can because the more experience you get in the ministry early the eiasier it would be later. I would tell myself not to focus on anything else but school. I would say to GET YOUR READING DONE EARLY, becasue I fell behind on my reading very quickly. Look for as many scholarships as you can even in college becasue the books are expensive. Dont forget why your going where your going either becasue God called you. Stay strong in all your disciplines and do your community work its required so stay on top of it. Five hours of work may not sound like much but it adds up. Dont forget who your doing this for and dont let your parents tell you that you cant.