NorthWest Arkansas Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


NWACC is possibly best know for the outstanding desire their faculty has to help their students. In my time attending NWACC i have never heard anyone complain about any of their professors based on their ability to teach. I have experience for myself the dedication and determination that the faculty at NWACC have when it comes to student progress.


NWACC has always been called the school with no walls. It held classes all over but with time and dedication it has grown to a campus school with many options. The school is very popular in our area and everyone loves it. It is a great place to learn to achieve a degree. The instructors are personla and helpful. It is a kind and caring school.


Northwest Arkansas Community College is known mostly for its excellence in preparing students to a four year degree instiution. In addition, the two year programs offered here at the college is outstanding as the school provide these students with the proper education and skill in committing to excellence when in their chosen profession. I feel after I have graduated, I will be better prepare to take on my profession in law enforcement.


-Inexpensive tuition -Very friendly and knowledgeable professors and administrators -Colorful people from all backgrounds -Flexible schedules


NorthWest Arkansas Community College is best known for being the second - largest two-year community college in the state of Arkansas.


Northwest Arkansas Community College is best known for it's nursing program. Even though I am not a part of the Nursing Program, I feel priviledge to be a part of a college where it is visually evident that students strive for a successful future, as well as having instructors who work equally as hard to ensure the success of the their students.


The nursing program at NWACC is said to be better than even the University of Arkansas. The students at NWACC are very welcoming and always nice and ready to help. The teachers break everything down to make sure that everyone understands the material. They don't mind staying after class to help and even help when your at home via e-mail. I am a single mother, so I always have alot going on and the teachers take that into conceterration when planning their lessons, so those of us who have families will have no problem getting the work done.


The great teachers, the small classes, and the friendliness of the community.